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A Brief History of the Marque

Josef Steib of Nürnberg founded the business in 1914, making saddles for horses, bicycles and motor cycles in the workshop at his home. In 1916 he added an automotive body shop and painting business, and began selling used cars in the early 1920s.

In 1925, Steib was approached by Ardie to build a sidecar for their TM-500 model, and as a result expanded his workshops for the purpose.

During the 1930s Steib purchased Stoppa[1], a small side-car manufacturing concern in the city of Essen. By this stage the company was one of the two market leaders for sidecars in Germany, the other being Stoye.

In 1933 Steib retired at the age of 45 and was succeeded by his 22 year old son Joseph Jr.

The company continued to thrive and postwar production had reached 50 units per day by 1955. The following year production collapsed with the demise of Ardie, their main customer, but BMW were still buying a few.

Notes: 1. Stoppa of Essen and Stop of Lyon are unrelated. It is reported that the owners of the French brand were of the name "Stoppa" - this needs verification.

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johndhf at
There is a company in Germany making exact replicas of Steib Sidecars. Could you please tell me who they are plus contact details if you have them ? I know they exist as there products are sold in the States, Thanks for your help
john farrelly
United Kingdom

    Found one in Japan, but not Germany.

    bookhower at
    Steib S500
    Can you tell me where the Steib S500 I.D. tag is supposed to be located? Should it be on the frame (if so where) or behind the seat of the sidecar?
    Thanks for your time.
    Book Hower Pa. USA

      Currently have no information on that. If you find an answer and let me know I'll add it to this page: Serial Numbers

    mcclymont at
    Steib S250
    Hello, I am just finishing up restoration of a Steib S250. In the process, ive come in contact with other S250 owners around the world and we would like to gather information and start a registry (sidecar #) for these rare(r) Steibs. I am specifically looking for information regarding production dates (years) of these beautiful sidecars. Any information regarding such, would be greatly appreciated.
    Ontario, Canada

    Fri Mar 07 2014
    eifsa at

    STEIB 501
    Hi; Im currently trying to restore S501, and have to install S501 boat ( under restoration ) to S500 Frame, means i have to find ( or make..) frame adaptation to connect shock absorbers to the frame S500 frame.

    So i'm looking for detailled picture and dimentions or drawing of the part where the absorbers are connected on the Frame....

    it will be really nice if you could help me...




    Mon May 14 2012
    Year of manufacture
    Steib S-501
    I am currently restoring a S-501. The serial number on the tub is 37193. Is there any way to determine how old it is?

    Fri Mar 02 2012
    Steib BW38 HW

    I want a side-car Steib bw38 WH, complete or incomplete for my Zundapp ks600.

    Please, You have some for sale or know of one?

    Best regards


    Sun Oct 23 2011
    tonyfz6<at>hotmaildot com
    Unknown Steib
    Steib Unknown
    Dear friends. I want to know which model is this Steib sidecar, which BMW bikes fit and the value. Many thanks for your kind help.

    Mon Jun 06 2011
    Steib Bw 38
    I´m looking Side-Car/chassi Steib Bw 38

    Thu Jul 23 2009
    perrysmcsc at yahoodot com
    Steib No 28
    We need to purchase a steib sidecar for a customer the 1937 No 28. We need to know availability, pricing, and estimated freight charges.
    Merry Bushong at Perry's Motorcycles & Sidecars
    816 South Sylvania Ave.
    Fort Worth, Tx. 76111

    Mon Jul 13 2009
    lpz at lzamzokdot com
    Steib LT200 Toolbox Sidecar
    I've rarely seen something that generates a more positive visceral reaction in me! When were these made? Any available? At what cost? What is weight with frame? Can it be hooked to either an R27 or R69US?
    Albuquerque, NM, USA

    Fri Sep 12 2008
    csteib at Binisteibdot com
    Steib Badge
    Do you sell Steib Badges?

    Mon Nov 05 2007
    longbroscon at mcttelecom dot com
    I am looking for a LT200 for my /2. What would it cost for the hack and shipping to NH USA? Thanks, DBL

    Sun Sep 30 2007
    jbcordi at yahoodot com

    I own what I think is an original 1951 Steib LS200 sidecar. It does not have the “Cobra handle.” It does not have the full valanced fender. Instead the light looks like something that the Cobra handle might have evolved from and the fender is unvalanced. While visiting your site, I clicked on the link you offer that would allow access to ebay Germany and found someone selling a light exactly like the one mounted on my sidecar. (I will contact him, but I must use my girlfriend who is fluent in German and I won't be seeing her for a few days.)

    Also, instead of an aluminum Steib badge on the forward side of the boat, it has the name stamped into the sheetmetal.

    Do you have any information available where I can document that my sidecar is in fact an original Steib as opposed to either a modern copy or an Indian or Turkish copy of a Steib?

    Also, just in front of the front of the cockpit is a grab handle. Photos I have seen of the modern reproductions do not show a handle in this location. However, the handle appears to be exactly the same as the one that is mounted behind the running light on the fenders of the Steib N28 and N31 sidecars. I have also seen parts catalogs from Europe that refer to part "Number S200z122a" which is a fender for the LS200/S500 and is the "old version till 1952, without sickle."

    I would be grateful to you for any help you can provide on my sidecar.

    Photo shows it on a R50/2 which I sold. Right now it is attached to a fully restored 1950 R25. Thanks for your help.

    Sun Jun 03 2007
    glennshriver at
    Steib Sidecar
    Does anyone know where I might get my Steib S501 rear hydraulic suspension units refrubished?
    Mine are dry and any seals are most likely perished.

    Wed May 02 2007
    roelf.turksema at
    Seat for Steib S250
    strange question maybe, but do you have a picture available from an original steib S250 seat? I had bought one from the Steib museum but that was to put it mildly "slightly incorrect". I can make it myself if need to be but I do need an example.
    Any suggestion is welcome. Regard's, Roelf Turksema

    Sat Dec 16 2006
    paulo.simoes at pararededot com
    Spares for Steib S501
    Hello, I am Paulo SImões from Aveiro, Portugal and I would like to know if you have spares (chassi) for the side car Steib S501. I not, could you send contacts?
    Unfortunately I only have the "boat" of this side car and the rest of spares. In fact I only need the main structure (chassi) of it. Do you know someone that could provide me information and material for this side car Steib 501?
    Thanks in advance,
    Paulo Simões
    Aveiro, Portugal

    May I suggest you try the Classic section of Bikelinks, and search on Steib?

    Sun Feb 19 2006 at
    steib 501 sidecar
    i have got a 501 in bits would anyone be interested in buying it

    Thu Jun 30 2005
    cymbidium6 at
    Steib S250
    Need nose trim & cloisenne nose badge for S250

    February 17th 2005
    Steib LT200 Toolbox Sidecar on Ebay

    STEIB c1950 Seitenwagen Dealerbroschure Holland

    STEIB Seitenwagen Dealerbroschure tadellos Holland 1937

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