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Noxal Sidecars

Manufactured by Noxal Ltd., River Park Road, London (1937)
In 1929 their address was listed as Andover Gardens, Andover Road, Holloway.

Thu, 11 Jan 2018
christopher.j.cook at
Noxal Sidecar double adult

I travelled from Bath to Plymouth from 1948 to 1952 in a Double adult Noxal sidecar. My older brother and I sat in the back my mother in the front. It had red upholstery and distinctive flutes each side of the bonnet like a Vauxhall car only with the narrowest point at the tip of the nose and the widest part near the windscreen. It was pulled by a 1936 Norton Model 18. I have never seen a picture or a Noxal brochure showing this model and would like to see one. Thank you.
Chis Cook
Colerne Chippenham Wiltshire United Kingdom

Fri Jan 09 2009
sipauljkt at
noxal sidecars
I am looking for a noxal that will be suitable for a 1929 Norton model 18. If possible, need detail pics with measurements. thx

Thu Jul 17 2008
sidcar at
Noxal Airflow
Hi, I am trying to find out the manufacturer of the sidecar in the attached pictures. I have been told it might be a Noxal Airflow. Ca anyone confirm this?
Sid Car
Oxfordshire, England


Wed Nov 16 2005
rishelaverne at hotmail dot com
Noxal Sidecar
I saw a Noxal at at a swap meet here in Ohio about six years ago. I just dug out the photos of it from a dusty box in storage. A good friend has a Brough to which he'd be interested in attaching an English chair. If you have an interest in the photos I have, I will gladly e-mail them to you. You may use them however you like. Cheers! Richard Sheckler

I also have a couple of snaps of a VP aluminium sidecar. I think the 'Titanic II' was a 'Britannia Launch Saloon'. With some dimensions and a few accurate and detailed views of the undercarriage, I think I could build one. I'd use real teak wood decks on it.

The same seller also had this VP chair. Before these two, I had never seen or heard of either one. I don't know what became of them. It's possible a Brit collector bought them.

All the best!

Noxal Sidecar Titanic II.jpg
Noxal Sidecar

Mon May 23 2005
nwcanvas at
Noxal Sidecar
I see that you had in your web site a Noxal sidecar catalog from 1937. Can you help me find a copy of this catalog?

January 23rd 2005

Noxal 1937 Motorcycle Sidecar Catalogue.jpg
Noxal 1937 Motorcycle Sidecar Catalogue

Item on Ebay. Vendor's Description:
Noxal 1937 Motorcycle Sidecar Catalogue
Original factory publication for Noxal sidecars for the coronation year of 1937. The catalogue makes much of the coronation - “the crowning achievement of sidecar design” and most models are given regal names :- Royal Windsor Saloon, Imperial Twin, Coronation model etc. 12 models are illustrated with specifications. 2 pages of chassis also given.

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