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Pannonia Motorcycles

Made in Hungary
Manufactured 1951 to ca.1973

Pannonia two-stroke singles and twins were similar to Jawa and were built by Csepel.
These machines were marketed as White Motorcycles in the United States in the mid 1960s.

Pannonia Models

1965 T5 250 de Luxe

1972 P20

c.1970 250 de Luxe

1973 T5, P10 and P20

herrviss55 at outlook.com
i need a manual so i can start the restoration of the bike
herman visscher
brunssum holland

Image posted to Comments.
plasma1.sm at gmail.com
Panonnia 1964 250
New....Can any body tell me what grade engine oil, amount and where to fill on my Panonnia?
Also anybody have any workshop books for these bikes....just stripped carb n got running straight away today..
Any help would be appreciated..
plasma1.sm at gmail.com
Panonnia 1964 250
Can you tell me any history of the blue Panonnia 1964 250 reg:CGF 244B ,on the front page of website?
Shane Morley
  • Please supply website address.

chrisashley949 at gmail.com
1972 Pannonia T5
Need an English owners manual and workshop and repair manual.
Southern California

alexcri74 at yahoo.com
Pannonia 1956 Hello! Szeretnék megtalálni a Pannonia egyes részeit! Hol találom meg ?ket? Köszönöm. Buna ziua! Ma intereseaza sa gasesc si eu niste piese de Pannonia va rog frumos! Unde pot sa le gasesc? Multumesc.
  • Pannonia 1956 Hello! I would like to find some parts of Pannonia! Where do I find them?

 Sun, 22 Oct 2017
robertdkw at btinternet.com
Pannonia T8

Can anyone tell me the difference in specification of the T8 model from the T5 model ? ( if there is any). I have a 1967 T8 bike and a 1962 T5 handbook.
Rob Macdonald
Spalding, Lincolnshire United Kingdom

  • Pannonia-1967-T8-RMa.jpg posted to Comments.

Thu Nov 10 2016
gordon at rhodes2236.freeserve.co.uk
Machine dating
Pannonia 250cc two stroke single T8
I am battling with the DVLA to get an age related Reg No. for my Pannonia. Do you know if manufacturing records are around anywhere? Many thanks. Gordon Rhodes.

Thu Sep 15 2016
petree.rick at gmail.com
Help identifying Pannonia model
This machine is in a junkyard in Turkey. Trying to identify its year/model, and to decide if it's worth restoring.
New York

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Thu Aug 06 2015
ronnysubrany at gmail.com
1956 pannonia de luke
i need schaltgabel links and schaltgabel rechts (the gearchange forks)
sumedang, indonesia

Mon Feb 09 2015
tkovacs at rogers.com
Help to id early 50's european motorcycle
Came across photo of father riding his bike in the range of 1950 to 1956 in Hungary. I have been looking but am yet to id the make model. Can anyone help with the id of this motorcycle ?
Thanks Tom
Barrie, Ontario Canada

Just wanted to send you a personal thank you for help in identifying my dad’s bike from the photo I posted in the Sheldon EMU forum. I have already managed to find a ton of information on the make model including as you can see the tank badge and attached photos.

Reading deeper it appears that the brand was in fact associated with Csepel. A fact that seems to be upheld by a photo (see attached)

I found with both the Csepel tank badge and the Pannonia badge on the front fender as in dads bike. I will post what I can later today in the forum as well to hopefully help others should they come across the model themselves.

The links below have to be translated by google but still give a ton of history on the brand.



Pannonia TL Specifications

Engine. Single cylinder, two-stroke, air-cooled. Flat piston, three-ring 18 mm bolts. 68 mm bore, 68 mm stroke, stroke total volume of 247 cm3. Maximum power of 10 hp 4600 / min. The biggest shaft 5000 / min. Compression ratio 6.8. Keverékolajzás (1:20), flywheel magneto ignition. Jikov or Pannonia carburetor 24 and 25 mm throat diameter. 6V electrical system. Magnetic flywheel 6 W 45 W Bosch LM / UT, 7 Ah 6V battery.

Transmission. More Disk (4) oil bath clutch. Primary drive gears and chain (number of teeth 24-50), secondary power train (number of teeth 17-50). A four-speed gearbox lábkapcsolású.

Build. Double-cradle, a common housing built engine and gearbox. Front fork, wheel travel of 140 mm rear swingarm, strut, hydraulic damping. Large-diameter full brakes, fékfelület 345 cm2.

Dimensions and weights. Overall length 2080 mm, wheelbase of 1300 mm, height 990 mm, width 700 mm and 770 mm seat height. Curb weight 126 kg. Front Wheel Size 19x3,00 rear 19x3,25. Tire pressure front ATU 1.4-1.5, 1.6-1.8 back ATU. Külloméret 3x160 mm, 36 pcs. The fuel tank capacity of 16 liters.

Driving Performance. Maximum speed of 100 km/h cruising speed of 70-80 km/h.

Speed, average fuel consumption of 3.5 l / 100 km to 60 km/h.

Thanks again for you your help.

With kind regards,
Tom Kovacs MVM-Industrial Parts/Equipment Division 

Mon Mar 11 2013
Pannonia T1 del 1964
Cerco tubi scarico nuovi originali completi.

Wed Jul 02 2014
RestorationRanch at Bellsouth.Net
Pannonia unrestored original paint
1964 Pannonia T8
Unrestored Pannonia. Looking for parts source, especially the tail lamp lens.

Sun Dec 16 2012
carjr23<at> yahoo.com
pannonia for sale
Panniona T-5
for sale 4,500.00
los angeles,ca


Mon Apr 02 2012
zsidos<at> yahoo.com
Pannonia/White Parts
If sombady looking for Pannonia Parts new and remake Here is an link
It is Hungarian if you need any help whit the translation or giv them a buzz let me know I could Help http://veteranapro.hu/vegyes-alkatreszek/15220-pannonia-kromozott-alkatreszek
Melbourne Vic

Wed Jun 15 2011
rapttorr<at>mail dot ru
ab i don"t now
For Sale

Tue Nov 23 2010
sellector forks
pannonia t5
does anyone have a set of gearbox sellectors will pay no problem

Thu May 13 2010
robin999<at>btinternetdot com
pannonia tlt,tlf,tld,tlb,tlb-m
1960 ish 3 spares manuals,1 workshop man for tlt,tlf,tld,tlb

Mon Apr 12 2010
info<at>okteamclassicdot com
Pannonia 250
Csepel Pannonia 250
Hello to all Pannoniafriends,if someone needs a part,Hungarian motorcycle related issue is, search in www.okteamclassic.com
Greetings from Salzburg

Tue Oct 27 2009
miles at ohhendricksdot com
Pannonia 1969 250
Where can I find a manual on this bike. I just bought it & don't even know how to check the oil.

Mon Aug 17 2009
johannrousselot at gmaildot com
Find a Pannonia or a Jawa to ride Romania
Pannonia T5
Hi ! I registered as 2wheelsorhell, but the paradise bird flies up my nose... isn't that a real "bike name" ? Anyway...
We're a french couple, making a TV travel documentary series for VOYAGE, the first french travel channel. Producer is Gedeon Programmes, based in Paris. Title of this series is « 2 Wheels Or Hell ! ». Trailer of 1st episode is here >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2qA81vXQEA
Basically it's about travelling and discovering from the motorcyclist point of view, sort of a road-movie.
Third episode is planned in Romania. Planned from mid-september to mid-october 2009. We would immensely love to find and ride either a Pannonia or a Jawa !
Where to find it (on rent or unformal arrangement) ? Who is the guy who can get us 2 such bikes ?? Any tip ? 1000 Thanks !

Thu Jul 30 2009
carjr23 at yahoodot com
panniona T-5 parts
Panniona T-5
looking for some parts, anyone have any? choch and more..
Los Angeles,CA US

Sun May 03 2009
I am looking for a parts source for Duna sidecars used on the Pannonia
Posted under Sidecars

Mon Sep 08 2008
bervas at freemail.hu
parts for Pannonia
Pannonia all, from TL250(1954) to P21(1975)
All rubber and chromed steel parts, exhausts, rims, spokes, pistons, electrical cables, seats, etc. are avaiable in original or refabricated in Hungary.
Online literature, parts list:
Choose "Irodalom" in the left menu. Then choose "1 hengeres" (TL-TLT-TLF-TLB-T1-T5-P10-P12) or "2 hengeres" (P20-P21).
Budapest, HU

Mon Apr 14 2008
manue-fraccaroli at libero.it
cerco dati tecnici originali
pannonia tlt con sidecar
ciao sono manuel cerco la ditta che fornisce la scheda tecnica della mia moto per metterla in regola in italia aiutatemi ciao

Mon Jan 14 2008
tell-us at msndot com
pannonnia t1 1964
I am restoring one of these and need the knee rubbers for the tank and a new speedo...can anyone help?? Mine is actually a white but its the same bike by another name here in USA.
Bowling green Kentucky USA

Sat Sep 01 2007
anyanka1987 at mail.ru
My friend's moto
Looks not that bad, even his grandfather was driving this motorcycle.
Teterivske, Ukraine

Thu Aug 02 2007
carjr23 at yahoodot com
pannonia t-5
I have a t-5 with sidecar. need some parts for it. please

Sun Jul 22 2007
ralphsq4 at hotmaildot com
pannonia 250/1964
does any one have a workshop manual/parts book or any info to help in my restoration

Mon Jul 02 2007
omagun at gmaildot com
Shipping to the US
T5 Pannonia
I was wondering if anyone knew of a reliable shipping company that I could use to ship a Pannonia T5 to the US. The bike is currently in Hungary. Thanks for your help!

Thu Jun 14 2007
pancsit1 at yahoodot com
An almost finished Pannonia
1964 Pannonia T1
Great site dedicated to Pannonias!

I have a 1964 Pannonia T1, purchased in Hungary in 2004. Posted some before and after pictures. I painted it flat black and added some red to it for the ?hot-rod? look, not to mention the professional pinstriping on it.

The bike consumed all of my very limited free time in the last two and half years. It was fun though! I took the whole bike apart to the last bits and pieces, including the engine, and restored it. There is no rusted bolt or old rubber on the bike for sure. It took me a few trips to Hungary to get the needed parts from swap meets and shops. Parts I couldn?t find, I made myself. Put in quite a few hours of machining and welding.

I just took it in for a safety inspection today. If everything pans out okay, I will have it on the road soon. Old bikes need to be ridden.

If I can be a help to anyone, let me know.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Tue Jun 05 2007
Martynhall62 at aoldot com
Pannonia RB250 (1951)
This was an unusual motorcycle, being a 2stroke boxer twin, are there any surviving examples and pictures? Also the English Velocette made the Viceroy also 250cc. Both of these are unique machines 'flat twin 2strokes'. Martynhall62 at aol.com please reply to this address

many thanks and kindest regards

Reading UK

Thu Nov 30 2006
cbr-bsa at Yahoo.co.in
just saw pannonia in india
Hi, i am manwinder singh gill and i am vintage bike lover.
few days back i just saw pannonia and its in bad shape. I had also hav some pics which I will send to u , and then see what best we can do to restore it.
new delhi, india
Attach pls find pics of PANNONIA for ur reference.
i am planning to buy, but not aware about preformance, etc, it will be great if u can help me out about value, spare parts ,mannuals etc


Manwinder singh

  • Much heartache will be your lot should you choose to rebuild this relic. Images not published. Ed.

Wed Aug 30 2006
kinnutar at yahoo.se
Spare parts to Pannonia

You can check if this gyu still has spare parts to Pannonia. He is a son to Matti Viro, the great man from Finland and a real Pannonia fan but unfortunately he is no more among us but the son took over all the spare parts.
virojt at kolumbus.fi

Tue Jul 04 2006
takacs.tamas at earthlink.net
pannonia t5
i have a pannonia T5 in a very good condition for sale

Fri May 05 2006
douglas.taylor at ntlworlddot com
Motorcycle Clubs/spares
Pannonia P20/21
Could you help with spares/Clubs for the afore-mentioned motorcycle
West Midlands, UK

Mon Feb 20 2006
gerdtsimpsonlarsen at hotmaildot com
Info about parts for pannonia
I just bought myself a 1960 Pannonia 250. I wondered where I can buy parts / order parts on internet. Can you please help me with some links to manufactorers pages?
Thank you!

Tue Aug 09 2005
pannonia at bigpond.net.au
P20 Pannonia
I'm looking to buy a P20 hungarian bike can you help, please?

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