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Csepel Motorcycles

Made in Hungary 1932-1956, 1965-1975

It appears that production of Csepel motorcycles ceased in 1956 (the year of the Soviet invasion), and then restarted in 1965 for the production of White motorcycles for export to the United States.
Csepel Davunia History

briangodfrey at ntlworld.com
Danuvia Csepel 125
I have acquired this motorcycle and have managed, after cleaning and setting timing, to get the engine running. I now intend to fully restore as it appears to be all original.
I have an Hungarian "Certificate" which appears to state first registered 1958.09.03 and confirms the following numbers.
Engine : 1/1 1354 ( with 151027 on both halves of crankcase )
Frame : OV666MA KD1702
I would appreciate help to identify and date.
Thanking you in advance
Brian Godfrey
Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 3NW . England
Brian Godfrey
United Kingdom

jfmfennell at hotmail.com
csepel emblem
I have a collection of motorcycle emblems and would like to add a Csepel emblem to my display. I just need a single emblem and used condition is ok. Can anyone help please. I am located in South Australia so we do not see these here
John Fennell
South Australia
marcwg at zeelandnet.nl
I have bought a Csepel 125 cc that i want to restore:
I am trying to find out the year it was built but so far no luck.
Frame no: KC3061
Engine no on both crankcase halves: 25603
No in left crankcase half under cylinder: 67 0726
Any info about this bike would be most appreciated, thank you.
Marc W.
Hulst, the Netherlands
hamid.ghezloo at gmail.com
Csepel Danuvia 125cc 1950
I found an advertisement in newspaper in Iran on 1952 which ordered directly from company in Hungary just to introduce the brand and the motorcycle.
Mogurt Hungarian trading
Budapest 62, P. O. B.249
Hamid Ghezloo
rogermartinangel at gmail.com
Csepel, 1954. 250 cm3
Buenas noches, quisiera tener más info de esta moto que he comprado y restaurado hace algún tiempo .
Quisiera saber cuántas se fabricaron y si son piezas únicas y de colección .
Toda información que necesiten por favor solicitar, como ser número de motor etc .

Good evening, I would like to have more info about this bike that I bought and restored some time ago.
I would like to know how many were manufactured and if they are unique and collectible pieces.
Any information you need please request, such as engine number etc.

Argentina, Santa Fe, rosario

    For production figures see the Csepel history page in the menu above, and there is also Danuvia Argentina

Wed, 24 Jan 2018
sarusikiss at gmail.com
Csepel Danuvia 1950

Hi One Hungarian Link
István Sarusi-Kiss
Beeston,Chilwell United Kingdom

Tue May 09 2017
rhyswickham at hydrock.com
Parts for a UK restoration - Csepel D125
Csepel D125
I have a Csepel D125 that i am trying to restore. Can anyone here help with parts to the UK? I also wish to date the bike i have. Can this be done with engine and frame numbers? Thanks for any help. Rhys
Wales UK
Engine No 1-275222
Frame Number KY2756

    Csepel-D125-Wales.jpg posted to Comments

Wed Jul 15 2015
brig_surinder at rediffmail.com
csepel 250 cc prototype 1954 model piston set
csepel 68 mm piston 250 cc prototype 1954
I have a csepel 250 cc single piston prototype 1954 model motorcycle . require piston set and technical repair manual

Sun Jun 28 2015
dmar at neuf.fr
Csepel parts
Csepel 250
Hello, Csepel enthusiast , I am living in France and have started the rebuilt of a 250 Csepel engine for a 20 years old nephew. I am looking for a complete pilot saddle (seat) an, more important, if available a new con-rod plus crankpin and rollers. Does someone can help? Thanks in advance.
Best regards. Daniel

Sun Sep 08 2013

Csepel 250 u (twin)
I am writing from Hungary because i would like to buy csepel 250 umotorcycles.I am interested in Méray motorcycles as well.

Tue Jan 08 2013
1937 cspel dorman
i have a cspel 1937 dorman exactly like the one on your website mine is unrestored but all there.engine turns over but does not run
Posted in the European Motorcycle Forums

Mon Dec 17 2012
from Hungary
Csepel 125
So, i am living in Hungary and maybe i can help to find info about Csepel bikes. My father revived his Csepel few years ago and he didn't have any difficulties, gummi seat molding was possible too.

Sun Feb 19 2012
250 Csepel Pannonia
250 Csepel
I need 1958 or 1959 manual
USA California


I made the D-Csepel logo.

When the Csepel Company is stopped, The Danuvia Company made the Csepel motobikes. Before it, the Danuvia was a small arms factory. When the Csepel bikes wasn't enough modern, the danuvia company mede them motobike. It's name was simply Danuvia. It's based on the Csepel bikes. There wasn't too big different.



qr096200<at> yahoo.com
Csepel motorcycle
Csepel 125cc csepel 125d
I am looking for parts for 1954 csepel 125cc.
please let me know, thanks

Wed Oct 07 2009
adityasharma-ak at yahoo.co.in
csepel balkan 250
1946 csepel balkan 250
i recently purchased a csepel balkan 250cc bike, is any one having any information about this bike then pls contact me

See actually I am planning to purchase that bike but the problem is I knew very little about
this company and model.
I never heard of it so I wanted to know if it is worth purchasing.
It is in bad condition so if I can get any information about it like parts and manual, I will purchase it. And also about its value in the market, its not that I would sell it but just to have an idea of its worth.
Soon I will get its pictures and will also upload them.

Aditya Sharma

  • As the bike has been out of production for a very long time, it will be hard to source both parts and a manual. Ed.

Mon Feb 09 2009
nicobakker at hotmail dot com
Question about Csepel 125/D
Danuvia / Csepel 125
Hello i am Nico Bakker from the Netherlands and i want to buy a D-Csepel. To get a Dutch license plate i need to proof whats the year of production of the bike. Can you tell me how i can find this out?

the framenumber ends with KV4909
The Netherlands
I found the following numbers on the Csepel:
By the steer on the frame: 1 1 0 3 6 K V 4 9 0 9
On front of the engine (under the cilinder) stays in both enginehalfs: 2 5 7 0 0 1
On the left side in the engine, just under the cilinder: 5 1 1 0 1 2 6

Do you have documentation, so i can proof the year of production here in Holland, or else maybe they say that i replaced the engine so the year of production of the bike can be different...

Thanks for your help!
Greetings, Nico

Sun Jan 21 2007
scoot at nbnet.nb.ca
1956 Csepel 125 cc
Does anyone have any information on a 1956 Csepel 125cc. I am restoring this bike and would appreciate any information that you might have.
Fredericton Canada

Oct 2006
subject: magazin wanted
Email: apa.emil at freemail.hu
message: Hi there,
I am looking for the Motor Cycling Magzine, issue July 3, 1963 (or so). It shoud contain an article on a 250ccm Csepel Pannonia (Hungary)
Pleae let me know, if you happen to have that issue, with that article. Thank you

Wed Oct 25 2006
send-me-a-mail at gmx.net
Csepel 125cc
My name is martin and i restore a 1958 Csepel 125cc motorcycle and am searching for type papers. I only need a copy not the original. It will help me a lot to get the bike run again.
And little Diego will like it too.
Austria, Salzburg
[An image of young Diego perched on the tank was sent. Ed. ]

Tue Oct 17 2006
wileynash at aol dot com
Balkan 250
Any info on Balkan Motorcycles? I've been tolf they were brought here and re-branded as "White's" but they don't seem to be entirely simmilar. Any info you might have would be greatly appreciated!
I'm including a pic of my Balkan
Milwaukee USA

Tue Oct 10 2006
patluxwk at gmail dot com
Csepel bike
Hi, I inherited a Csepel bike my father bought from a farmer in Hungary in the 1990s. It's really old and was just sitting in a barn. No papers, but I could take a couple of pictures of it. Any ideas of how to sell it? We're in Toulouse, France.

There are numerous classifieds and auction sites listed at Bikelinks:

Mon Jul 31 2006
scoot at nbnet.nb.ca
Parts needed
1956 CSEPEL 125
I have just purcheased a 1956 CSEPEL 125. Does anyone know where I might get technical information and where parts might be obtained

Fri Dec 30 2005
johnm5w at hotmail dot com
Csepel 1958 125cc

I am planning on restoring a 1958 Csepel 125cc motorcycle and am searching for any literature written in english detailing specifications, restoration, history, etc. Thank you for your time and effort.


Tue May 10 2005
pbuck at nexicom.net
Csepel Motorcycle
I have a 1968 White 250 SS (USA Badge). I believe it to be a Pannonia T9-A, built at the Csepel Motor works in Hungary. I need a few "finishing" parts. Any leads?

Fri May 13 2005
pbuck at nexicom.net
A Great Looking White 250 SS
I have read an article with great pictures of a gentleman in British Columbia Canada, Mr. A. Gyarmati who has refurbished his bike to be an everyday rider. If he happens into this site I would very much like to talk to him about his restoration. his bike is the "mate" to mine.

Sun, 13 Feb 2005
subject: Hello
Email: claci2003 at yahoo dot com
message: Egy Panonia 1960 as kiadasu motorbiciklit mennyiert kaphato EURO arosszegben.Varom valaszukat!Koszonom.

How's your Hungarian? Care to have a shot at translating this? Ed. the hungarians letter says...
i own a model 1960 and would like to know how mutch i could sell it for in euros waiting for yuor answer thanks.
roughly translated by johnny from denmark

Csepel made motorcycles in Hungary from 1951-1975. They were sold under many brand names, including Danuvia, Tunde, Panni, & Pannonia (from a bulletin board entry at the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group CMVG)

Very informative site on Csepel Pannonia motorcycles at www.celtia.hu/pannonia/ 404

MIG Registeret (www.home.no/migreg/norsk/boker.html, 404) has the following on Csepel:
Csepelek, Pannoniak (£10.00): A Hungarian text book from the publisher of Veteran Auto es Motor, a monthly Hungarian Old Timer magazine. The 66 pages features the Csepel and Pannonia motorcycles produced from the 1930s through to the 1970s. Superbly illustrated throughout with 31 colour photographs, plus 78 in black and white.

If you have a query about Csepel motorcycles please contact us