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The Danuvia Ipari es Kereskedelmi Kft (Danuvia Industrial and Trading Company) was set up in 1920. Its main activities were tool manufacturing. In 1925 by the insistence of a former Meray engineer, they built 6 motorcycles, powered by Villiers and Blackburne engines. Nothing came out of this. Later, during the 2nd World War the Danuvia company was all set to manufacture the BMW R75 motorcycle under licence, but eventually it did not happen.

Information courtesy Pal Negyesi

Danuvia Motorbikes 125 175 History & Technical
Danuvia motorkerekparok tortenete

This 268 page softback book with Hungarian text was published in 2008 in Hungary. It has 189 colour and 119 b/w photos. The book looks in detail at Danuvia motorcycles, with the book split into 3 different sections. The first section with 70 pages looks at the history with shots of early models, factory production, and promotional material. The second section with 58 pages looks at the Danuvia's role in Hungarian motosport - this is mainly trial events, but also covers some circuit racing and go-kart racing.

The final section with 130 pages is devoted to modern colour photos, taken of most of the different parts of the Danuvia.

Thu, 19 Oct 2017
jr.stubbs at sky.com
DANUVIA 1960 125 cc

Hi everyone. I am in need of a wiring diagram for this machine, also a blown up gearbox picture,Many Thanks.
Worcester United Kingdom

Fri Jul 07 2017
alan.wareing at spar.co.za
Info on Danuvia 125.
Danuvia 125
Hi, I have found a Danuvia 125 never seen or heard of one in SA and no one else has either it appears. The bike is complete and intend to get it running. Frame/Engine # 4/1 0640.
Boksburg South Africa

Sun Apr 17 2016
kane.reynolds62 at gmail.com
Tank Badge for Danuvia 125
Danuvia DV 125
Looking to purchase parts for Danuvia 125 Motorcycle. Many parts needed such as Tank Badges, Handlebar Levers, Rear Brake Lever & Linkage, I could go on as the list is extensive. Can you help?
South Wales

Mon Jul 29 2013
question for old Danuvia 125 bike
Danuvia DV125?
Hello, i have a question for my old motorcycle; its around 1960 almost 100 authentic but all danuvia 125 i say since now are with different exaust ending, and even for them im lucky if i find 2-3 rows written. So i will be very happy if u can help me a little

Tue Feb 03 2009
Hungary Danuvia
Danuvia DV125

In Hungary we had Danivia factory.

RGDS, Csaba

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