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38. The Duryea Co., Coventry, show five of their cars, including a three-wheeler. These range from a small phaetonette to a waggonette to carry eight passengers. The special mechanical features of these cars are the three-cylinder balanced motor, dynamo ignition, throttle control, giving from 3 up to 32 miles per hour. Direct drive from engine to rear axle, one piece nickel steel live axle, silent self-lubricating chain drive, extra powerful brakes, large diameter wheels, and tyres, the prices for these cars range from £375 down to £250 for the three-wheeled phaeton. The control of these cars is a unique feature, and is effected by a single lever, by which also the steering is effected, so that the driver controls the car easily with one hand. The large diameter wheels and tyres ensure very smooth running, and vibration is entirely eliminated. All the cars are handsomely finished off in black. The booklet describing the details of the cars is a very instructive one, and well worth perusal. The Duryea car will be further described and illustrated in our next issue.

1902 Stanley Show in Motor Cycling, November 26th, 1902. Page 275

Equalean Sidecar

Manufactured by Wally Wallick from 1975 to 1984. Some 270 tilting sidecar combinations were produced, one of which featured in an episode of Chips.

Source: 3-wheelers.com

Fairchild Speedway


Manufactured from 1913 to c.1925 by the Flxible Sidecar Company established by Hugo Young of Loudonville, Ohio. The "e" was dropped from the name in order to trademark it. These machine were built until the mid 1920s when the firm switched focus to ambulances and buses.

Source: Gespann-Lexikon

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Indian Speedway 1928

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