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ATK Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

ATK is an off-road motorcycle manufacturer in Centerville, Utah, U.S.A. ATK was founded by Austrian-born engineer Horst Leitner. In 1984 their very first motorcycle, serial #1, won the Barstow to Vegas desert race against a field of thousands.

In the following decades they have had numerous major victories in desert racing, dirt track events, enduro, ice racing and ATV racing.

Horst Leitner sold the company to Ken Wilkes in 1989, who soon added motocross machines to the existing lineup of enduros.

ATK Models include:
2009 Intimidator, available with 620cc and 700cc Maico two-stroke engines.
1997 605DS Outlaw, Rotax engine.
1997 250 WickedSister, watercooled.

Early in the piece they sold frame kits.

"As the only remaining off-road motorcycle manufacturer in the United States, ATK is still proud to put "Made in the U.S.A." on our vehicles." ~ atkusa.com

Sources: Wikipedia, atkusa.com

Sat Dec 31 2011
this bike is 4-sale
hayward ca

Wed Jan 06 2010
overlandparkope at yahoodot com
engine identification
atk 604
i have inherited an 89 atk with an air cooled rotax. how can i identify the engine? the engine number on the vin plate says 288684.  i appreciate any help you can give. thanks.
also i have four liquid cooled head that supposedly will fit.  what are they and is it worth the effort?
milwaukie, oregon, usa

Wed Jun 17 2009
mkfheretic65 at yahoo.com
kick starter
1994 atk 250cc
i have a atk with a rotax engine and i am having a heck of a time finding parts for this bike can any one help me.

Sat Jun 23 2007
dutchbuilder at msndot com
clutch assy.
atk 1999 50mx
olio carico livello
i need a clutch assy and drawings

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