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Lux Motor Scooters

A Brief History of the Austrian Marque

Manufacturer: Otto Kauba
Vienna 13, Amalie Gasse 4.


Otto Kauba worked in the aviation industry and also, briefly, at Lohner. He then developed a scooter for the
Kosty company, which closed in 1953. That year he formed his own company and began building a new version of the Kosty using Rotax 98cc and 125cc engines, producing some 400 units in total between 1953 and 1956. He was supported in this by Ragnar Mathéy of the Megu company, which had also been involved with both Lohner and Kosty. A further development of the the Lux 98 was the Bobby.

It seems likely that the machines were also known as the Kauba Lux.


    LUX 98
    Rotax 98cc, top speed 60kph. Production: @ 390 units.

    LUX 2 125
    Rotax 124cc, top speed 80kph, full bodywork. Only 7 of these machines were produced.

The scooter boom ended in the late 1950s and the marque faded from sight.

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