Glas-Goggo Scooters

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Glas-Goggo Scooters

Hans Glas GmbH manufactured vehicles from 1950 to 1967.

From 1951 to 1956 scooters were built by the Bavarian farm equipment manufacturer Hans Glas Isaria-Maschinenfabrik in Dingolfing. They were initially built with engine displacements of 120cc, and later with 125cc, 150cc and 200cc. The 200cc version had an ILO engine with 11 HP and a top speed of 100 km per hour. There were sidecar versions (Beiwagen) and a three-wheel delivery vehicle (Lastenroller) based on the scooter was also produced.

Up to 120 scooters were built daily. Production ended in 1956 after 46,181 motor scooters and 485 cargo scooters had been built.

The Glas factory switched to car production with the Goggomobil, a 250-400cc microcar. The top model was the 3000cc V-8, nicknamed "Glaserati" due to its similarity to the Maserati 3500GT which came from the drawing board of the same Italian designer, Pietro Frua.

Goggo scooters were marketed in France as Isaria, a name which had been associated with the company since the early 1900s when it produced agricultural equipment and tools.

In 1966 the Glas company was sold to BMW who continued to build some Glas models with the BMW logo, among them the 1600 GT and the 3000 GT. Manufacture of the microcars ceased entirely in Bavaria, but several models were built under licence in Argentina during the 1960s.

The scooter lived on in East Germany - the Soviets had copied the Goggo 200 and built it without licence as the Tula T-200 and T-200 Cargo.

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The Goggo song was written Heinz Schmid-Wenzel in the mid-1950s on behalf of the Glas company's advertising department, and was recorded by Erika Blumberger and the Isarspatzen. It became very popular with Goggo riders and drivers and is something of a collectors item.

There is another version sung by Kary Barnet.

roshe.vanvuuren at
M200 1955
I live in Sweden and i have à Goggo 200 that needs a total reconditioning, i need things like springs, rubber mountings, shocks, foot strips, a key, gaskets.....etc.
Where can i find some of my needs?
Thank you for the advice!!

  • Goggo 1955 M200 image posted to Comments.

grant.reitz at
glas goggo
Hi to all enthusiasts. i have a 1956 200cc glas goggo scooter which i am busy restoring. There is signs of a previous heat seize and therefore would prefer to replace the piston or a possible rebore. I live in South Africa and finding it difficult to obtain a new piston and rings. The current bore size is 62.5mm. Anyone out there that is willing to assist me would be highly appreciated.
Grant Reitz
South Africa
steve72284 at
I own a GOGGO 200 Lastenroller, I am not sure what year it is. It is a 3 wheeler motorcycle. I received it used from my father when I was 14 years. I am now 70 years old. I think my father thought it was manufactured in the 40's. It needs restoring and the engine needs a new piston. When I was 16 a mechanic said it needed a new piston and well he lost the piston., but I have the rest of the engine. It has always been stored indoors with NO rust. If anyone has any information I would appreciate them contacting me. I am looking for a buyer. Can you tell me what this might be worth. If you need anymore information or pics, please let me know.
Thank You,
Steve Seaburg
Traverse City, Michigan USA

Fri Aug 05 2016
nzcastaway at
Jlo m200 v Goggo roller
Looking for piston size 62.5mm bor with rings lengh 80.6mm. thanks Dean
new zealand

Mon Jul 25 2016
nzcastaway at
Kik start
Goggo roller t55 200cc
Hi looking for parts for my goggo like a kik start and piston and more if you have. thanks Dean
new zealand

Probably the best bet would be to explore the links on the ILO page in the resources section. Ed.


Floyd Campbell <floydandcaitlin at>

Goggomobil scooter help
1954 Goggo 200

I recently acquired a 200 cc Goggo that appears in decent original condition but know very little about working on these. I do have a 1958 Goggo limosette also, but it runs perfectly. The scooter has been idle for 10 to 12 years in a Chicago museum. Is there a repair manual I can purchase for this? I know i need some tune up parts like points. Can you direct me to someone that could help me? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Floyd Campbell
Seattle, WA USA

Fri May 10 2013
shock absorbers Gogggo 150 cc 1954
I've been looking for parts for my Goggo 150 cc and 1954 shall not know where to find to buy parts such as shock absorbers can help me?

Kind Regards,


Mon Sep 24 2012
electrical parts
Goggo 200

Ich habe einen Goggo 200 von 1954 mit ILO Motor. Es sieht aus, dass die meisten der elektrischen ersetzt werden muss. Haben Sie Ersatzteile?
Wenn nicht, Konnen sie mir helfen den Kontakt mit jemandem, der Teile haben?

Vielen dank aus Norwegen!

Espen L. Amundsen

Mon Apr 16 2012
Goggo T55 200ccm
looking for a piston and rings for this scooter
Port Elizabeth South Africa

Wed Oct 05 2011
Goggo scooter 1953 model
I have a 1953 goggo scooter and am thinking of selling it....should i have it redone or leave it in its original condition...I believe its never been resprayed...but i think it needs a piston ring..what should i do?????
South Africa

Tue Feb 09 2010
firatercoskun at gmail dot com
1952 200 cc JLO Goggo for sale
Goggo 1952 200cc
have a 1952 JLO Goggo 200cc motorcycle and i will sell it. If you're interested please contact me by e-mail.
Kind regards.

F&#305;rat Ercoskun

Mon Mar 30 2009
dok at
Goggo scooter
1952 I don't know
I recently got a Goggo scooter and I want to rebuild it. Can you give me the adres of a website or store where I can buy parts (if possible)?

Kind regards,
Jelle van Dok
The Netherlands

Tue Feb 05 2008
wj62 at
Parts book info
Goggo 200cc
I'm looking for any written literature for a 1956 Goggo 200cc Scooter. I'm trying to restore my scooter and I need to identify the missing parts and assist looking for them.
Kind regards
Sydney, Australia

Mon Jun 04 2007
christopher.keville at ntlworld dot com
rear wheel
i live in the uk and i need a rear wheel for my gogo. does anyone know of any uk breakers or dealers? or has anyone got a spare one that they could part with.

Thu Aug 17 2006
jorgeacc at
Glas goggo motorrader

I´m portuguese and i want buy glas goggoo,but i don´t fund one

Tue Aug 08 2006
aleglen at
parts of motor
goggomovil t 250
I need a rotor of start or the plane of conexxion help me please

Tue Mar 21 2006
gdobecki at hotmail dot com
gogomobile tires
bmw glas gogomobile
Hi we have relatives in germany who own a, they say a 1969 gogomobile, that they were married in. they would like to restore for their wedding anniversary. however they say they can't find the proper tires which are on the car a 440-10. they say the TUV wont pass it with any other size tire. I have found for older ggogomobiles a web site that lists 480-10. Which I believe would work just fine. Have you had any problems getting the right size tire or passing the german TUV with another size. Thank You.

I have been unable to find any reference to a 440-10 tyre, I'm afraid. I would recommend contacting some of the vintage tyre suppliers listed at Bikelinks here:

From : Helmut Schlecht - Germany

mail-to:goggo at

This is a picture from a holiday trip to Elba with my wife and son.
and one of my Goggomobile with my friend's Mercedes

And my Grandfather working at the factory

hi, I own a goggo 150cc '55 restored in 1994, (sorry but it drives like sh-t), 8 inch wheels, no shockabsorbers, 122kg, small drumbreaks, 6,7 hp at 5000 rpm, max speed 80 km/u ( no way, 65 !!!).
but i like it !! -- P. M. Vast

We are working on an old gogomobile 400cc and we are looking for spare parts.
Best regards,
Itzhak Raz
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