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Tula Three-wheelers

A Sad Reminder of the Soviet Union

Built by TMZ (Tula Motorzikly Zavod), the firm produced the Muravey three wheelers, a range of scooters which were, at least initially, poor copies of the Goggo (Tula T200 Scooter 1958-1961), and a prototype named Zaika in the 1960s using a Tula engine. Not everything built by TMZ was outstanding, but the Zaika certainly was. It had no saving graces whatsoever and was arguably the ugliest three-wheeler ever conceived.

Source: 3wheelers.com

aveboo1er at gmail.com
T 200-M 1985
Hello there,
I am newly in possession of a Tula 200-M I found in Belgium and I am wondering where I can get original spare parts such as side panels rubber bands, front wheel shock absorbers and all theses kind of things. Maybe does it exist a shop or an online shop where I can address?
Thank you for your feed-back.
Alain Vander
La Louvière - B

Unlikely that these parts are available new. It may be possible to adapt similar parts from other machines. Ed.

stevelyon2005 at yahoo.co.uk
1970 200cc
Hi, can you help me date my Tula? Date entered on page just to complete field.
I have Bulgarian reg doc.
Hull, UK

Tula three-wheeler Hull posted to Comments.
buter.gerard at gmail.com Tula T200 Scooter 1958-1961
Hi, I am looking for a Tula T200(m) emblem for on my Tula T200.
Also I am missing the iron-stripes on the footboard.
Hope anyone can help me.
Best regards,
Gerard Buter

  • Tula-1958c-T200-GBu.jpg posted to Comments.

Thu, 05 Oct 2017
kapitein21 at hotmail.com
schema 87?
hallo , kunnen jullie mij helpen aan een schema van de russiche trike tyna/tula ik kan het niet meer vinden , bij voorbaat dank mvg ron van dam
Groningen Netherlands

hello can you help me with a schema of russia trike tyna / tula i can not find it again thanks in advance mvg ron van dam
Groningen Netherlands

Mon Nov 09 2015
garymcloughlin at hotmail.co.uk
how to register
muravay trike
I have bought a muravy scooter with no papers how can I find out how old it is
hudersfield england

Given the difficult situation with Russia, spares are unobtainable and the value of the bikes have no doubt plummeted. It it were mine I would sell it for whatever I could get, or stick it in a shed until Putin is overthrown. Ed.

Tue Jun 24 2014

karasev.p at gmail.com
Tula Tourist
Dear friends, best regards from Russia.We have two old soviet scooters Tula Tourist. Now we are repairing them.
If you have any questions we will be ready to give you answers about this fantastic scooter )))
Russia, Saint-Petersburg

TULA Muravey

Mon Sep 01 2008
geros1968 at hotmaildot com
69' Tula Muravey.
Russian TULA Muravey.
i found that unrestored Russian three wheeler Scooter. It's a 1969 model with a 200cc engine model T200M. I attach you some informations from web 

Motor scooter TGA-200F (Motorroller in German) is one produced by TMZ (Tula Machinery Construction Work). 

In 1939 the Work TMZ came off structure TOZ (the legendary Tulsky Oruzheiny Zavod - Tula Armament Work). In 50s the work began to manufacture the new product - motor scooter based on the German one model "Goggo TA200”. In 1957 started to make three-wheeled cargo model and in 1969 the new motor scooter called "Muravey” (ant) which became the high-volume mass produced model. 

I atach you also some photos.

Best regards Andreas.

Mon Jun 21 2010
robertbrown11<at>btinternetdot com
Hi, I need a certificate of conformity for my Tula Muravey?
where can I get one from please?
many Thanks Robert

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