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Leitner Motorcycles

Manufactured in Riga, (now Latvia)

See also: Russian Motor Vehicles: The Czarist Period 1784 to 1917 by Maurice A. Kelly. (Veloce)

Sat Feb 05 2011

Leitner L3 , L4
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motorcycles Leitner

Here is some photos from Leitner:
diecar.narod/Russia/Rossija/All-Foto.htm (404)

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Leitner showroom,
Russia motorcycle 1899,
Russia motorcycle 1903,
Russia motorcycle 1,5hp
Leitner portrait,
Leitner poster,
Leitner poster,

Sun Jun 11 2006
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motorcycles from Russia
Leitner Russia 1903
Manufactured at Riga, engine - Fafnir 150cc, 1,75 ps. Max speed - 40 km/h.
Moscow technical museum collection. Taken September 2001 by Sergey Riabsev

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