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Vespas models include:

V5A 50cc 1965
Vespa Alpha 1967 Flying submarine scooter
125 LX 2006- 125cc
50 S 4T 2007- 49cc
GT Granturismo 125L 2003-08 125cc
GTS 125 Super 2008- 124cc
GTS 300 Super 2008- 278cc
GTS 300 Super i.e. 2008- 278cc
GTV 250 i.e. 2007- 244cc

 Sun, 15 Oct 2017
scoot-66 at
vespa 1951

Hi I'm looking for a tatty unrestored saddle cover can you help? Regards iain
england United Kingdom

Vespa-1951-Saddle-IUK image posted to Comments

Mon Jul 07 2014
bylinskip at
I bought VESPA ACMA , my chasis number is 80958 , could you help what`s the year ?
Warsaw - Poland

Sat May 03 2014
pocopeloenlacapocha at
Cant tune it...
Dellorto SHB 19.19 D
I cant tune my carb. I had the stock SHBC on my Vespa Primavera and it broke. I replaced it with this other model, and cant tune it. I had idel jet on 45 and with new carb im up on 50 and it still seems small. I dont want to continue enlarging. I couldnt find any diagram for this carb to see if there a way of adjusting the needle (maybe the stock config is too lean...).
Does anyone have experience with this carb on a vintage vespa primavera?
Any tips would be greately appreciated.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

There may be some help under Dellorto...

Sun Jun 12 2011
gt.person at
Stella Alpina
Vespa GT 200
Richard --are you doing the Stella this year. I am the guy with the silver Vespa-- this year I have incorpareted the rally into a 2 month tour of Europe. Hope to see you there.
Preston Uk

Fri Oct 01 2010
excel 1996
I need some info from vespa made in indonesia 1996. max speed and some dates.

Thu Jan 07 2010
isiah-g60 at msndot com
1966 Vespa "Bluebadge"
1966 Vespa 125cc Smallframe
This is a one year only Sears Allstate. Sears didn't carry the Vespas after 66, but continued to sell the ones they already had in stock. So you may see some titled as 67, 68, or even 69. All Vespas sold through Sears pre 66 were labeled "Allstates", but for 1966, Sears sold the Vespa smallframe 125 and the Vespa Sprint 150 under the Sears name badgeing them with the blue sticker. The 1966 U.S. Sears imports only, have the "Mickey Mouse" tail light, making them very sought after. Since then, all '66 Sears Vespa's, in the scooter community, have been known as "Bluebadges."
Also posted under Sears Allstate

Wed Feb 20 2008
graeme.schwarze at yahoodot com
vespa 1961
im in the philippines looking for a 1961 speedometer for a vespa
would be happy with any one that can help me with also any early 1960 vespa parts

Mon Feb 18 2008
tony at
vespa px forks in a gs build
vespa 150s 150s (spanish gs)
hi, i have a spanish 150s, which is quite similar to a gs mark 2, all but the forks which are sprint, so i'm looking at fitting px forks however i note that the gs front mud guard does not sit well with the fixing holes or the damper mounting, has anyone our there got round this problem.

Wed Jan 09 2008
ereily at embarqmaildot com
oil to gas ratio
Vespa 1966 Sears
Hi, we have a 1966 Vespa and have no idea what the oil to gas ratio is. Thanks for any info.

Wed May 16 2007
arnevicklund at
78 vespa 50
Looking for mechanical and electrical parts
seattle, wa

Fri Feb 23 2007
f.goan at btinternetdot com
vintage vespa parts
2 wheel scooter vespa (douglas) VL1T
I was wondering if you know where I could obtain parts for a vintage vespa scooter. The parts i am looking for are: 2 side panels(cowls), a light switch, a tail light, a seat base and a exhaust.

Try the Vespa directory at Bikelinks: Vespa/

Tue Aug 29 2006
hetherington-shane at
Indicators for a 6Volt ac Vespa
1961 Vespa 150GL
Roadworthy in Australia requires indicators. I have been trying to find a supplier of 6 Volt Ac indicators suitable for my 1961 Vespa 150GL. I'm particularly interested in bar end indicators. Can you help?
Orange Australia

    BMW aftermarket bar-end indicators used to be available, quite nice quality. Try some of the vintage BMW places, Munich Motorcycles for instance.
    You don't need specically 6v indicators - just make sure you can get appropriate 6v globes for whichever indicators you buy. Ed.

Wed Sep 27 2006
vespaph at yahoodot com
various NOS parts for old Vespa
1956 Vespa 150,
Various Parts For Old Vespa 1956 150, Handlebar Model, Gs150 Crankshafts,

Fri Apr 28 2006
llewellyn at
Vespa 150
Curious as to acertain the worth of this mode. Completely restored. Light blue. 1962 date of production
Rochester USA

Mon Feb 20 2006
galaxiepete at hotmaildot com
vespa 1968
What cc rating were they and do you no of a N-Zeta they were in NZ in the '60s
THis is from memory so I could be wrong
regards Peter

There is an entry in the Wikipedia for N-Zeta, in Dutch.

Wed Aug 17 2005
mulliganperalta at yahoodot com
Vespa1974 150 Super
I have just bought a vespa 150 Super 1974 model which is still in good working order but requires a good restoration. I am looking for a suitable manual plus a parts manual and possibly a photograph (or photocopies of these) to ensure a proper restoration to its origin.
Leonard Mulligan

Tue Aug 16 2005
iamthemandan at hotmaildot com
First Vespa
Im a 16 year old English lad, and i would truely love a vespa for my first scooter, as any other scooter sends out the wrong image, and i am a true mod at heart... any idea where i can buy a cheap and cheerful one? One that runs becasue i know nothing about engines, but it doesnt need to look fantastic. Really would appreciate your help. Danny Arthur.

Wed July 27th 2005
subject: hi beam switch for vespa motor scooter
Email: timthecourier at hotmaildot com
message: I am trying to locate a hi beam switch for a 1988 Vespa COSA 200 motor scooter and as I am not very good with locating things on the internet I thought the best thing to do would be to email the experts . I would appreciate any help. Rgeards Tim Beadle.

These are the details:

1988 Vespa Cosa CL200 Elestart (VSR1T303720 Eng No 36310) which was sold 
originally by Y Narikawa, the Vespa dealers in Japan and subsequently brought to Australia. It is one of only four in the country, the others are in Perth, and the model was not sold here or in the USA. The scooter has travelled just over 10500 km.

My need is for a headlight/flash/hilo switch for the right hand side of the handlebar.(picture attached). I have search the web since last August with no luck. Piaggio in UK suggested looking at "Classic sites" as the scooter is now deemed classic! I have never been able to get a reply form the Japanese dealers who sold it, but am still trying.

Any help you can be is greatly appreciated, it was nice of you to remember. 
Thanks in advance,

Bob Matheson

Vespa Cosa CL200 1988 light switch.jpg
Vespa Cosa CL200 1988 light switch

Wed Jul 20 2005
b746965 at yahoodot com
Wards riverside mojave
I would like to find a reliable place for parts and info. Cosmo doesn't seem to answer ther emails. I'd like to find out more about the scooter I have. Any help would be great (serial No. motor- hs 34724 and the frame- h 37187). Thanks

Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2005
subject: Vespa/Riverside
message: Trying to locate motor parts for 1956 Montgomery Ward Riverside Scooter...
Listed under Wards Riverside

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