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Triumph - TWN Motorcycles

Manufactured in Germany 1903-1957

Triumph TWN History

A native of Germany, Siegfried Bettmann founded the Triumph factory in Coventry in 1886 where he built bicycles. A decade later he built another Triumph factory in his home town of Nurnberg. The English factory built its first motorcycles in 1902 with the German plant following in 1903.

Despite the turmoil of the Great War, the German factory maintained its relationship with its English partners and built machines with the same engines as, and otherwise very similar to, the English bikes up until 1929 when the economic and political climate in Germany forced a change to home-grown components. Subsequent models were produced with MAG and Sachs engines. During this interwar period there was a legal wrangle with Triumph UK which resulted in some German models being badged as Orial, but after complaints by a French company of the same name the company settled on TWN - Triumph Werke Nurnberg.

In the 1930s Otto Reitz, an engineer they had hired away from rival NSU, designed a single cylinder 200cc twostroke along the lines of the Puch "Twingle", with the two pistons sharing a forked conrod. This was developed in 250cc and 350cc versions which were used in military machines during preparations for the coming war.

Nuremburg was badly damaged in the latter years of the war, the TWN factory suffering extensively. By 1948 production had resumed.

In 1956 the company merged with Adler and German-built Triumph motorcycles ceased production. It is likely that rebadged Hercules mopeds were marketed as Triumph during this period.

Sources: meisterdinger.de, period advertising, et al.

TWN Models

davidvak at gmail.com>
Triumph twn k11 piston set
i am looking for triumph twn k11 piston set ,
do you have one ?
or can help with direction to where can be found ?
best regards
timinvn a t gmail.com
55 TWN 350 Boss
Dear Sheldon's Emu,
My name is Tim Bennett. I have a complete TWN Boss 350 in good condition and I would like to restore it. I live as an American expat in Vietnam and would like to find someone, anywhere in the world that would like to take on the job of rebuilding the motor and hydrolic brake.
This is a serious inquiry, I work in freight and understand the costs involved but very much want to do this. If you or anyone you can recommend would like to take on this project, with deposit upfront, please let me know.
Timothy Bennett
ricksoudan at ntlworld.com [failed]
Triumph TWN Moped
Hi. I have a green TWN Triumph moped date unknown . I am wondering if it can be dated as I need the year of manufacture to register it for use on the road in UK. As far as I know it has not been previously registered . No sign of number plate etc. It has a two speed Sachs engine presumed to be 50cc. The bell is mounted in the headstock and operated by a cable.
Best Regards, Richard Soudan
  • Engine #, frame # and photographs may prove helpful. Also try this page: German Resources.

garydash at mweb.co.za
TWN 250 1953
Good day, Getting near the end of restoring my 1953 250 TWN and would like to know the recommended oil's and particularly what octane fuel and two stroke oil mixture to use. Any one else in South Africa have one of these? Appreciate any info, and looking forward to some travelling(when we can, lockdown) regards Gary Mason JHB RSA.
gary Mason
Johannesburg South Africa
13-Jun-2020 mortenskinstad at gmail.com
I am trying to start an 1937 TWN S350 that has not been touched for 30 years. The problem I found (at the end) was that the ignition timing is way off, the spark comes at about 60 degrees AFTER top dead center. The keyway is there so what is going on? Is the cam lobe for the breaker points a loose part that can be rotated?
Morten Skinstad
allan at precisede.co.nz
I am desperately trying to source a pair of front expansion chamber exhausts for 350 Boss.
Allan Crouch
New Zealand
kenny_rowe at hotmail.com
TWN Tessy
I am looking for a manual, bottom bumper rubber, not sure what oil to use in the gear box, can you me please.
Ken Rowe

dandzee5 at gmail.com
Triumph TWN 200
Hi can you help I am looking for some parts for my triumph TWN 200 cornet motorcycle is there a web site where I can find theses parts
Paul sands

avdg37 at gmail.com
Triumph Werke Nurnberg
I am offering for sale a TWN BDG 250 L, manufactured in 1954 by Triumph Werke Numberg ("TWN"), fully restored by Triumph MPS Milhorat (Ariège - France) in April, 2019 (brake, battery, electrical network, starter on the front light, etc...), still under Dutch registration paper- Classic motorcycle state contest collection - one seat - hydraulic brake
Arnaud van der Gracht de Rommerswael

sandyjoylewis57 at gmail.com
Triumph Werner Nuremburg
I have owned my Tessy for about 10 years. She came from a deceased estate so I have limited knowledge of her history. She runs well & I show her often. Unfortunately she was not restored in original colours by the previous owner. I would like to know how many were made & an approx. value for insurance, etc. Many Thanks.
Sandy Lewis
Bombala, NSW. Australia

geurnblanston at gmavt.net
Are there part diagrams out there for these please?
James L Gardner
United States

jbmarbopol at btinternet.com
On the record: Restoration work that was carried out for a few years become completed and very likely TRIUMPH S 500 -1937 become only one registred in UK since June 2019.
Thank You to all Friends from Germany, Poland, Latvia Estonia, Finland and UK for extensive support and assitance allowing to comple this project.
With Best Regards
Jakub Bergandy
London UK
rb1918grd-widget at yahoo.com
1955 BDG 125L
Interested in selling my motorcycle. I have not been able to restore it. It needs the following parts: engine seals and gaskets, primary set including clutch basket, clutch plates, chain and drive sprocket, charging and ignition system
  • Images posted TWN forum and also to Comments.

martin.lacis at gmail.com
I seek spare parts for Triumph models:
SSK 350 (1930), STM 500 (1932-37), S 500 (1937-38)
If you know anyone who own's such a bike, please share contact information.
Riga, Latvia
2711martin at gmail.com
TWN 250cc, year 1952
is it possible to get any spareparts for TWN 250cc ?
martin dreiner simonsen
hadsund DK
  • Parts for this one will not be easy to find but there are several specialists in Germany. Search on "TWN Teile" or similar.

neveslaurent at gmail.com
TWN CORNET 200C 1956
Bonsoir, J'ai rénové complétement cette motopetit soucis avec le moteur j'aimerais trouver un moteur complet ou à rénové le mien
Merci pour toutes propositions
Les Antilles Françaises Guadeloupe

Hello, I completely renovated a model bike twn cornet 200c year 1956, I seek to renovated the engine
thank you for all proposals
Laurent from the French West Indies

avdg37 at gmail.com
TWN BDG 250 L 1954
Where could I buy a contact set (on the top of the front light)? Thank you in advance
Arnaud van der Gracht de Rommerswael

Mon, 20 Nov 2017
colinu at hotmail.co.uk
TWN B200 1936

HI Could you give me some idea what a TWN B200 is worth in original un-restored condition.
Colin Urquhart
Colchester United Kingdom

Wed Mar 22 2017
timaross at yahoo.com
TWN pic
A 6 cm3 494 A6
Help finding information

TWN A6 494cc image in the comments

Mon Sep 28 2015
timaross at yahoo.com
1929 TWN Triumph
1929 A.-G. Hubraum cm3 494
one of kind in the USA need help find information on operation of motor

 need manual
Triumph 494cm3
need help to restore
Ohio, Columbus

Tue Jul 14 2015
Bechtel.eric at yahoo.fr
Twn 350b
I'french, And i've just bought a twn 350b- 1938 for 4600 euros.

Tell me please, what do you think about this motobyke.
Do you have any document about this moto ?
I send you pictures about m'y moto.
Best regards

  • Some time later, M. Bechel was contacted by a fraudster.

Sun Apr 12 2015
fakwee at aol.com
twn 350
triumph boss
I have a 1953 triumph boss 350 for sale,not running.
new York

Wed Nov 26 2014
chrissy.wrightson at live.com
TWN for sale
TWN 250
I am selling a complete 250 TWN which I inherited. Please can you help put me in the right direction for any enthusiasts- However, I have no documentation. Chrissy
North Yorkshire, UK

Sat Oct 25 2014
manu.g.llona at gmail.com
to by spare part twn boss 350 1956
Triumph twn boss 350
I looking for spare part;
2 Pistos
Ring etc.

Tue Sep 23 2014
tony110564 at gmail.com
DKW RT125 Deluxe 1939
Triumph b125
Trying to find a engine for my Triumph b125 which looks like it used the same motor as the DKW RT125 deluxe 1939. Mine is a 1940 built in nuremburg, Germany at this time the triumph factory was taken over by the german gov. and the motors seem to be very hard to find and information is also hard to find. I have searched for hours upon hours for a motor that would work and it needs a right hand drive gear setup 125cc motor and the DKW motor is perfect. Do you know of anyone who has this motor for sale or knows where I can get one. Thanks Tony R.

Mon Jul 21 2014
vagar_che_autosyr at live.com.mx
Eugenio Vazquez Garcia
Moto TWN triumph 250 cc.
Me intresan piezas o la moto completa que aparece en la foto
Queretaro Mexico

Wed Apr 09 2014
Niklas.L at hotmail.com
TWN 350 BOSS Floating house
Searching for a complete floating house for my BOSS.
Also a seat/saddle

Sat Mar 01 2014
jimsarstuff<at> yahoo.com
Please advise what year this Triumph maybe.
Triumph Werke Nurnberg AG unknown
Interested in knowing the year of this bike.
Arkansas, USA

Fri Feb 14 2014
saradhy-bvv at rediffmail.com
1932-36 TM500
Kindly Please help me restore a TWN,TM500 Single Cyl sidevolve,1936.
I have restored a TM500 of 1936. I need some fancy items such as Tank & OilCan Caps Cluch Covers. Can any help come my way-Saradhy (India).

Sun Dec 29 2013
Spareparts for sale
TWN Boss
I have several spare parts for TWN Boss (350 ccm) to sell (from private)
Karlsruhe, South Germany

Wed Sep 04 2013
piston and rings
350 twn boss
I need to fine spare parts for triumph twn boss 1957.
piston and ring
SCL. Santiago

Sun Sep 01 2013
jcsortie<at> yahoo.com
Need parts!
TWN 1957 Cornet
Hello dear friend, Do you know where to find parts for this model?
Washington, DC USA

Please browse the TWN Directory or the related classic dealer pages.

Tue Jun 25 2013
TWN 125cc parts needed
Can anyone advise where to look for spare parts? Thank you!

Tue Apr 16 2013
TWN 125 for sale
Beautiful TWN 125 For Sale. Official documents. Year 1953. More Pictures are available.
Bellissimo TWN 125 in vendita. Documenti originali Anno 1953.

Tue Mar 05 2013
triumph TVN 500 S 1937
cerco informazioni tecniche,foto ed altro per Triumph TWN 500 S del 1937 per poter eseguire un restauro. Aspetto notizie Grazie

Tue Feb 19 2013
twn breakerless ignition
I'm looking for a breakerless ignition to my TWN BOSS 350 -55.
Is there anything that you have or can obtain?
Or do you know who can have such?

/ Niklas

Tue Feb 19 2013
Owners manual
TWN 1957 Cornet
Lookink for any info on my 1957 Cornet Owners manual
New York

Mon Jan 07 2013
Searching for TWN BDG SL.
Seat, fenders, etc.
Posted in the German Motorcycle Forum

Sat Nov 24 2012
oldtimer.okazje<at>gmaildot com
SALED Triumph TWN BD 250 1943.
Buy a motor from 1943, documents the triumph. Motor goes. price 3200 euro.
Kaufen Sie einen Motor von 1943, dokumentiert der Siegeszug. Motor geht. Preis 3200 Euro.

Thu Mar 15 2012

triumph TWN 350 BOSS
sells parts for this bike to sell prisava two curves and at what price.

Tue Jan 17 2012
Triumph BDG 250 SL
My name is Antonio Pires and I have a Triumph BDG 250 sl, and need parts.

I want to know if this model has the following:

single passenger seat.
badge of fuel tank (Triumph)
speedo with headlights.
front and rear mudguards.

Evora, Portugal

Tue Jan 17 2012
rickstattooz<at>aoldot com
Triumph for sale
triumph b125
I have everything minus motor including title.

Thu Dec 22 2011
rolandstas<at>gmaildot com
For sale
For sale Twn with Steib LS 200 from 1952

Sun Nov 20 2011
Paint Codes, Serach of.....
1966 Triumph Bonneville T120R
I can't locate the paint code for the tank to repaint it. Can't find the exact color code for the Tank. Can anyone help?
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sat Dec 03 2011
twn boss
twn boss
look at my website www.govers.naarmij.nl/twnboss.htm
den helder

Sat Oct 01 2011
Ant Martins Costa Leite
TWN Cornet
Informa de valor para venda
Rua de Viseu, Aveiro

TWN Cornet
Tenho esta mota. Gostava de saber o valor

Wed Jun 01 2011
mstimac666<at>hotmaildot com
TWN Vintage Unknown
1957 Unknown
Recently found this bike in a covered shed. Not sure what it is. Can someone please give me a clue and possibly what its value might be. Thanks


Wed Apr 20 2011
TWN Boss 350 or BDG 250
Your site has been very instrumental in helping to teach me about the TWN motorcycles. However, my quest to find a "boss" or "250" has been to no avail. I was wondering if you might let me put up a simple want ad on your site so I may have better luck in finding one of these beautiful machines. Here's what I had in mind:

"1951 - 1957 TWN Boss 350 (or BDG 250) WANTED" please call or email if you have or know of one of these for sale. I'm located in La Honda, California. Contact info: -Garrett Morris-
(650) 208-4884
Please get back to me at your earliest convenience and I look forward to any help you can provide. Thank you!

La Honda, California

Mon Dec 27 2010
TWN Tessy
Hello, I'm looking for some engine parts for a TWN tessy. I need the engine ventilator and the chassi lateral door.
thanks in advance

Thank's for your reply. I will send a picture with the parts that I need for twn tessy.
As you can see in the picture, I need the refrigerator turbine, and the cover. If you have or know anything about thoose parts, just let me know!!

Many thanks

Wed Dec 01 2010
Help with parts and dating
TWN B350
Just bought a TWN B350. Initially I am trying to date this actual bike. I know it was 1938 or 39 but would like to know if there is any way to date it exactly or find any other info about it. Also I need some parts - round toolbox from under the seat, rear fender rack and light, front fender nuber plate holder, seat. Any help would be great. Cheers
Manchester UK

Tue Aug 31 2010
antoniomunoz<at>macdot com
TWN 1950
I live in mexico and I have a B D G 125 year 1950 an I look for some parts and literature.
Thank you
Mexico city

Sat Jul 24 2010
Triumph Werke Nurnberg Twn Military Motorbike
My family has had this motorbike since 1945. It has been slightly modified (eg.exhaust pipes and other small details). Currently it's not at work.

Mon Jun 21 2010
estebanlm56<at>hotmaildot com
twn bdg 250
twn bdg 250
lieber Freund, ich in Mexiko leben, ich dieses Motorrad gefunden, war ich sehr verw�stet. obwohl ich die Rekonstruktion der fehlenden Teile. k�nnten Sie mir helfen suchen Z�ndanlage mit Platin.
Vielen Dank
esteban maschletzko
mexico city

Wed Feb 24 2010
snappart at bigpond.net.au
TWN "Prior" Motor Scooter
T.W.N. Prior
Hello, I have just purchased a PRIOR Motor Scooter that I believe was made by TWN and looks exactly like the Contessa. However, my Prior has a Sachs 200cc 2stroke engine almost identical to the KR200 and 201 Messerschmitt's engines (of which I own one of each). I assume it is of 1956-1960 vintage but cannot find anything on the Prior on the internet, only contessa with the two pot engine. Any help or contact with other owners would be appreciated. Stewart Gray.
Brisbane, Australia

Sun Feb 21 2010
the-divitts at hotmaildot com
want to buy
twn boss contessa

Mon Feb 15 2010
thewingnut666 at yahoodot com
Shop manual, literature, help
1936 TWN Triumph B200
Newguy that cant get started. Still not sure exactly what the bike is. Dating it has been very hard. Tore frame down for paint, but can't seem to find any helpful literature in english. The info on the plate is as follows: Hubraum in ccm 195 - Gewicht in kg 126 - motor# 103197 - rahmen#118209 - license plate er 67-50. Can anyone tell me what all this means and if I do infact have a B200.
Orange, CA

Sun Nov 29 2009
pietervandevelde at gmx.de
Vintage TWN Tessy scooter for sale
TWN Tessy
Original Tessy for sale:
* has been stored in garage for the last 35 years.
* 1956, 122 cc, framenumber 582466
* all original
* missing part: left footrest.
* original spray scheme is dark/light blue

Mon Nov 23 2009
e.w.turner at btinternetdot com
TWN Contessa
I have a Contessa scooter of 1955. Some years ago I bought some parts from a company in Krefeld in Germany. Their name was Bender and Smets.
Dover England

Mon Oct 19 2009
dietvg at hotmaildot com
Tyres TWN Boss 350
1953 Boss 350
Ik zou graag het type van den banden hebben. Zodat ik op zoek kan gaan naar een nieuw paar voor mijn TWN boss 350


Thu Jun 04 2009
timaross at yahoodot com
1929 TWN 498 SV
TRIUMPH Dont know
would like to sell

Thu Jan 08 2009
jensfalk at yahoo.se
Twn parts
1954 Boss, bdg, cornet, contessa
I have parts for sale and all the parts a new and original.
Brakes, gears ect ect.
Complete 250 bdg engine ect

Tue Dec 09 2008
myoldscooter at gmaildot com
TWN Triumph Tessy parts FS
Triumph TWN Tessy Std, Luxus and Super
I have lots of parts for the Tessy scooter for sale, some NOS, some reproduction, some used. Also lots of literature and experience with that bike. Also have a register for remaining Tessys, please, if we don't know each other already and you have a Tessy or know of one please send me a quick note.
Hi, I have pics of the scooter, but the file is so big, can I send it to you and you will decrease it in size to work with the site?


Fri Sep 19 2008
alanbyatt at bigponddot com
TWN Scooter motor
TWN unknown
Hello, can you assist me with details of this engine?
year, size, type of bike/scooter its from.

Tue Sep 09 2008
dino.prof at orange.fr
recherche revue technique
Twn cornet
recherche revue technique

Thu Jul 31 2008
joiner1964 at hotmaildot com
triumph sd 1926> > triumph sd
can anyone help me with any pictures of the german built sd 1926 especialy the paint work of the tank> > England>

Is that a TWN Triumph, or an English Triumph licenced for assy in Germany?> these bikes were built in nurnberg under license from triumph england using british built engines & gearboxs this is why all the running gear was german built but i can not find any colour pictures of any diferances tere might be ,the only picture i have seen shows the tank transfer as the triumph name with the trunpet through it about 200mm long.
regards jeremy
After your last email i have found out that the English model sd 550 cc ,in Germany was called the model T 4.ps ,I hope this helps.

Sat May 31 2008
coloressmith at gmaildot com
TWN year 51 1951
I am from Guatemala and i am looking for a place to buy spare parts for my triumph twn 1951, if you have any suggestions please send me a e mail. thanks
Guatemala City Guatemala

Mon Mar 03 2008
giovanni.grechi2 at virgilio.it
TWN 204 B 1938
Please spare parts and elettric equipment -picture -foto etc etc

Tue Feb 19 2008
svukmer at gmaildot com
Need Your Help!
TWN Not Sure...
Hi everyone. I've recently picked up this bike in Saigon (where I'm currently living). Not sure what year the bike is. Could anyone venture a guess? It's in 99% original condition and runs well. Any ideas about value? Many thanks - Stan

Sun Jan 06 2008
majshashi at yahoodot com
help me restore a TWN
TWN,STM 500 Single Cyl OHV,1936
I have restored a STM500 of 1936 but am facing problem as I do not have the oil pump.Can any help come my way-SHASHIDHAR(INDIA)

Fri Aug 31 2007
Triumph TWN
Boss 350cc
Need manuals in English Text for Triumph German TWN Boss 350cc 1954-1956

Sept 12 2007
motormonge44 at yahoodot com

Greg got back to me today with more info.

ENGINE CASING: Triumph Werke
Nurnberg AG

Dataplate on frame behind headlight:
Triumph Werke
Nurnberg AG
Baujahr 1956
Fahrz Typ BDG 125 L
Fahr gest. Nr 172886
Zuf.Ges.Gew.Kg 259 (weight)
Hubrgum cm 121 (eng size)
He is trying to get some of the manual translated into English, but that has been slow.
 Also, he informs me that the family is moving into their new house this week, so he has
 been busy. Thanks again for your help with this search.

Mark Mongeon

The bike is a BDG125 which was made between 1949 to 1957. Ed.

30th August 2007
It's nice to hear from another lover of older motorcycles and scooters.
I forgot to mention I also had a Cushman Husky right before I purchased the Tessy. I mowed lawns and carried one of our local newspapers, to pay for the two scooters.
I'm not to sure if I have any photos of either the Tessy or the Norton. Well, that is actually not true, I have one photo of the Norton right after I was in an accident in January of 1967.
I know, riding a motorcycle in January her in the U.S.A. is a little, strange, but if you have ever lived in a climate where we have snow in the winter, you would understand the word "strange".
I will have to look through my photos and I'll even ask my mother if she may have saved any photos of me with the to putts I mentioned.
The accident I mentioned, was in January of 1967, a automobile ran me off the road. Needless to say, the driver of the auto did not stop or even slow down.
You might want to check back with me to keep me reminded to look for the photos.
Robby Roberts

homebrewer-02 at yahoo.com
I did find one old photograph of my old Tessy. It's not a very good photograph, but it is a photo that you requested.
I would like to say, that that little scooter would run the pants of a Vespa scooter or even the Lambretta (spelling, not sure).
I would even use the Tessy to deliver my newspaper route, it was very quiet and a lot of fun.

Robby Roberts
Indianapolis, IN

Fri Mar 16 2007
jojodor51 at wanadoo.fr
moteur et pieces detaches
triumph twn 250cm boss bdg 250 sl
cherche moteur

Translation: engine and detaches parts Triumph twn 250cm boss bdg 250 sl seeks driving

Fri Dec 22 2006
zadeleh at aoldot com
1957 TWN Cornet
Triumph TWN Cornet
I just bought a 1957 TWN in great shape and need the ignition/starter/light key/switch. Can you please help me? thank you, Barry Solomon

Mon Aug 28 2006
kknajarian at yahoodot com
twn moto
350 twn
najarian desea saver del infornasion

Mon Feb 27 2006
jorge.quaroni at gmaildot com
1954 TWN Information
My father owned a beatiful 1954 TWN German bike. 350 cc 2 stroke, 100% ORIGINAL. I don't know the model; maybe a BOSS, since I'm not where the bike is right now. It is still basically intact and there are some major spare parts that came with it, but it needs some work. It hasn't run for about 15 years. He used it to travel from Uruguay to the U.S. between 1955-1956 documented). I'd like to know if there is anybody interested in purchasing for a collection or the current price for one of those. I will post a some photos pretty soon.
Montevideo - Uruguay

Thu Dec 15 2005
chemfolk at verizon.net
TWN Contessa Scooter
Is there anyone with information on where I can find Parts for a '56 TWN Contessa I am in need of a connecting rod kit (I think it is the same as the cornet) piston rings (standard) Body trim Rubber, headlight and beauty ring and taillight lense and ring also possibly a spare tire holder/rack. Thanks Matt Foster

Thu 15 Sep 2005
subject: 1956 TWN Contessa
Email: yerex at kwicdot com
message: I am in Ontario Canada and am in need of a set of 20 or 30+ pistons and rings and a forked connecting rod for this bike. I will be in Berlin from October 16 to 21 if this helps.
thanks Greg Yerex

Sun Aug 14 2005
als993 at bellsouth.net
TWN CORNET parts needed
Can any one help me find parts for TWN CORNET.
IM having problems and i cant speak GERMAN
I need pistons & rings.
Muffler,manual ect.

Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005

subject: twn bdg 250 l
Email: gutroz at yahoodot com
message: Hi:
I'm looking for electrical plan for a 1954 twn bdg 250 l.
Can anybody help me please?

20th January 2005
subject: twn motorcycle
Email: gniles at rosenet.net
message: I own a 1951 250cc German Triumph (TWN), which were apparantly never imported to the U.S.A. I live in Oregon, and cannot find any info., etc. on this bike here. It has a 2-cycle engine, plunger rear suspension, rubber seats. It is missing the muffler and stock handlebars, so I am looking for a source for parts and information, like a manual, for this.

10th January 05
TWN built motors for Bungartz two-wheeled walk behind tractors in the early 50s.

February 27, 2003
Dear Sir,
I found your TWN-pages on the internet. Myself I have an B200L, 1936 and restored.

The bike af mr. A.J. Attaiano is an B200 1936/37. At the moment we are e-mailing to solve his problems.

Nice site.

Cor from Holland. -- Corbesbas at hotmail.com

December 25, 2002
Just surf in at your web page and find my bike at your site. I'm the owner of the bike at the top of the page. It's a TWN BOSS 1954 350cc two-stroke, this picture was taken for Swedens largest magazine of old bikes, and the picture was used in a calendar of old bikes in 1995.

I began to restore the bikes in 1990 and it was finished the next summer. I also have a original Steib LS 200 sidecar for it too.

I made all the work by myself for ex. the paint job, some welding, and I have to made some new parts for the bike too. The rear silencer on both side and new pistons etc.

I also bought some parts from a German dealer, he has a lot of spare parts for these bikes.

Ernst Weisswange
Hamburger Str.73 Telefon:countrycode +04191/3326
2358 Kaltenkirchen

You have to call him or write a letter on the German language, he doesn't respond in English or any other language than German.

I hope you understand my bad English.

My very best from Sweden

Roger Lund -- roger.lund at karlskoga.mail.telia.com

August 30, 2002
I have a TWN Boss and I need manuals and spare parts for the restoration. Where can I get them? Could you help me? -- Thank you, -- Andres Pujol -- Uruguay -- japc at adinet.com.uy

August 16, 2002
Hi all,
I'm from Belgium and I own a TWN Boss 1953. It started as quite a wreck (only 75% original, bad shape, been used for motorcross (I think it had crashed several times), lots of rust,...).

Nice points were that it did have a sozius and original documentation. By now it has been totally rewired, most original parts have been restored (I don't really replace or reproduce original parts) and most of the non-original parts (like front light, wheels and such) have been replaced by parts I've found in Hamburg (a guy there has the army-stock for TWN BDG250 which has a lot of parts in common with the 350 Boss (BTW: I'll look up the name and address of this guy and post it later on)).

I'm still looking for exhaust pipes (the end parts) and hope to find them soon (maybe at Motorrad-Stemmler).

Some questions for the group:
1. Anyone know how to connect the speed-cable on the rear-wheel?
2. Anyone experienced with attaching a side-car (Steib)?
3. To James Wolf: How come you show your first pictures on http://www.narma.org/euro/brands/triumph-twn.htm and the final result on http://www.fen-net.de/joachim.fritz/triumph/t-boss.htm [404]? Nice result and very fast (started only in april???), congratulations!

Another source I've used for spare parts (specifically for TWN) is www.feinstrahlen.de/mtm/ (Motorradteile und Fahrzeughandel Mulln).
Jan Strauven -- strauven at hotmaildot com -- Antwerp, Belgium

June 22, 2002
I have a rare one for you all!
I own (what I believe to be) a 1937? TWN B200 E. The reason I believe this is, the only Photos that came close to my machine are of this particular model in my 6 yrs of research. The only difference is, the front forks have been replaced with the more modern tube style forks, the front fender is from an Austrian Puch and finally a BMW R35 pannier rack was altered and added to the back. However, all the other parts/featuers match up exactly. The frame, engine (vertical cylinder not angled forward) the motor casing and dymamotor, hand shift, Flat bottom tank and emblem, even the 2 piece rear fender! If I add a photo, can anyone help me identify this machine so I don't go nuts? Is it possible to perhaps locate the proper front fender, (Forks maybe) and I need TIRES and TUBES badly. The tires on this machine now are Reise tires dated 1941 and are in really good shape but getting dry (19 X 3,00 front and 19 x 3,25 rear). HELP!!!!! I really want to restore this machine properly, oh and it does run,,, like a top!

Thank you everone!
A J Ottaiano / Chicago IL USA -- AND24U2 at aoldot com

I am also looking for the round tool kit container for under the seat insead of the DKW side mount box I have now.

May 7, 2002
found this on the internet, for twn parts you could try it
enxdtw at nottingham.ac.uk

May 6, 2002
Hi I am from Houston Texas and am looking for info and especially a picture of a '29 German Triumph tm500. Are parts available for these early ones too? thanks, hans blom -- blomster13 at yahoodot com

April 12, 2002
Now this is pretty cool...like the stories of a dusty classic waiting in some barn for the collector to discover.

Well It happened to me today, a once in a lifetime find.

Its a 1955 TWN Boss Motorbike, it is 99% original condition, (the rear brake light looks odd).

TWN stands for Triumph Werks Nurnberg, there a very few of these. Triumph (British) built in a factory in Germany from 1951 to 1955. It is all class and beauty, brass badges, chrome tank, hydraulic brakes...a beautiful piece of design. You can just look a it for ... like art, it is art, industrial art. All is there and original, seat, brass emblem badges, levers not bent or scratched (never been dropped), German glass lamp lens, exhaust pipes, on and on, I pulled the caked in dust and rust thing out of a garage and delivered it to my home this morning. I washed it off and she looks...well...not to bad (for her years). This is what restorers look for, a classic that is all there and not altered or rebuilt. I will have a total restoration done (here, for the price of a couple of New York diners) and she'll be like new. One day I hope to send it home. It could certainly be a museum piece. I want to share the excitement with you.

This it the TWN I got today.

This bike will look like the one above when restored...
What a nice classy classic.

I live in saigon, and I met another American guy riding one, thought it was a beautiful bike, so started looking for one. Well, ask a few people and....was lucky.

BTW I will be reproducing parts...pipes, levers, some clutch parts....who needs what?

James Wolf
wolfjames at aoldot com
wolf at hcm.vnn.vn
Tel: 090 370 4460
Intl. (84) 90 370 4460

February 8, 2002
Hello Richard,
I am a NY'er too but I live in Vietnam.
There a a few TWN's here, my friend has two and I am restoring one 1951 as well. They do a fine job of restoring and replication of every part. What do you need, I can ask around for you.
James Wolf
wolfjames at aoldot com
wolf at hcm.vnn.vn
Tel: 090 370 4460
Intl. (84) 90 370 4460

November 7, 2001
Hi: Saw your note on European Motorcycle Universe - Good luck on the restoration of your TWN. Great parts source is www.mottorad-stemler.de - I've bought quite a lot from them. -- Duane Hubbs -- info at roderagedot com

I have finished a 1954 TWN 350-Boss - but need a rebuild kit for the rear hydraulic brakes - any suggestions?

September 30, 2001
I am restoring a 1954 TWN Cornet and cant find any parts or info on the bike can you help????
Richard / New York -- nvrgavup at aoldot com

August 27, 2001
Hi Russian motorcicle assoc.
My name is Humberto Vera and I leave in Mexico bout I need some Information about my TWN motorcycle I think this a Russian motorcycle o Eastern Bock motorcycle any ways I'm not sure.

This motorcycle was sold for Triumph motorcycles, my TWN is 1949 and I need technical information, some pictures and one machine part and the motorcycle will be reedy to ride again.

Tank You so much.
Humbrto Vera
My e-mail vegar at att.com.mx

Another TWN web site: twn-ig.de

If you have a query about TWN motorcycles please contact us