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A Brief History of the Marque

Three wheelers were built from c.1950 to 1962 by Fritz Fend, an engineer at the Messerschmitt aircraft factory during WWII. It was conceived as cheap, weatherproof transport during the years of Germany's recovery. Early versions were powered by a 175cc Fichtel & Sachs two stroke motorcycle engine and were capable of carrying two adults and a small child in relative comfort at speeds of up to 75kph.

In 1953 Willie Messerschmitt joined the fledgling company and lent his name to it - and a legend was reborn. By 1955 they were producing the Messerschmitt Kabinenroller KR 200 which chuffed along nicely at 90kph. Soon the factory was offering convertible models in addition to the fully enclosed versions, and a number of snazzy accessories began to appear. In 1957 Willie Messerschmitt moved back to the aviation industry and Fritz formed the FMR company in Regensburg (Fend Maschinenbau Regensburg), retaining the Messerschmitt name with Willie's approval.

Fend subsequently built a four-wheel version with a modified F&S 500cc two-stroke twin named the Tiger, to which Krupp objected on the grounds that they owned the name along, reportedly, with a great many other animal names. The rather lovely little vehicle was renamed the Tgr, but of course everyone called it the Tiger. It is not reported what they called Krupp.

The nickname for the Kabinenroller and the Isetta was "Schlaglochsuchgerät" (pothole detector).

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Hi, Im try to make, a super 200 with my poor body from a kr200, can you find me pictures from the inside cockpit and engine compartiment?. Thank you

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Wed Nov 03 2010
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Messerschmitt KR200 (1958)
I require a full workshop manual for my sachs 198cc signle cylinder engine and gear box for reassembly.

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Mon Apr 24 2006
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Messerschmitt KR201 191cc
I am in need of rebuilding the engine/gearbox/clutch for my 1958 Messerschmitt w/ the 191cc engine. Do you know who I might contact for parts or rebuild?
Thank you.
Los Angeles
I don't currently have photos of the engine (191cc Sachs), but here's one of the Messerschmitt.

Chris Schwartz

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