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A Brief History of the Marque

The Polish factory WFM (Warszawska Fabrica Motocyklowa) began designing scooters in 1952 to address the demand in countries controlled by the USSR. They built three prototypes in 1955-56, the best of which was named the Osa. Using the S-06 engine, a small batch of Osa scooters was built in early 1959 and production began in May of that year. The Osa M-50 had a 173cc engine and 14" wheels. A larger version was introduced in 1962, the M-52. Production was halted in 1965 after a total of 25,000 scooters had been built.
Source: Zabytkowemotocykleirowery Poland

Mon Sep 18 2006
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OSA scooters
I am trying to track down an OSA dealer in the UK. Can you help point me in the direction of where I might be able to find details of one?
Thanks very much

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Thu Sep 01 2005
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motorcycle from Poland
Osa Photo My Osa 175,

SCOOTER and THREE WHEELER magazine of January 1966 contains an article titled "Life with an OSA" by John Thorpe

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