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Lintorf Bez. Düsseldordf

Unlike many other German manufacturers, Hoffmann did not build motorcycles before the second world war. The history of the make began in 1949 in the town of Lintorf near Duesseldorf. Hoffmann was licensed to build the Italian Vespa scooter, known as the Hoffmann Königin. These scooters were a success, and they also built 98cc to 250cc motorcycles with ILO engines which sold well.

See also the Schouwer page on Hoffmann Vespa

Designed by Richard Kürchen and his brother Xavier (previously of Horex and Zundapp), Hoffmann also built a 248cc flat-twin four-stroke engine which looked somewhat like the larger BMW machines but which had a very sleek design. Early versions had overheating problems due to the engine cowls. The Gouverneur model was available as the MP 250 (248cc, 11 HP, built 1951-1954), the MP 250-2 (built 1954) with 248cc and 14.8 HP, top speed 112 km/h and in the 298cc version, the S 300, with 17 HP and a top speed of 118 km/h. The construction of this engine led to financial difficulties for the company and in 1954 it went out of business.

The Hoffmann range included:

Hoffmann HWL 125, 123cc, 5.2 HP, 3-speed transmission, top speed 75 km/h, built 1949-1951

Hoffmann MHF 125, 123cc ILO single cylinder two-stroke engine, 5.2 HP, 3-speed transmission, top speed 75 km/h, built 1949-1954

Hoffmann 175, 174cc ILO single cylinder twostroke engine, 7.65 HP , 3-speed transmission, top speed 85 km/h, built 1951-1953

Hoffmann MR 175-2, 173cc ILO single cylinder twostroke engine, 8.2 HP , 4-speed transmission, top speed 90 km/h, built 1954

Hoffmann MR 200-1, 197cc ILO single cylinder twostroke engine, 11 HP , 4-speed transmission, top speed 100 km/h, built 1954

Hoffmann MR 200-2, 197cc ILO single cylinder twostroke engine, 9.3 HP , 4-speed transmission, top speed 92 km/h, built 1954

Hoffmann 250, 248cc ILO single cylinder twostroke engine, 9 HP, 4-speed transmission, top speed 95 km/h, built 1954

Hoffmann MR 250 248cc ILO single cylinder twostroke engine, 12.8 HP, 4-speed transmission, top speed 106 km/h, built 1954

Hoffmann MP250-2 1954 Gouverneur HO Twin, 248cc

Hoffmann S300 1954 Gouverneur, 298cc Kürchen HO Twin.

Adapted from information supplied by Hartmut Schouwer

johnyost67 at gmail.com
1939 Hoffmann 98cc 2 speed
I have located this bike/moped. Wondering if you may be interested or know someone who is. Need tank repair magneto refabricated due to metal disintegration also chain and throttle repair.. all parts are there 99% complete. I imagine it's a pretty rare bike.
Portland, Oregon, USA.

Hoffman 1939 98cc images posted to Comments

Tue, 13 Mar 2018
garylatl at yahoo.com
Hoffmann 1951 MR 125
have attached a pic of this motorcycle. I have 3 German motorcycles to which I wish to assign a reasonable value. I have several individuals who are interested in these motorcycles, but I do not know what value I should seek.
Gary Hoilman
Clayton, GA 30525 USA

Hoffman-1951-MR125-GHo image posted to Comments
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nsheforest at gsinet.net
1949/50 hoffmann MJK100
can you help me with any info on my Hoffmann motorcycle, thank you

Thu, 14 Sep 2017
nz1965 at gmail.com
Hoffmann Gouvenneur MP250 1955

Looking for original Bing carburettor. Thanks,
Dale Baston
Vancouver Canada

Sat Jun 10 2017
ferris68 at gmail.com
Konigin Serial Numbers
Vespa 1954
Can you lease advise the number of Konigin Vespasian produced.

Can you advise the serial numbers of the engine and frame please

Mon Apr 11 2016
jeremiaaelbrecht at hotmail.com
valve tappet
Hoffmann Gouverneur
hello, i'm desperately loking for a valve tappet for my hoffmann 250cc gouverneur

Mon Apr 14 2014
dominiqus at gmail.com
spare parts for hoffman 250 cc
1953 Goveneur
I am looking for the spare parts :
1. Muffler
2. And cover for carburettor
can someone help me..

Tue Jul 16 2013
Hoffmann Mr 175/2 - 1951
Hello! Hoffmann Mr 175 Motorcycle - 1951 - For Sale. Original painting, good, original condition, original tyres...
State according to pictures. More pictures: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgES-0mAqtw

Thu Jul 12 2012
han-joosen<at>hotmaildot com
Te koop
Hoffmann MR 175
Te koop in onderdelen, maar wel compleet en met een onderdelenboekje
Antwerpen, Belgie

Thu Apr 12 2012
kugla86<at>gmaildot com
I need a Help
 Hoffmann Gouverneur 250cc 1953
Hello everyone. I Hoffman gouverneur 250cc from 1953. I want it repaired. It was dismantled in sections. I am interested if anyone has a book or pattern to be compiled. I'm also interested if anyone knows what it looks like his PTO or where he can get. If anyone has information let me know
Nis, Serbia

Fri Apr 13 2012
Dusan Kugler
Hoffmann Hoffmann Gouverneur 250cc 1953
I need help. I have a 250cc engine hoffmann Gouverneur 1953rd I want to ga ga restoruiram percent of my grandfather shredded into pieces. Does anyone have a book with the schemes to be concluded. Then you need the PTO or the dimensions of my image to appear. If anyone has any information let me know by email.
Nis, Serbia

Thu Mar 08 2012
raf.baileys<at>gmaildot com
moto hoffman
comment refaire des papiers pour cette moto MHF125
comment refaire des papiers pour cette moto

Sun Feb 12 2012
classicrestorations at hotmail.com
Parts book
Hoffman Vespa 1949
Hi There
I have a Hoffman Vespa, and any help with a parts book or service manual, and where i can get parts will be greatly appreciated.

South Africa

Sun Aug 28 2011
schmidt.ben.85<at>gmaildot com
Hoffmann MR 175-2
I am restoring a Hoffmann MR 175-2. Does anyone out there know know any shops or websites in germany that sell old parts, rebuilt parts or new parts for this bike?
Freisen, Germany

Sun Jul 04 2010
levamichel<at>gmaildot com

Hoffmann M200
I need a carburator BING.1/26/16 for a Hoffmann M200.
Can you help me ?

Fri Jan 02 2009
Justin at simcoedesignsdot com
Hoffmann Motorcycle Motorrad information
Hoffmann mr 250 or mr 200
Hello all,
I have the opportunity to pick up a 1954 Hoffmann Mr200 (could be a mr 250..not sure yet) I am looking for a good lead for ILO /JLO engine parts. Are there any groups or sites, or fellow owners who can help me out. This bike is complete, but in rough shape and is in need of a complete restoration. My main concern is getting engine parts. I should be able to source out and substitute the rest of the parts as it would seem that many of the german models from this era share a lot of common parts. I found a place in Germany that is supposed to specialize in Hoffmann motorcycles and scooters but have yet to find any contact information other than a phone number. Any help would be great.
Ontario Canada

Thu Jul 19 2007
somwangk at csloxinfodot com
Hoffman S300 1954 HO Twin
I looking for Hoffman S300 1954 HO Twin engine If available please contact me.
Mr.Somwang from Thailand.

Wed Jun 27 2007
jimkringlen at yahoodot com
hoffman motorcycles
125 hoffman
abouytmy dad always talks about a hoffman125 he had when he was a kid.this is the first info Ihave found and been looking for awhile are there any pics availble or any bikes you know of for sale.thank you for your time
oklahoma city,ok

Sat Dec 23 2006
somwang947 at hotmaildot com
I want to buy hoffman engine
250 cc
want to buy engine for hoffman

Wed Dec 20 2006
vladimir.bucalo at gmaildot com
Hoffmann MR 250 248cc ILO, 12.8 HP
I have a Hoffman 250 in very good condition which I would like to sell. I'm not sure of the pricing but maybe you could help me. Thank you in advance.
Novi Sad, Serbia

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Tue Dec 12 2006
harhic at bellsouth.net
Hoffmann 250 single cylinder
If you have an Hoffmann 250 for sale, please advise. I will pay a good price.
Atlanta, Ga

Tue Oct 31 2006
paultribug at hotmaildot com
Hoffman Gouverneur Perteneciente al Presidente Perón
Hola, en mi familia tenemos la moto Hoffman-Gouverneur que pertenecia al Presidente Peron, el se la obsequio a mi Abuelo en el año 55 luego de haber participado y dejado en una muy buena posicion al pais argentino en las Olimpiadas del mismo año.
Es una reliquia como mucha historia

Translation: Hello, in my family we have moto Hoffman-Gouverneur that pertenecia to President Peron, flattery to my Grandfathers in year 55 after to have participated itself and left in a very good position to pais Argentine in the Olympic Games of the same year. It is a relic like much historyDo you mean that this motorcycle once belonged to Juan Peron, and that he rode it? Is that Peron aboard the machine in the photo? Ed.

Fri Oct 13 2006
dmainero at movinet.com.uy
Contact for Info
Hoffmann MP 250
I've a Hoffmann MP 250 located in Punta del Este, Uruguay.I am looking for info on Hoffmann motorcycles.
I need the Parts Manual and the Owners Manual

Diego Mainero
+598 94 444088
Punta del Este,Uruguay

July 22 2006
Here comes the photo of the HOFFMANN S300.
We are having problems with parts of the gearbox:
# part: 927210 (Kupplungswelle, vollstanding)
# part: 927212 (Schaltwelle)
# part: 927263 (Wickelfeder fur Fallhebel)
# part: 927056 (Handschaltwelle mit Schaltscheibe, vollstandig) as you can check on the catalogue attached.

Thank you for your attention,

Hercules Perna
niper at uol.com.br 

Wed Jul 19 2006
niper at uol.com.br
Peças de reposição para motocicleta

Translation: Parts spare for motorcycle HOFFMANN NECESSARY S300 OF SOME PARTS Of the EXCHANGE Of the HOFFMANN S300

Thu Feb 09 2006
cofran1 at adinet.com.uy
Repuesto para mu hoffman
Tengo una motocileta Hoffman y necesito un repuesto para que funcione nuevamente
Montevideo URUGUAY

Translation: Spare part for mu a motocileta Hoffman hoffman Tengo and I need a spare part so that it works again

Tue Nov 22 2005
rdsykes at comcast.net
Hoffman 100
I am listing a Hoffman 100cc sales brochure on ebay. I am only letting you know as I was looking for year of manufacture and noted all sizes in your forum except the 100cc model. Thought you all might to know. It is a Model M.F. 10/98

Tue Sep 13 2005
erik-lukacs at hotmaildot com
Hoffmann ILO 250
Hello, I found an Hoffmann ILO 250 in my shanty. It is in a bad condition and so I'd need to restaurate it. Does anybody know where to get any parts?
After having restaurated I want to sell it. How many could I earn for it?


Sat Sep 10 2005
djamartin1 at btinternetdot com
I have a complete bike, but I am missing a petrol tap and the points/retard mechanism, if any body could help it would be much appreciated, bike could aslo be for sale

Mon Apr 25 2005
Rapidross at aoldot com
Hoffman moped
I cant seem to find any info. on a moped type hoffman. can you help?

Tue Apr 26 2005
Rapidross at aoldot com
Hoffman Moped
I have a Hoffman moped with a jLO motor. I would like to find out anything i can about it. THANK YOU.

Sun Apr 17 2005
Lingham2l at aoldot com
Hoffman Peddle Motorcycle
I came across a Hoffman peddle motorcycle that looks like a moped . It is a smaller single cylinder . Do you have any info or what it might be worth

Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005
subject: Hoffman motorcycles
Email: FMurrell10 at aoldot com
message: Looking for any information or web sites pertaining to Hoffman Motorcycles or parts. Email--FMurrell10 at aol.com or Fmurrell10 at wnyisp.com

Hoffman literature available at www.motorrad-stemler.de. Ed.

I am looking for info on Hoffmann motorcycles. My Dad has owned one for 30 years. It just sits in the garage. we still have the owners manual. I believe It was produced in the 50's.
thank you
Lyla Bonzo62 at aoldot com

July 4, 2003
I'm a seeker of info myself. I found a Hoffmann motorcycle fender (rear?). Very rusted, but manufacturer emblem was easy to read. You seem to have the most info. Any help would be appreciated. I will have to return to the creek, where it was buried & look for more. Thank you Deb -- txbluesmama at yahoodot com

February 15, 2003
I loved my Hoffman.

I purchased the smaller of two models in maybe 1948.

(I realize this conflicts with your 1949 date; however, I'm not certain.) It was a war reparations deal. I paid something like a little over $300; maybe it was $299 plus sales tax I bought it from a bicycle shop on Hennipen just south of Lake in Minneapolis.

I was told Hoffmanns had been German Army scout cycles.

Mine was red with white and chrome trim.

I added saddle bags to hold my stuff.

One had to add about a mustard jar of oil to each tank of gas, so I carried several mustard jars of oil in one saddle bag. It easily did 100mpg, sometimes 110; the equivalent Harley got 75mph. One gallon of gas a week was about what I needed. Top speed was slightly over 55mph; the equivalent Harley did 45mph. Good acceleration against autos of that day, but larger Triumphs and BSAs would leave it easily. The BSA was also an army scout cycle, British. Harleys didn't seem to be very well thought of in those days. Indians were hard to get and comparatively expensive. The small, lighter, inexpensive Hoffman met my needs.

I used it to commute to the University of Minnesota. Motorcycles were under the same parking rules as bicycles. Thus, I would just lean it against a building and go to class. Mind you, it had no key lock, and I cannot remember every locking or chaining it. One stopped the engine by shutting off the fuel cock. It was stolen once, but the thief didn't know about the cock.

On cold days, icy street car tracks were my greatest danger. The tracks were particularly bad when hidden under snow. On a very cold day, I'd ride with two sets of heavy gloves. Every red light was an opportunity to lay my gloved hands on the cylinder head for a bit of warmth.

The Summer of the last year, one night I took a skid on a new cloverleaf. There was invisible sand on top of the concrete. It damaged a metric bearing on the kick starter. Although my mechanic was able to keep the Hoffman going for a few months at a time, that bearing did the machine it. America just did not have metric parts in those days.

The Korean police action took me the following Summer.

The Hoffmann was in the shop.

Eventually, the mechanic took it on a lean in my absence.

It has served me well.

I once saw a German war newsreel with a motorcycle that I thought was my Hoffmann.

Les J. Kizer, 813 973-1333
pc.les.2 at junodot com

July 1, 2002
My Father has an old Hoffman motorcycle in the garage. We've had it for at least 30 years +. hasn't run in 26. Just looking for some info on this bike. what it might be worth. Thanks Lyla St. Louis, Mo -- PickleBlu at aol.com

June 27, 2002
I have a lifelong obsession with trying to locate a mint or near mint 175 hoffman with a turquoise finish. If anyone has, or knows of such a bike, please advise. -- harryhickson at msndot com

April 5, 2002
Enclosed is my newest headache as of yesterday.. a Hoffman motorcycle. It ran a year ago, then parked outside ever since. Opened the point cover this morning and a cup of rusty water poured out. Now...not even a hint of spark. The bike seems to be 100% complete, down to the original tool boxes. I've had my eye on the bike for a couple of years and now it has come my way for a price of FREE which is what I usually want to get into a bike for when no one seems to know anything about them or where to get parts. So, I'm emailing everyone who has posted any kind of inquiry on the website narma.org

Just like everyone else probably is. .I'm looking for any and all info about this bike (photocopies okay) which includes owners manuals wiring diagrams, colors available, what parts were chrome plated versus cad plated etc etc.

Also want to know if you honestly feel this is a bike worth holding onto, or am I just in love w/ a loosing battle that I will never find parts for? I'm just to used to looking at Harleys, BMWs, and own a couple of Vespas and I just love the looks of this bike, but I want to know what I'm getting into here.
Eric Down -- 831-454-0909 -- critter at got.net

March 11, 2002
je possède une Hoffmann 125 en bon état que je veux vendre
je n'ai aucune idée du prix de vente
pouvez vous me donner une idée de prix car j'ai plusieurs amateurs
merci par avance
claude Laumonier de Tours -- laumonier at creaweb.Fr

Sheldon's lame translation:
I have a Hoffman 125 in very good condition which I would like to sell. I'm not sure of the pricing but maybe you could help me. Thank you in advance. Claude Laumonier de Tours -- laumonier at creaweb.Fr

December 29, 2001
Still looking for Hoffman's? I have one of the 250's in good condition that might be available. Please email me at stevecrout at hotmaildot com -- Thanks -- Steve Crout

June 21, 2000
Can you help me find people that can help me restore my 1952 Hoffmann? -- Dustin Strayer -- dstrayer at lmjincdot com

June 18, 2000
52 hoffmann
Can anyone help me with this bike. is there a place to get parts. or maybe even sell it! please help!! e-mail me at dustworth at earthlink.net

April 30, 2000
Hi, I have a 55 175-2 Hoffmann I am on a search for any info I can gather, your web site has been helpful, and I have the original dealer flyer with illustrations of all models for that year, otherwise I am in the dark as I have never heard of the marque before buying it. I have found out from bluemooncycles.com that some parts from other German marques will interchange. if you have any info, literature, parts sources etc.. I would greatly appreciate any little bit I can get. I will gladly e-mail you a scan of my literature if you'd like....let me know....Mike -- Formichal at aoldot com

October 25, 1999
I just purchased a 1955 175cc hoffmann. The bike came with an owners manual and replacement parts book. The parts book is from a company called "g. Joannon cycle company" I wonder if they had something to do with production and or distribution. Also you don't list a 1955 175cc and this seems to be one. -- Bert -- drbpi at mc.net

July 29, 1999
I own a hoffman mp250 I 'm currently trying to obtain parts to complete the project could you please email model and particulars of your dads hoffman and wheather you have any spare parts available -- Val McIntosh --  valmc at silknet.aunzdot com

March 13, 1999
We are looking for anyone who can help us find info on Hoffman cycles. We have bought a 1953 model 175MR. and can not find out much on them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -- sincerly spawn-2 at swbell.net

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