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Sat Mar 08 2014
kearsley.brian at
maico letta
whilst looking at a friends old colour slides, i came across these which i thought might be of interest to you or your members. The scooter was his fathers in the early 1960's U.K.
He has okayed that i should pass them on for your use.
hope they are of use

Tue Nov 19 2013
Maicomobil restoration completed
Maico Maicomobil
Hi, I am writing to you again after the post I had made on the 21st of August 2009. I bought this Maico from Kristina though the contact of your very helpful forum. I would like to thank you for your assistance. My Maicomobil found its glory again. Anyone who needs support on Maicomobil project can contact me. Maico Regards from Athens, Greece, Vassilis


Wed Aug 14 2013
Air Filter
Maico Mobil
Hi Guys - Has anyone come across an air filter for a MB200? Seem to be difficult to find and unique to the MB. Any help appreciated. Thanks Giles

Wed May 02 2012
anéé 1957 175
j ai perdu les documents de ma maicoletta 1957 175cc pouvez vous me rensegnés pour avoires des doubles merci a vous pino


Thu Mar 22 2012
maicoleeta spares
maicoleta 247 1956
spares wanted as follows fly wheel and cover also riht side aloy floor strip starter buton can anyone help i will post photos soon julien australia
brisbane australia

Maicoletta 1959

Mon Jul 12 2010
g.s.purvis<at>hotmail dot com
can you help
maicoletta 1958 maicoletta
Can you please help have parts to make maicoletta and a spare set of body parts and more can not decide if i should restore it or sell all the stuff i have it is a lot if any one intrested please email me i will take pis of every thing .many thanks
australia sa

Fri Aug 21 2009
vsklavounos at at
Maicomobil Mb200 Restoration Project Greece
I bought the maicomobil offered from Kristina earlier this year. I will be posting the progress and sources for spares. If anyone can help me locate spares out here please contact.

Basically i do not have anymore pictures right now than those 3 but you can add the pictures that exist at Kristinas' post to mine. It is her bike that i bought. I am attaching an image of the tachometer that has been scanned from the original manual book. This tacho is different from any other images that exist on the internet and might help people locate the original tacho of the MB200. The other 3 pictures are from my scooter stripped. I can also send all the pictures of the original manual scanned. Do you think that it might be of interest to your visitors? They are 24 pages in German with pictures and details about the MB200.

Maico MB200 Greece

Fri Jan 30 2009
jogabgat at gmail dot com
Maico Scooters Prices
Maico Mb200 Scooter
Your site is fantastic. Because of that I hope you can help me. I have maico scooter from, MB 200, used, in my garage. So I am interesting to know how much it may cost, if I wish to sell them. I hope that you can help me, cause you are interested in motorsports collections. Greetings, Kristina

See the page on Vintage Motorcycle Prices

Sun Dec 09 2007
waynemarleyat at hotmail dot com
For Sale
maicoletta 250 scooter 1957
I have a dryed stored for the last 40 years maicoletta 250 scooter 1957. the scooter is complete but needs some work. If you are interested please email

many thanks
west midlands


Sun Nov 11 2007
jandvhiggsat at bigpond dot com
help wanted
macioletta scooters
Is there a contact in Qld for restorers of these scooters ?

Wed Sep 26 2007
jhnsM230at at (bounced)
For Sale until 31/10/07
Maico scooter 277cc
Barn find. One owner from new (Bill). Well-maintained by Bill. Last ridden 8 years ago by Bill.needs sprucing up. Tel John 01460 234489

Thu Sep 06 2007
kendoat at
miaco/miacoletti scooter 247cc
wanted any condition miacoletti scooter 247cc tel 01307460189

Tue Jul 10 2007
groovingonat at hotmail dot com
Maico Mobil
I am searching for a red pagusa saddle and a set of floor runners for my Maico Mobil. Any feedback appreciated. Cheers Des (New Zealand)
New Zealand

Sat Jul 07 2007
maicoletta 250
i have this scooter in my shed never tryed to start it but every thing is there is it werth sorting as i have no idea of the value off them so not to sure about spending on it or selling it for someone who would like to do it up please email me

Wed Jul 04 2007
northernperspexat at bigpond dot com
My name is Graham and i used to own a 1958 250 maicoletta. I am now hoping to get my hands on another one. I am based in north queensland Australia, therefore these bikes are thin on the ground. Any information on maicolettas for sale in any location would be appreciated.

Sun Nov 26 2006
waltryan at at
Engine Bits
Maico Scooter 277cc?
I am about to dump a lot of Maico scooter engine parts and fork bits ,if you are interested you can collect from Clondalkin, Dublin 22, Ireland for free
Dublin, Ireland

Sat Nov 25 2006
m-beres at at
maicomobil search
Maico MB200 MB175
Hello, I am trying to locate a Maicomobil to purchase. If you have any information on any which may be available in any condition, or any links which would help me locate one it would be a great help to me. Thank you, Mark

Sep 16 2006
chavattov at at
maico mobil mb200 &mb175

i still try to find new foot rubbers for a maicomobil, new bidgestone tires, new red seat,and new aluminium trims for the front and for the bumper or windshield!

i try to find how to attach a side car steib RS1 on my maicomobil MB200!

many thanks for help!

here my blog:

i can propose new windshield, but you have to take it in France near belgium (transport problems), or can sent it but can't assume desagreament!
pierrick in France

Maico Mobil MB200.jpg
Maico Mobil MB200

Thu Sep 21 2006
wolfebike at at (bounced)
Maico Mobile Scooter
Wanted Maico Mobile scooter Please contact Mike Wolfe

Sat Apr 29 2006
drurydrum at at aol dot com
Maicoletta petrol tank & pet cock
250 - 277
I need a fuel tank and tap for my scooter. Can anyone help? Thanks,

Tue Jan 24 2006
jwiser4382 at at
I have a maico mobile 1957 m200 and I need lots of things to do it rite. I need a wiring harness first and I need to find someone who can rebuild the motor. I need the trim on the bottom of the nose and windshield and it is exstusion alum. I have to find the rubber for the floor to. Does anyone have any latches or front emblems. I do think these are all important. Tell me what you might have and people who can help. Thank you john Wiser

Maico Mobile 1957 M200.jpg
Maico-Mobile 1957 M200

Thu Jan 19 2006
maratosp at at
Hallo from Greece !,
I have 2 Maicomobils, and I'm looking for a fuel tank. Can any body help ?
P. Maratos (404)

Thu Nov 17 2005
britparts1 at at lycos dot com
8 day clock
i recently purchased a vespa inventory in the inventory i found a new old stock 8 day clock for a Maicoletta scooter. I was wondering what it would be worth as i would like to list it on Ebay but dont want give it away or ask too much as well. I restore British motorcycles and a fairly rare Smith gauge brings 400-500. Would this instrument be in that range. Thanks Bob

Thu Sep 22 2005
LYNRAMP143 at at AOL dot com
Maico C-1 Scooter X Reg 2000 ?
Trying to find parts for this scooter to put it back together. Are there any dealers in england

June 8th 2005
munchboxlive at at hotmail dot com
Maicoletta listed on

Guys thanks for your interest in my maicoletta. Gotta be a little honest and say i wasn't prepared for the interest, in fact i only listed it cause it was free week on ebay and didn't seriously think anyone would see. Just shows that real scooter enusiasts are everywhere.

As stated she lives in my lounge and has done for years, so its been in a great enviroment, the only marks on here in these pics are dust or fur of the covers its usually covered over in. I keep the hand painted breadbin and the glass parts in a chest so not to risk any scratches, the whole frame has been powder coated and all nuts replaced with chrome allen key and nylon lock washers. The pictures i have as i said are the best i can do tonight but i will try to get the chest out take picks of the seat cover (breadbox) its a work of art and the hand strips and "maicoletta" written as per factory is all class the paint job is flawless (then again i paid for it) the old guy that does paint old bikes hand chooses the bikes he will do, he is from the old school and people all over the world plead for him to paint thier AJS, norton and old school bikes but this guy is fussy and it was a real coup to get him to take on my girl.

So as i said sorry im not more organised but i listed on a whim and kinda didnt figure in the level of interest and so i didnt get my act to gether with pics and info so i must APPoligies sincerly.

I do have all original shots of her from the old days and even just the frame etc as it was build back up, and im happy to pass them on to her new owner.

I have created a group email for this and hope to get more picks to you all before the aucton ends so please bare with me.

thanks again for your interest, cheers Kerry

&&& foot note this took for ages to load the pics so im going to try and find somewhere to host them, ill put a link in the ebay list - might be easier ! keep ya posted

Tue, 29 Mar 2005
subject: maicoletta 277cc
Email: mcbusa2000 at aol dot com
message: Im looking for a 71.25 or 71.5 maicoletta piston if any info please help

Maico Mobil.jpg

February 22, 2003
Could you put an ad on your website? I'm looking for a MAICOMOBIL ,is there somebody to help me in my search!!! I don't mind for the model! will pay cash! -- Philippe -- Paris France -- philippe-devant at

January 21, 2003
We are looking at investing in a 1954 Maico-Mobil MB 175. Any guidance you can offer is much appreciated. this is a project my 22 yr. old son and I are considering. -- thanks in advance.
Roy Messer
remesser at msn dot com

January 11, 2003
I have just seen a MAICOLETTA 250 for sale and I am interested in buying it but I am not sure if the parts are easy to come by can you please tell me if they are or not thank you and hope to hear from you soon. -- from Stuart Parker in Nottinghamshire UK -- stuart.parker.07751229941 at ntlworld dot com

November 28, 2002
I am looking for a Maicoletta 250.
Where can I by one?

Julius Graf -- Julius.Graf at
Schachtstr. 40
31655 Stadthagen, Germany
Cell phone: 0173-72 66 717

Maico-Mobil green
Maico-Mobil green

September 17, 2002
Hello, I try to find owners of this type off scooter, the Maico Mobil.
Could you put my request on your web site?
I have several to restore and i will do new items for it. so contact me if your scooters is missing something.
thanks a lot... and see you soon
pierrick from France -- chavattov at

September 7, 2002
Hello please post this message on your Maico page Low cost Reproduction plastic and rubber parts for maicoletta many other European scooters and motorcycles too. grips ,taillights floor mats etc . any plastic or rubber part reproduced
email Greg at claussstudios dot com

August 20, 2002
Hello I need some help to find items (aluminium, ligth, seat, exhaust pipe) to restore a maicomobil and a maicoletta
thanks a lot for your help
pierrick -- chavattov at

May 23, 2001
Hello! I have been looking forever for a decent Maicomobil, sidecar and trailer-mainly the PAV 40/41 trailer but one similar to the other on this page would be great. Anyway, if ANYONE can direct me towards a good contact or some information on finding any of this-especially the Maicomobil- it would be greatly appreciated. I have found 2 and they may be available still if you are interested. Thank you, Johnny Maw -- johnnymaw at

Maico Scooter with Trailer
Maico Scooter with Trailer

January 13, 2000
Dear Biker Wizard
Here's a test of your knowledge, I am attempting to restore a 1957 MB200 with sidecar. As you can see from the attached photos I have the basis for a good restoration of a rare combination. To the best of my Knowledge the Maico factory only assembled around 50 or so special orders of this arrangement.

What I need to know is how to attach the two items to complete this picture? As you can see I have a photo of how the finished product should look and that's it . Any assistance in this matter would be hugely appreciated.

I also have a second Maico Mobil (MB200) with a one wheeled scooter trailer, which when hitched together is near on 11 feet long. See trailer photos.
Kind Regards Bill Guthrie -- Australia

Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005
subject: Maico Mobil and sidecar
Email: william.guthrie at
message: My new address/E-mail should replace the old one from 2000. I am still looking information to asist with this project.
Bill Guthrie

From Sheldon -- I found this to be one of the most unusual rigs I have ever come across. Click the thumbnails to see larger images.

June 7, 1999
Motorcycle (scooter)
Model: Maicoletta
Engine size: 247cc
Date of manufacture: 1959

Dear Sir,
I have recently required the above motorcycle (scooter) from an English source and I have a problem with the Bosch electric starting system. As the starting system is only electrical and not kickstart I need to resolve it. The electrical circuit is 6 volts but the problem is that the starter motor does not turn the engine over even with new batteries of high amperes. I have tried with the spark plug out of the cylinder and the starter motor turns over easily but with the spark plug inserted there is not enough energy to turn the motor. As this model was not imported into Italy I'm having difficulty finding a Bosch agent who can help me. Is there a specialised Bosch distributor who can assist me with resolving this problem and supplying me with spare parts?
Best regards
Massimo Valentini,
Via circovallazione meridionale 5
47900 Rimini
Italy -- e-mail: mavale at

I am just finishing a resto on a Maicoletta 250cc 1962.
See Maico Forum

November 27, 1998
Attached is a scan from the owners manual for my 62 maicoletta. The Maicoletta was produced from 1955-1966 with the choice of 175cc, 250cc, 277cc (1957-66).

Maicoletta 250.jpg
Maicoletta 250

The motor was borrowed from a lightweight scrambles bike. It is a two stroke upright single with a four speed gear box and wet clutch. The kick start is absent presumably because Maico couldn't make it work with the body enclosure. Starting is through a complicated arrangement of contact breakers mounted in the 6v magneto. Here is an excerpt from the Maico shop manual; The oscillatory starter system differs from the normal starter in that it does not turn the engine over constantly in one direction, but swings it to and fro. As the engine swings it draws in a mixture of fuel and air which is ignited by the "starting ignition". The combustion of this mixture accelerates the engine in its normal direction of rotation sufficiently to take over compression, and the engine then continues to run in the normal manner (p 13).

Did you get that? Here is how it works. Battery voltage is fed into the magneto basically turning it into a temporary motor, since it does not make enough torque to spin the motor past tdc, it stops, reverses the polarity and spins backwards 180dg to bdc, and so on.

When the motor catches, and spins 360dg the starting mechanism disengages and the magneto starts producing power for lights and ignition. When it works it is a thing of beauty. When it doesn't you find yourself trying to push start a 300lbs+ scooter from hell. It took me a few days of tinkering to get mine to work correctly. When engaged it makes a nice whirring noise and will catch after a few seconds.

Carburetion is through a Bing 26mm slide carb with built in enrichiner circuit. Published Hp for the 175 is 10hp, and the 250 is 14hp. Maximum speeds are 56, and 65mph respectively. 277 specs are unavailable. Side car gearing was available! Id love to see one with a car attached.

What made the Maicoletta unique and well ahead of its time was its frame and suspension. Features include a 59 inch wheelbase, 14 inch wheels, telescopic forks, and a swinging arm in the rear. Controls are a typical layout with gear shift and rear brake at your feet, and throttle, clutch, and front brake on the handlebars. The dash board contains the speedometer with gear indicator, a clock, charging warning light, and the ignition key. Steering lock is provided by a plunger hidden inside the locking glove box.

Fuel tank is under the seat, with the fuel valve being accessible through one of the large vents in the rear enclosure. The entire rear enclosure lifts off the frame after first disconnecting the tail light .

I don't know what the Maicoletta sold for when new but I am sure that it wasn't cheap. Why they bothered to build it is even more curious. By the mid fifties the direction of scooters was clearly defined by the Italians. The Maico out performed the Vespa GS, but probably cost a lot more. BMW was developing a scooter at the exact same time as Maico but it was never produced. The Maicoletta shares more styling lines with the BMW than it does with its older brother the Maicomobil. In a very competitive market the Maicoletta lasted over a decade. A credit to Its design.

Scott Ferguson number9 at xmission dot com

I rode a Maicoletta (Dad wouldn't let me have a Blizzard, let alone a Taifun) as a commuter bike through the late fifties. It was a damn good bike, low maintenance for a two fifty two stroke, and a fast, if heavy tourer. It lost it's muffler regularly, usually bloody miles from anywhere, boy, did it crackle without it. Otherwise, I wish I still had it, it would be a great "Vintage" bike. Oh, and the thing was so wide the footrest scraped every time you got even a little bit quick. Sigh. Happy days.

My understanding is that when the Berlin wall divided Germany, the factory was split between East and West Germany, and production stopped. I think the Western factory filled in by making disk (?) brakes for VW cars. They came back of course, but more specialized in the range, as I suppose everyone knows. -- Ted Bowden -- tednkath at bigpond dot com

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