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Sun Oct 23 2005
carlsonsean at yahoo dot com
part & service
I live in LA.need a piston & bore for a 490 there used to be a place in ontaio they moved was called "MAICO ONLY" can you "E" me some phone #'s

Sat Oct 22 2005
jorkke at gmail dot com
Maico parts
i have maico 500 enduro, about 1985.. i got some parts from germany,but it was difficult to find any place where buy maico parts. i think if you know some place where i can order some parts on maico

Wed Oct 05 2005
rcurrier at hevanet dot com
1958 Maico Blizzard
I need help with 2 wires to put my Blizzard back together. One is the wire from the coil (it goes where) The one from the coil frame goes to the points I hope and of course the large balack too the sparkplug.The one from the center of the coil is where I am lost. The person who made me anew one put 2 wires on it and I have to go back and have a new one made again with the one that I do not remember where it goes.

Then there is a large red one in a yellow case that runs from the left lug (of the 3) next to the solinoid below the coil (no idea) i know that the 3 lugs are for the frame wires out of the headlight.
Also any mufflers out there?
(A much later post by rcurrier here: Maico)

Maico Blizzard Ignition Wires 003.jpg
Maico Blizzard Ignition Wires 003

Wed Sep 14 2005
cd1george at msn dot com
Maico Tanks
I have a 75-1/2 maico 400 w/ a yellow fiberglass tank, I have yet to see a tank anywhere close to similar. It is not the typical "coffin" shape. Do you know what makes this special or not?

Fri Jul 22 2005
78 mm maico (wiseco) piston
trying to find a 78 mm maico (wiseco) piston for my Greeves roadracer... more

Mon Jul 18 2005
missile at
1973 maico 501 pipe
was wondering if anyone out there know where i can purchase a 1973 maico 501 pipe. also does the 400-450 pipe fit? thanks floyd

Sun Jun 19 2005
mdlidke at yahoo dot com
1984 maico
I was recently given a 1984 250cc maico off road bike and was interested in the current value of the bike. any information would be great. the bike has less than 100 miles on it and is in mint conditon with the nubs still on the original tires. thanks

Mon Jun 13 2005
thistletopfalcon at hotmail dot com
maico gm 500
for sale £400

Thu May 12 2005
bradandcaz at
hi world i am restoring a 1968 gs 250 enduro i need a pair of frnt forks can any one help pleas im in aus and we dont have alot of parts regards email is bradandcaz at

Mon May 09 2005
billkuhn at tampabay.rr dot com
1981 Maico Alpha 1 works bike
I'm looking to sell my Maico. Everything is new except the plastic. New carb, new mono shock, tires, throttle cable, handle bars, grips... What is the bike worth and is anyone interested?? Health forces sale. Can't ride anymore. Can email pctures and receipts.

Maico 1981 Alpha 1.jpg
Maico 1981 Alpha 1

Wed Apr 27 2005
gabriel-gm at
gabriel from chile
hello i am gabriel from chile . and i want to know if sombody wan't to buy a me maico taifun 4oo of 57'
she is in perfect conditions.
thanks and sorry for my englis...

Thu May 12 2005
gabriel-gm at
maico taifun 4oocc 1957
tihs is my maico taifun 400. 1957 .
i sale to choose from to the best offert from $1150 $euros + delivery...

Sat Apr 09 2005
a-b-bent at hotmail dot com
maico 200/200s
Ik ben op zoek naar een Maico 200/200s mag een opknapper zijn
I am looking for a Maico 200/200s

Sat Apr 09 2005
coolkevin366 at yahoo dot com
MAICO Brake Cables
What are the lengths and diameters of MAICO heavy-duty off-road motorcycle front inner and outer brake cables? and are these MAICO-manufactured cables? What are the model names to the cables?

Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005
subject: Maico
Email: ilucky4cyn63 at
message: I bought a 1986 Maico 495 bored to a 500 I was told. Looking to see what it might be worth as I have an interested party. Any suggestions

January 18th 2005
subject: Maico 490 Mega 3
Email: marcstoddart at yahoo dot com
message: I own a 1981 Maico 490 and the carb. is shot. I am tyring to get a replacement. Does anyone have any suggestions

January 20, 2003
I am 15 years old and I have got a Maico 440...
See Maico Forum

January 12, 2003
Hello Maico-people,
you need content?
What about a few pictures about the MAICO Historic Racing Team?

And why not have a look at: and you'll find tons of information about the MAICO vintage road racer scene, and when you click on “CLUBS SCENE” and scroll down for a while you'll find my pictures about the show “70 years of MAICO” celebrated last year in Tuebingen, the nice city close to the little village of Pfaeffingen, where MAICO was located then!

Best regards from the “Laendle” (which means “MAICO-land”) -- Karl H. -- khbendix at

MAICO vintage road racer.jpg
MAICO vintage road racer


Maico historic road racer R20.jpg
Maico historic road racer R20

December 15, 2002
My name is Jimmy from Australia.
I was wondering if there was anyone out there that would be able to help with jetting specs for a standard Maico mx490 81'mdl? Any info on who to speak to would be greatly appreciated as we are struggling. Thank you again. --  aussiemotox at

December 14, 2002
Hello Maico fans,
I hope you will tell the members on your site that we organise a big Maico rally at 9-10-11 May 2003 at Yzerlo near Aalten in NL, 5 KM from the Dutch/German border near Bocholt.
info by Marcel Esselink 0031 (0) 543-520084
this is the official Maico Rijders club meeting.
greetings Marcel Esselink -- marcel.esselink at

November 21, 2002
I am looking for a gas tank for a 94 545 Maico. I think it is the same as a 500. -- Mark Nelson -- moto-mark at msn dot com

November 19, 2002
I have a 1983 Maico 250 Spyder enduro that I would like to sell. The bike is in good overall condition and runs great. I live in the northeast Ohio area. Asking price is $1250.00, please e-mail me if interested, and make me an offer. My e-mail is jsedon at groupmidwest dot com

November 16, 2002
I have an 1982 Maico 490
Alpha 1 for sale 1100.00 obo.
excellent condition, I actually road it yesterday. only needs fork seals!
Please contact me at Bodell23 at aol dot com
p.s. This bike will climb anything if your rocks are big enough and you can hang on!

November 1, 2002
I owned and raced this bike back in 1973-74. My friend charles schank and I built it from a magazine side view picture and I have a picture of it. The engine was basically stock except for one modification. The modification was made before the introduction of the honda elsinore. The first meeting between the elsinore and my maico was a disaster for the elsinore. The maico literally blew the drawers off the honda. I hope to see the reintroduction of the maico. Do you know where there are any dealerships in and around the michigan area . -- Gsfederico at aol dot com

September 20, 2002 
I have a 1979 Maico Magnum 450 (438cc)....
See Maico Forum

September 16, 2002
Good Morning,
I am looking for anyone who could offer some assistance and history on the older European 250cc air-cooled motorcycles that were used for enduros and such throughout Europe. The class of racing that I am involved with stipulates that the motor must be an air-cooled 250cc motorcycle engine.

We currently run a 1979 Yamaha YZ250 air-cooled motor, but I'm wondering if any of the European motors were better, faster and more preferred. The rules do not stipulate an era so if Maico or Bultaco made a 1985 250cc air-cooled motor, that would be acceptable. It just needs to be a 250cc air-cooled 2 stroke motor. Looking for any advice and help.

Curtis T. Miller
Engineering Division-Electrical
Specialty Minerals, Inc.
1 Highland Avenue
Bethlehem, PA 18017
(610) 882-8667 (Phone)
(610) 882-8597 (Fax)
curtis.miller at mineralstech dot com

September 2, 2002
Please, link to MAICO-Letters!
The german Newspaper and Club to all friends of MAICO! [404]
Kai Fenner -- kontakt at

August 15, 2002
The theme at the Davenport IA Labor day Antique meet is all two strokes 1967 and older. We would like to invite the members of your club to bring their old Maico to join us at the meet. -- Tony L Swain -- swain at

July 25, 2002
Hi there,
A while ago I told you all how I found back my ex-competition GMstar 500....
See Maico Forum

May 1, 2002
Hi my name is Dave I have a 1985 large bore Maico mstar, its in derelict condition but it has loads of compression, I'm told that the engine are of use in sidecar outfits. If anyone is interested my email ad is diggerdave30 at hotmail dot com

April 28, 2002
Check out [404]
Thank You
Jeremiah H. McQuown -- doubletrouble at

April 27, 2002
I host a discussion group for these motorcycles, a LOT of information can be found, and we can always use help with more ... please visit
MaicoJockey at email.msn dot com


Maico 504 1980.jpg
Maico 504 1980

April 19, 2002
I have a 1980 Maico 504. The bike was used 5 times and sat in my shed since 1982 after a fatal accident. The front and rear rims need to be replaced along with some spokes. I also have the enduro fenders lights and speedometer still in package from the factory.Anyone interested in purchasing complete bike or parts contact me with offer. -- shaynba at aol dot com

April 16, 2002
Hello, I need some help and maybe you can do it for me.
Please, can you give me an address or can you send me information of a Maico 175cc, years 1952, 1953, 1954.
Thanks a lot, Joaquin.-
Hola, necesito ayuda para encontrar informacion sobre las motos Maico 175cc, de los años 1952, 1953, 1954.
Por favor, me podrian enviar alguna direccion.
Muchas gracias, Joaquin.- joaquinred at latinmail dot com

April 11, 2002 
Maico MC 440 frame and parts, best offer...
Akron Gold Wheels in Good Condition. 18" rear wheel and 21" front wheel. Maico Dirt Bike Frame, model MC440. Buyer to pay for shipping costs. Complete wheel assemblies, no rust, gas tank, plastic, swing arm and dual shocks included. Not included are handlebars and cables and engine. Model MC440T.
Unfortunately, no pic available, would be shipped per your expense from New Hampshire.
Please write me at: - if interested. Thanks! April 23, 2002 SOLD

April 5, 2002
Hello You Maico enthusiasts, i have to offer for 2000.- Dollar 1 Maico Moto-Cross Bike 440 Type 338...
See Maico Forum

March 24, 2002
Hello Maico-fans, I just wanted to make myself known. I've been a Maico-fan ever since I first saw one in action. I used to visit MX-races at young age and the Maico's there seemed to breathe out pure, raw power So, at that time I knew: if ever I would race myself, it just had to be on a Maico. I turned 15 and purchased my first Maico:a ''77 mc440.The first tryout scared the hell out of me. No way I could keep that front wheel on the ground. I really had to work-out my fiscal condition to keep this animal under control. So I did and pretty soon I wanted more and found it in a '82 Alpha 1 mc 490.This one I raced with in 86.Although it was kinda old-fashion (back in 86,any other bike had liquid-cooled engine, disc-brakes, smoother powerband, lighter to handle and so on)I had some pretty good results and even made some hole-shots! People were really impressed, so I got a chance of a lifetime from a Maico-dealer, who was trying hard to relaunch Maico. The fantastic GM-star just got out in its blue version and at that time,together with the Husky, was the most beautiful bike in MX. So I got a chance to race this bike,...'till I first rode it.Man,what the f*** did I get myself into, I thought to myeslf. I knew I could expect more power than the Alpha 1(according to the add,it had about 5 more hp's.). Well, Ican tell ya: where-ever they got these horses from, they were sure well raised. It took me a few training-sessions to get used to this overwhelming power-boost.In the end I got away with it, which resulted in my first (but unfortunately only) winning race.I had beaten those Japs and this gave me an enormous feeling which lasts up until now. Eventually, I had to give up MX racing and concentrated on road-bikes for several years. Last year, I found my own GM-star after 14 years!It was still in fairly good condition and was even upgraded with some '87 parts: side panels and a power-valved cylinder (what??More power??). This time, I'll never let it slip out of my hands again. I even bought a GME490 , GP250 and another GP500, which is renewed and for sale by the way (one of those monsters is more than I can handle). Hope you all liked my story. It sure fills my heart with joy to see there are still so many Maico-enthusiasts around and I salute you all! -- kurt.catelin at

March 23, 2002
In the 70's I taught a motocycle mechanic course at the community college in Las Vegas. At that time my custom Maico was stolen. It was the best of both worlds. It had a ported 360 yamaha engine that would rev out of sight with a custon snail tuned pipe and a 36mm Mikuni. Used a CZ rear wheel that had great brakes and modified front forks with 10'' of travel. HD forward mounted rear shocks handled the rear. It was a great motocycle and would handle better than anything on the market at that time. Unfortunately it was stolen from the college where I used it for demonstrations. Randy Justice -- rjustice at cfl.rr dot com

March 9, 2002
Looking for help with a clean-up project. I have a 1958 Maico 200 that's been in the family since the mid 60's. Since then and for a few years prior it was in storage. In the late 70's a Maico dealer offered to tune and clean it up if they could put it on display. Unfortunately they went out of business with my bike torn apart, I was luck to get back what I did. Well this winter I decided to clean it up and get it running again, but as luck has it the rings are frozen to the piston. I have not been able to locate a piston for the 200.

Here's my new plan, can anybody tell me if it will work.

The piston isn't in too bad of shape so I'm going to get the piston teflon coated, this will increase the size by about .002" then I will bore or hone the cylinder to the recommended clearance and live with it. For rings I hope to have Wisco send me the best fit possible based on the cylinder bore and piston ring groove width.

I'm also in need of the following (lost by the Maico dealer)

Headlight trim ring and headlight lens

Tail light assembly (Small teardrop shape)

Shift lever (big ugly thing with toe and heel pads)

I have attached a picture of the headlight bucket and one of the bike which is half apart. I'm not going to restore just disassemble clean, grease and fix what's broke.

Thanks for any assistance -- jonelaker at msn dot com

February 18, 2002
Good morning...
Could you post a listing for me, please? I have a large assortment of 1957 Maico Scrambler (Blizzard?) parts for sale...
See Maico Forum

February 10, 2002
I recently purchased a 82 alpha 250 maico. I need plastics for it as well as reeds for the carburetor I would like to have updated plastics and a set of wheels. The wheels I have now look bent and I don't know if you can repair them or not.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
thank you -- Justin McVay -- Mcvay-J at msn dot com

February 7, 2002
ciao sono un pilota ormai veterano
faccio gare di moto d'epoca con maico 1979 o bisogno assolutamente di un cilindro e pistone del maico 1979
mi puoi aiutare grazie
ezio -- egsystem at

Sheldon's lame translation:
I think he is saying: I am an ex Maico motorcycle racer and I have a 1979 Maico and I need a cylinder and piston. Let me know if you can help. Thanks -- Ezio -- egsystem at

January 26, 2002
I have a maico moped 49cc and I need desperatley a throttle cable please help -- sw012b8455 at

January 16, 2002
Dear Sir:
Thanks for your work on Maico's
Attached are pics of myself and two Maico's which I raced in the early 1970's
The blue one is 1968 mx 360, and the red one is a 1970 mx 400.
Rickie M. Friar -- Millington, TN. -- custmach at

November 29, 2001
Hi Biker,
I've been trying to locate without success to date a reference with subject so that I can determine what I'm looking at via the serial number. Would like to be able to tell what year, engine displacement, and Model. Can you please help or direct me to a location where I can find it. Look forward to your reply. Regards, wnm3putt at hotmail dot com

February 5, 2002
The answer to your question is here: maicomadness archive --  g-reynolds at

November 13, 2001
I have just built a Maico/other bike web page it is (geocities) [404] -- thanks -- kevin.hand -- kevin.hand at ntlworld dot com

November 11, 2001
I have decided to sell my 1968 Maico Blizzard 250 Streetbike.....
See Maico Forum

September 22, 2001
Hello fellow Maico enthusiasts, we ran a local dealership in the Dallas Texas area by the name of Kimbrell's Maico. Was the local shop as the forward mount rear shocks came in the modern era of suspension. Very good following of vintage folks here in North Texas and plenty of parts if you will take the time and patience. After all, the is no other feeling like smoking a Maico through a berm !!! -- BBlack5628 at aol dot com

September 18, 2001
I have a 501 Maico that I put in storage 20 someodd years ago. had new piston & cly. when parked. I am interested in selling it & need to find fair value. everything there,except has upswept pipe & rear fender bobed off. Thanks -- AHuchingso at aol dot com

September 6, 2001
I have a 1981 Maico Alpha 1 490 that is restored...
See Maico Forum

September 2, 2001
Need Front wheel for 1974 Maico MC 400
Hi, I need either complete front wheel, pref with Akront Mudder or just complete hub, i live in Australia so would prefer local, but worldwide would be ok.
Regards Chris Jones. ICQ 11147290 -- chrisaly at

August 26, 2001
I live in Belgium and I own a Maico gpe250 built 1987. I'm looking for a service manual , does anyone has this.?? Also , its maybe a silly question, what type of oil do you guys put in the carter of your Maicos,?
thanks ,
joachim van bosbeke -- joachim.van.bosbeke at

August 26, 2001
Long live the Maico. I have a 69 360 and a 70 250. the 250 I had in high school, I sold it , 15 years later I got it back. now I need parts for both, cranks for both. Does any one repair them. I have a piston for a 125 I'll trade for some thing. My 250 was a bought for 125 dollars. in 76, the 360 was I think 650. I will be back to this web site all the time , thanks for bringing back great memories. -- Simpsongenedoh at aol dot com

August 25, 2001
Are there any articles/ test results available (in English) on the new 250 motocross. I am going to buy one but I sure would like to read about it somewhere. Thanks
Don Parker
Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo
e-mail: Donald.Parker at Halliburton dot com

August 9, 2001
HI EVERYONE! it is so great to actually have a place for Maico people!! I used to have a 1975 250 mc when i was 16. it was an awesome bike! I raced it a lot. I also rode it every day, when I would get home from school!! I had bought it from a local shop. actually, one of the people who owned the shop was in school with me. I have great memories of that bike. but, as most of know we do things we wished we would not have done, yes I sold it after about three years!! During which I DID NOT have any problems with this bike!! I changed the oil after every ride or race, that was the most maintenance. NO MAICO BREAKO HERE!!! it was fun smokin' those jap bikes!!!! I own an 1982 alpha 250. It needs some repairs, it is in decent shape!!! I paid 125.00 for it!! It needs a new sleeve, and piston setup. A few bolt on here and there and it will be great!! After I get it running pretty good, I'll probably take it apart and clean and paint it (restore it!) oh well, that's it for now!!! i hope to see ya'll on the trails or tracks!!! -- John Guate -- johnguate at hotmail dot com

August 1, 2001
Dear Sir,
We are the U.S. distributor for Maico which is now back in Germany. We have parts available through our dealers. Dealers in Southern California include:

Eric's Motorcycles Pasadena 626-449-3742
Vintage Iron Yorbe Linda 714-694-0066
Maico Only Ontario 909-947-1121

Best regards,
Ronnie Smith
U.S. Maico
maico at

June 27, 2001
Wow! A Maico website. How cool. I have a 1980 250MX (the last year of dual shocks). It has been ridden once in the last 19 years and that was about 14 years ago! It's been sitting in my garage forever. Now my kids are old enough to ride and it's time to dust off the cobwebs. I need to find someone in the Southern California area that can get it back to running condition. I figure it needs a new clutch, since the old one is probably dried up and new fork seals. Any idea who can help me get this bike back in running condition or where I can get parts? I may also be interested in selling or trading it. Thanks for any help you can provide. e-mail me at Danyrod at aol dot com

June 19, 2001
Dear Maico friends, I write from CHILE. I need Photos , about Maico 1955, also information about assembly parts etc.
Best regards,
Héctor -- microser at

June 7, 2001
Hi, I have 4 x Maico motocrossers. 1 x 400cc 1974, 1 x 400cc 1975, & 2 x 490 - 1981. My son and I race twinshock and vintage MX in UK. I am visiting USA in September, Las Vegas area. Can anyone advise of anyone with Maico spares
in area? -- Max Ketchin -- MKetchin at aol dot com


Maico 501.jpg
Maico 501

April 13, 2001
Here is a picture of my Maico 501. Can someone tell me the year of this bike? The first three numbers of the frame are 391. That sounds like a 1971 number but the frame looks to be as late as a 1975. Thanks for any help. --  Travis. -- travisagle at yahoo dot com

April 11, 2001
Maico for sale:
500cc moto cross 96...
See Maico Forum

March 27, 2001
Hello Maico Fans
I have a 1985 250cc water-cooled M-Star. I am rebuilding the front forks. Does anyone have some info on oil weight, oil quantity/level, air pressure. They last owner had 20 weight oil and ran no fork pressure. When I road the bike like that the front end was a real workout. While removing the fork bodies I noticed the springs seem quite soft which makes me think about a light oil and maybe 5 pounds of pressure or more. As for oil level I have no clue. I am 6'1" tall and weigh 210 lbs. I would consider myself as an intermediate rider. Big jumps are not my bag. On the ground and on the gas is my style. Any info would be great.

FYI: Look for cracks in the air boot close to the carburetor. I found that the 3M automotive weather striping adhesive will seal them up after a good cleaning. I know, replacing the boot works even better!
Chris Burdette -- ra8337 at email.sps.mot dot com

March 22, 2001
Hello MAICO-Friends!
The "MAICO-Letters"-Homepage is on the web. Please look at
Kai Fenner --  master at

March 15, 2001
Hey hey from hot springs arkansas,
I bought a 1983 maico 250 spider in 1990 and this is my chance to brag to those who care to read. I bought it when I was 19, and like most people in my area and age group I had never heard of a maico. I was looking for a yz 250 when a good friend told me of the mighty maico. I went to see it and bought it immediately.

the fellow I bought it from said, "be careful kid, it'll get up in your face". ...the next day I called him back looking for a new rear fender and seat base.

I rode the bike frequently for two years with little maintenance required. when it did break down (lost the skirt off the piston) I had just completed a 200 mile ride 2-day and was running the gas out of the carb when it happened!

it has never once left me stranded more than a mile from the house or truck. I'm 6'-1" so the maico ergo's are better suited to my size and the suspension

is something I have never felt as comfortable with on any other bike. rocky trails that would have jap bikes three foot in the air and sideways, I can blast through with much more straight line stability. It's the most forgiving bike I own. when it comes to long uphill stretches the mighty maico really shines!

once, on a ride with about 8 people we started up a really nasty powerline when the lead man lost it. Hondas, suzukis, ktm's and can-ams were strewn about and I was stopped upright about 3/4 the way up. the guy in front of me said " you're gonna have to turn around and try again". I Eased out on the clutch, the maico said, "uurrrp" took off crawling and climbed that son of a bitch.

I rubbed it in till they all wanted me dead.... "the mighty maico!!! With a piston forged in the fires of hell!!!!"

I still have the mighty maico and my wife say's I look more at home on it than any bike I have. I'll never sell it. It's family now.

it badly needs some attention which I plan to give soon. like many of you.

I'm looking for a kickstart shaft. Any hints?
Adam Carty -- adamc at usnr dot com

March 15, 2001
I've been unable to locate the web address for the (new) Maico Mfg in Holland. I'm considering buying a new 500 enduro...
See Maico Forum

March 14, 2001
Hi my name is Patrick,
well my friend had a maico that he had to put together. He didn't know what size it was i seen the repair book in a catalog and told him it was a 501. H e says that it was an enduro. it had a power band so I'm not sure. We think it was a 96 though. I was wondering if you could send some pic's of the enduro's and the dirtbikes around that time. It had a seat that was dark blue and it was in the tank a bit. Also gas tank had a notch for the starter to rest in. It had a relief valve to for if you cranked it and it got to hard to crank over. It was also water cooled and it had a monoshock on the back. Also it had disc brakes. If you could send some pic's I would really like it. if not thanks anyway
peace out
Patrick Geiersbach -- cruzone at hawaii.rr dot com

March 13, 2001
I am looking for a replacement powervalve system and information on installation for my 1986 Maico 250. When I got the bike the previous owner had removed it and blocked of the area where it was situated. PLEASE HELP -- Gerald Dempsey -- geralddempsey at hotmail dot com

March 10, 2001
I have a Maico 125cc motor radial head, rotary valve and trying to find out what year it is? Serial number is 325410/8
-- Mcpartman at aol dot com

March 8, 2001
I am trying to locate parts for a 1974 and 1975 Maico MC 250. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for a great site.
Johnson Kalawe -- kahuwai at

March 7, 2001
Re: Maico 501
I am looking for a maintenance manual for a 1974 Maico 501. Do you have any idea where I may be able to get one?
Lance Martin
Branch Manager
Bravo Technical Resources
PH. 713.552.9480
lmartin at bravotech dot com

March 7, 2001
Hello All,
Hoping someone could help me Maico parts are hard to find in Australia. I am looking for a type 352 81 490 MX engine and...
See Maico Forum

February 16, 2001
I'm looking for parts for the transmission of a 83 sandspider (Maico)...
See Maico Forum

February 10, 2001
There is a new homepage MAICO-FREUNDE-DEUTSCHLAND:
Gruß Günter -- guenteroehlmayer at

January 31, 2001
I raced a 440 magnum in the late 70's, great bike in it's day and now a good bike to race in the twin shock series.
-- Neil Wakerley -- nwba19121 at

Maico 440 magnum.jpg
Maico 440 magnum

Maico 440 magnum bw.jpg
Maico 440 magnum bw

January 29, 2001
Whilst visiting a KTM shop last weekend I saw a 1999 model Maico 500 Enduro for sale...
See Maico Forum

January 24, 2001
Dear sir,
I visited your site which is very good and well done.
I'm looking for the address of Maico in the Netherlands. Do you know if the company still exists?
Have you got the address and more information about Maico in the recent years.
Thanks you for your cooperation.
Gregory -- schneidergreg at

January 19, 2001
Maico website. Great !
I purchased a 1979 GS400 Enduro with Magnum 44o engine last week. Pictures attached. Original rear guard and headlight surround not fitted. (in garage nice and safe !)

Neat website, I'll be back.

Nb. Anyone have any literature on the '79 GS400 ? manuals, etc that they could scan/photocopy send through snail mail / email.
Darren Turner -- dturner at

January 14, 2001
Maico Mini bike and kart engine?
I looking for information on engines produced in the 60's for use in go-karts and mini bikes. They were 175cc engines without gearboxes. They were also known as Engray or Ingray. I will attach a photo.
Thank you, -- Rob -- jonesrb at

Maico Mini bike.jpg
Maico Mini bike

January 2, 2001
I am looking for kick start and kick starter shaft for 1985 Maico 250
Brian Murray -- jaqueline at

January 2, 2001
Hello, I'm Paula and very happy with your web page. I need some help and maybe you can do it for me. Pleaseeee can you give me an address or can you send me a photograph of a Maico 175cc, year 1953. Please, and thanks a lot, Paula.-- Paula Bitetti -- abitetti at

December 29, 2000
I have a 250 blizzard and it has a bad rod bearing (lower end). at this point....
See Maico Forum

December 24, 2000
Happy Scootering to all my Maico friends and contacts.
Alan Dyke -- alan.dyke at ntlworld dot com

December 7, 2000
I was the Australian Maico importer for Australia from 1996 - 1998. Can I add anything to your information list ?
Send your questions !
best regards
Dale Schmidtchen -- Dale -- dale at ccm-motorcycles dot com

December 7, 2000
From Sheldon: Anything you can tell us would help.

December 8, 2000
Hello Sheldon,
On the way home from a working stint in the motorcycle GP's (start of 1996), I dropped into the new Dutch Maico in Holland...
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December 3, 2000
I've come across a 1982 Maico 250 and I want to sell it. If your looking for a bike ,please e-mail. The bike was only ridden for one year, and has sat since 1984 till now it needed a shifter lever and it runs awsome. GVKingpin at aol dot com

November 24, 2000
Urgently looking for new or good shape used rear yellow enduro Falk fender also the two side covers, same brand and colour for Maico GS - '75/76.
g.ricchi at

November 20, 2000
I am looking for a 1979& a 1980 Maico 250 shop manual. If you have access to these, or know where I can purchase them please let me know. Thank's, -- Becky. -- BeckyTERICAT at aol dot com

November 15, 2000
Can you give me an address of Maico spares? It is a scrambler that I am doing up as a project. I am 15 years old and love scrambler bikes. -- ThomsonAlleycat at aol dot com

October 10, 2000
I'm looking for dead, but rebuildable 1982 and 1983 490 engines. As always, cheap is good ! I have a 1983 250 that I restored, but it just doesn't have the power of my long lost Alpha 1 490 ! -- Thanks, -- Hamish Speirs --- speirs at

October 4, 2000
I have a 1999 MX 500 Maico FOR SALE...
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October 1, 2000
TESTIMONIAL....... I live in Washington state, and last week had the opportunity to visit NORTHWEST MAICO/CZ in Bend Oregon. (541-389-6112) I have to tell you that it IS vintage bike heaven, and I was very impressed by the shop and found Rick Clark to be very helpful and very friendly. I can't tell you how much these guys are devoted to the marques, and the work and restoration's I seen were of top-notch workmanship, with attention to detail nothing short of amazing. They are very supportive of vintage racing and shared my enthusiasm with motorcycles.

Their shop is utterly sanitary, with nary a dust speck or bolt out of place that I could see.....with plenty of bits and spares available and lots of good advice.

My advice to you is if you own a Maico or a CZ that you give them a try for service and parts...I have to say that first impressions are lasting ones, and these guys impressed me.

In closing, I own a 92' Maico MC 500 water cooled, and the bike is very powerful and, handles well. I sometimes hill climb, and last week me and a buddy tried to climb a hill with our Honda's, and after many attempts, failed miserably. The next day I went out with the Maico and climbed the hill easily, and was actually gaining speed at the top.

I, in turn went to climb the unclimbable spot on Mt. Clemens, and failed the first time, but on the second run, I made it to the top, and I was actually sitting on the gascap. It was brute power and courage that carried me up, and my buddies wont even try it, they are so intimidated by the hill. My Maico rocks, and I'm glad I own it.

Bill Grubin.......... wilbur at ixpnet dot com

September 28, 2000
Need info on Maico type 440 dirt bike....
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September 23, 2000
LOOKING FOR A GOOD PROJECT MAICO 125 ?? 250 ?? PRE '74 please .... IN OR NEAR IOWA .... REASONABLE ... ANY HELP ??? MIGHT BE GOOD IF IT WAS MOSTLY ALL There and turned over ... Big maico considered ( have always wanted to ride, just once, a "freight train on nitrous oxide" woooooooo -- Mark -- gtrpikkr at

August 27, 2000
Motocross Maico 249 ccm, year 1993 - some parts for trasmission (a metal fork for gear shifting) needed. I'm from the Czech Republic and if anyone knows a supplier near (Germany, Austria etc.), please let me know. Also, a technical info (drawing, parts list...) will be helpfull. Please, response to jirijanik at aol dot com -- Thanks a lot, GEORGE - Czech Rep.

August 7, 2000
I heard from Northwest Maico/CZ that new Maicos are being manufactured in Holland. If they are of good quality a distributor in Alabama will sell them here. It's a "BIG IF". Remember the last new ones?! Not a real nice bike..bad quality too. Contact Rick at Northwest Maico in Oregon, USA 541-389-6112 -- Gregg Colasardo -- greggc at

July 22, 2000
Hello from Greece,
We try to find a fuel tank for MAICO SCORPION 500 cc MX...
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July 20, 2000
I have a 125 maico road racing bike, 1970...
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June 25, 2000
I road race an 86 water-cooled 250cc Maico motocrosser engined special, this is a fairly standard engine with the exception of a Mikuni carb and polished ports ( standard ). It goes surprisingly well, BUT! I need more power. A little bird tells me that the 320 barrel & piston goes straight on with some mods to the powervalve and head. Could anyone tell me, can I bore out my spare 250 barrel and replate it, hopefully saving some cash! i.e. is the porting identical to the 250? Also, will it give me a worthwhile power gain. Failing that, any tips on making it faster would be appreciated. -- Mike Dabek -- at

June 10, 2000
Hi Great web page. Would like to know if I could post a add on It? (From Sheldon: Of course, anyone can send me things to post) If so It would read. LOOKING FOR PARTS FOR MY 58/MAICO SCRAMBLER CAN YOU HELP ME?  -- THANKS DOUG -- ktdclark at

May 10, 2000
hey there just got a quick one... running kinda low on cash right now but I have the opportunity to buy a 82' Maico 250mx bike for 650cdn... should I get it haven't seen it yet but apparently its in ok shape and is running?? Any thoughts? -- Thanks! -- Jeff Gosnell -- jeffyg00 at

May 10, 2000
I'm looking for maico plastics ,front -back fenders, side-panels, from 1979 to buy, please help. -- thanks from Italy -- luca -- lucbest at

April 24, 2000
I have a 94' Maico 500ccm , it needs a new piston...
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April 5, 2000
Back in 85 in high school I rode a 83 490 sand spider...
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March 28, 2000
Hi I am trying to find an address or website for the US distributor for the new Maico produced in Holland, any information would be appreciated email: rgardner at -- Thanks, Rex Gardner

March 20, 2000
Hi there from California,
Just dusting off my 83 Maico 490 Spyder ...
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March 10, 2000
I have one old Bing carburetor for sale for: MAICO BLIZZARD M250 S/II motorcycle
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February 27, 2000
Hi, I'm restoring a Maico alpha 1 do you have any picture to send me?? 1981-2-3 (square and round side panels)
Luca -- lucbest at

February 20, 2000
Yes I am the person who asked you about the new Maicos. Reading your letter date Nov 23, 1999. I have already spoken to the manufacturers in Holland and they are definitely making huge progress. When I called him he was on a other phone and I could hear the conversation. It was about sending 13 New Maicos to a German dealer. I then asked him a few favors like Brochures and Pamphlets to all the new 2000 Maicos and he agreed to send me the information to California. He also told me that they were doing a big Motocross bike show in Holland and that a lot of dealers were to be at the show to look at all the new MAICOS. So it does look like they are doing something really good for the MAICO name. I also asked him about the quality of the new bikes and he assured me that they were better than before. So good-luck to you my friend and I, in the other hand will soon have a NEW 2000 , 500cc two stroke MAICO. regards DIMITRI DELPORT --  ZEPPELINxp at aol dot com

February 17, 2000
Does anyone know where I can find a crank sprocket/counterweight for a 501 Maico??
Thanks -- Dave -- swsco at

February 5, 2000
I'm trying to renovate one MAICO type M151 150ccm mod.1952...
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January 13, 2000
I am trying to renovate a Maico Mod 1952 125cc....
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January 3, 2000
The Maico Motorcrossers are produced in the Netherlands. They are built on request in 500cc MC or Enduro

Contact Address:

Brouwer Motors B.V.
Wielweg 14
3785 KR Zwartebroek
Tel 031 - (0)342 461338
Fax 031 - (0)342 461567

M. Stehouwer -- emot at

December 16, 1999
Further to your web page I can confirm that Maicos are being made in small numbers in Holland. The company struggled on after 84 in the hands of one of the Maisch brothers until about 88 ...
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December 4, 1999
I read with interest your note on the Maico Blizard. I have a 1958 with less than 2000 original miles...
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November 23, 1999
Here is something very interesting. This gentleman e-mailed me asking what I knew about the 1998 and 1999 Maico models. I wrote back telling him that to the best of my knowledge Maico ended production in 1983. Seems I was quite wrong. I'm still not sure where they are producing them but this is what I received in my latest communication. Does anyone else have more information? -- Sheldon Aubut biker at cwizard dot com That's truth!! Here in Chile a friend was the representative of Maico and had three models of 1998, 250 cc Motocross and 320 Enduro. I am very interested in more information because I will manage Maico Chile, and I am trying to promote Maico in this country and perhaps other countries. Actually I am Product Manager of Bel-Ray Co. in Chile, in the motorcycling area, and team manager of the Honda - Procircuit - Bel-Ray Official Team. If you want, I can send you the photos and info about Maico that I have. -- Thanks for all, Gonzalo Vargus H. -- napo at motocross dot com f

Maico Blizzard Advert.jpg
Maico Blizzard Advert

October 17, 1999,
Maico folks, I would be interested in hearing from anyone with a Maico Taifun....
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August 28, 1999
I own a Maico 1956 blizzard in reasonable good shape, which I am planning to...
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April 30, 1999
I am a proud owner of a MAICO '69 360 square barrel...
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April 15, 1999
Here are a couple of pictures of this bike that was last built by the Waring Brothers before Maico basically folded. I have just finished a total restoration on it, and it's now For Sale. -- Phred -- FRED A NICHOLS --  frettedfred at

I absolutely love Maicos, and am the proud owner of a 1983 490 spyder....
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I've posted your message on the Maico page. Maybe other owners will be contacting you.
Was Maico out of production for a while? -- Sheldon T. Aubut

I'm not sure that they ever ceased production, but internal problems kept them from being a serious threat in the ever changing world of motocross. They have, however, moved their production facility to Holland, and are now producing what looks to be some really competitive machines in the 250 and open classes, and have been once again assembling a factory race team.

Refer to the Maico Madness page for a reprint of Off-Road's article by former Dirt Bike editor, Rick Sieman, aka Super Hunky, and by all means, give them some serious consideration if you're planning to purchase a new bike. (No, I'm not employed by Maico, I'm just a rider that doesn't want to see them disappear.)

Tom Shubitowski  shub1 at

(From Sheldon: Check out the Maico Madness web site at:
maicomadness archive, it is a great resource.

Someone on the Maico page says that MAICO is still producing bikes. OK, that's true but it's a kind of badge engineering. MAICO (Germany) span style="color: red">IS out of business, and someone in the Netherlands bought the MAICO name and builds bikes. These bikes aren't bad, BUT: if for example HARLEY-DAVIDSON would be bought by Suzuki AND produced in Japan, would you still say that it's a HARLEY?????

Best regards -- Hartmut -- Hartmut Schouwer

Sheldon answers: Hartmut, it could still be a Harley (or Maico), sort of. It could still be something to be proud of, if it were a good bike. And for lack of any other name to associate it with, I would still consider it a Harley (or Maico) if I owned one. I sure would want it to follow that heritage, even knowing that it may not be quite true to the original, or made in the same country. We still need something to hold onto, and sometimes all we have is a name.

Maico Only (, where you will find everything for your restoration needs. They offer decal kits, plastic kits, restored frames, custom pipes, silencers, custom foot pegs, motor service, suspension service and completely restored Maico Motorcycles.

I come from Germany and I have three Maicos, Two MD 125´s and one MD 250.(not original). Here is my 250 -- With Maico-Greetings -- Matthias Sparenborg from Kiel(Germany) -- Any me.. -- matze Drehschieber at

November 23, 1998
I have a 96 500RC is Maico...
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December 4, 1998
If the new owner of a brand tries to build bikes that keep the spirit of the original ones, that's OK. Sometimes this even leads to improvements and developments that we would have expected from the original owner of the brand. That's not what I had in mind when I wrote about badge engineering; MAICO really isn't a good example: they still build all-terrain bikes, and they are built with the same intention as before. What I meant: if a company imports cheap (not even bad) mass-production bikes or scooters and puts famous badges on it to make more money, and if these bikes don't have anything in common with the products of the brand we knew (just imagine a modern 50cc plastic / automatic SSanyong scooter with a URAL logo on it;-), that's nothing which I would support. -- Hartmut Schouwer

December 11, 1998
Hi there

Do you know of the Maico Owners Club in the UK? If not I would be pleased to tell you more.
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Maico motorcycles kick starter shafts...
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January 28, 1999
I`m trying to fix a old, rusty but really beautiful Maico blizzard 1960....
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