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benelli7d at hushmail dot com
Do you or anyone you know have any pictures of the incredible Maico win at the 1976 LA coliseum ridden by Bob Plumb? One of Maico's big wins!

Hopefully someone can help with this one. Ed.
Richard at
Hello, I am writing because I recently purchased a 1973 Maico MX from a private collection at an auction - it has no history because the owner of the collection passed and no one knows anything about the bike, but because of the Camel Supercross number plate I think it might be a factory bike - I just need some help/direction to find out about it. The VIN number is only 391966 - that's all there is on it. The bike has long-travel suspension added, professionally done I might add. Any ideas where I could find out more about the bike???
Thanks for any help you can give.
Richard Schiller
Vintage 1999, LLC

Perhaps try one of the Maico pages listed here: German Resources
rcurrier at
1958 maico Blizzard 250
I registered about 25 years ago as Rcurrier at and still see my post. But I have no idea of what my info was or how to get back on the site now after all these years. I would like to update my post and change the E mail address as well .If you can help me recover this to make the change --it would be great! My current e mail is NOT JUNO anymore --years past now.
Roger Currier
US --Oregon

This is no doubt a reference to a forum post. The forums are currently closed due to interference by Putin's trolls. Ed.
inim_mini at
1957 Maico Mobil MB200
I recently acquired a Maicomobil that I am planning to restore. Would it be possible to request photos of a complete engine and some restoration photos? Mine is missing parts so I would like to know what it should look like when it is complete. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information out there! I would also appreciate any leads you may have on finding parts, specifically the shroud-cover that goes over the fan and cylinder as well as an exhaust manifold and air filter. I posted on the club Facebook page but have not had any luck so far. Any pictures, leads on parts, or information would be very much appreciated.
Richard N Anderson
United States

    There may be images suitable for your purpose in the MB200 gallery.
    Maico MB200 image posted to Comments

vakrause at
79 Maico 400 magnum
Do you subscribe to the practice of using 800cc of oil in the magnum engines or stay with the factory recommended 620cc?
Vic Krause
Geneva, Illinois, USA
jimhall113@ green tick
1956 maico m175s
I am in need of the six rubber shock dampers for the rear hub..hoping someone might b able to help me out..thanx..jim
James Hall
United States

Jim writes: I've located the rear hub shock dampers..thanx

robtowells at
1986 500 maico gm america m star
Having great difficulty to find a diagram of clutch push rod in workshop manual shows one piece but reads 3 in the one im just building it has 3 of all diferent lengths plus a ball bearing and no idea of orientation many thanks
Rob Towells
Bristol uk

Perhaps try one of the Maico pages listed here: German Resources
gery at
Would anyone have good advice as to carburation on my MC400 from 1970? Not sure to go with Bing or Mikuni. Does anyone have some jetting specs for Mikunis on Maicos?
Many thanks!
Gery Peyer
Riggisberg, Switzerland
johnfjguihan at
maico 250 1978 scrambler
please tell me where i can buy a workshop manual (hardback) for the above bike
John Guihan
Cork Ireland

aten.kress at
1976 maico 250
hi can you help me
I have a 1976 maico 250 and I took the left primary case cover off to clean the inside
When I took off the primary cover the gear shift arm snapped back and the kick start quadrant rolled back
Do I have to remove the primary sprocket the chain and clutch and re position
Everything befor puttin the primary cover back on

Good news
I got the kicker shaft back into position
Thiers an upper stop and lower stop on the inner case for the kicker quadrant to stop the quadrant is always in down position so when you kick it goes up then back down by way of return spring
Okay so thats fixed
Now I got to figure out how the shift shaft gets linked back up to the shift arm
Im mechanically inclined I had some coffee stayed up all night and figured it out
Thanks any way im all set now
Im pretty sure you have to pull the shift shaft out of the case set it up and then slide the cover back over it
I have suzuki tm 400 cyclone its easy to work maicos are a totally different animal

Tue, 10 Apr 2018
acebeckman80 at
Maico 1973 maico 250 four speed

I recently purchased a 1973 manioc 250 and its fully restored and was checked over by me ( I'm a motorcycle tech) and it was starting like a breeze and running beautifully i went back the next day and put my new throttle cable on and went to kick the bike and it wouldn't start and it kicked back on me once or twice with a few little puffs i will change the plug and that should fix that issue but it almost seemed like it locked up. when i say that i couldn't kick it over at all but i stuck a chop stick down the spark plug hole and it wasn't seized i pushed the piston down a little and then i could kick it over but my question is what would cause that to do that? would it be in the primary side??
adam beckman
lincoln Ne USA

  • Could be any number of things but the first thing I'd check would be whether fuel is leaking into the crankcase and causing hydraulic lock - not something I've heard of in a two-stroke though.

ph.ohagan at   
Maicoletta 250   
I have 2 of these 1960,s 1 has 8 day clock and screen. Plus spare engine and a set of straight front forks. Neither has been started since early 80,s but have been dry stored. If anybody interested I will take some pics.   
Paul O'Hagan   
Co Donegal Ireland

Tue Jun 27 2017
sscdurbin at
Maico Kickstarter
Maico 400 Radial head 1975
I cannot find a kickstarter for this machine. IF you have one I would like to know. If you dont do you know of a cross reference for a kcikstarted from another machine I can use?

Thu Nov 03 2016
marshland at
Maico 250 / Bimota frame replica
Maico 250 / Bimota frame MBR250
I have made extensive modifications to a Maico 250 1981/2. After about 2 years of hiccups, I finally seem to be on the up.

Want any details ?
New Zealand

Thu Oct 13 2016
mtdolce at
Paint Question
Maico 400
Hi, Purchased a nice unpainted early 70's Maico gas tank ank oiled like to know the specific color info for their (Maico) Yellow paint....
Thanking you very much,
Michael Dolce

Sun Oct 16 2016
wimbletonchris at
maico 250 79 magnum 11 manual
maico mc 250 T 1979
hi has anyone got a maico 250 79 magnum 11 manual for sale
portsmouth englandjw62k

Tue Mar 10 2015
andrew.vitek at
1975 Maico GP 250
Maico GP 250
I have a 1975 GP 250 fro sale. Original owner, restored, original owners manual. $4000 USD

Wed Feb 06 2013
how much is it worth
maico 1982 490 enduro
where can I find out how much my 490 enduro is worth
salida, colorado

Mon Oct 29 2012
Year and type of Maico
Maico Sierra Motorsports
Frame number is 3360783 and engine number is RT 3380058.
Colorado, USA

Tue Aug 14 2012
Footrest rubbers
Maico 1958 Tyfun
Hi,hope someone can help with footrest rubbers for my 58 Tyfun,needed for roadworthy test,thank you Jeb

Tue Jun 19 2012
Correct 1974 Maico 400 kill switch
Maico 400. (394276)
When bought new in the U.S. did this 1974 Maico have a kill switch?

Wed Apr 18 2012
kick starter gears
maico 320
i need both kick starter gears for a 1995 maico 320 dirt bike

Tue Apr 03 2012
Piston and rings
Maico MC320 MC320
Need a piston and rings set for a 1995 Maico MC320? Help!
Carson City, NV

Mon Feb 20 2012
maico year?
maico gs440
I'm trying to figure out the year of my maico gs440 the viin is 2300735
united states

Sat Jan 28 2012

Maico GM Star 1986
 Sorry for bad English.
 I would need replacement parts for my 250 Maico GM Star of 1986.
 I send you the code numbers of the parts taken from the parts list Maico:
108571, 108278, 108092, 129489, 129493, 129491, 118964, complete clutch discs
Best regards

Tue Oct 25 2011
Maico don't know
Hi - I have this speedometer in excellent condition, from a watercooled Maico roadster circa 1980? - What model is it from? - its for sale any reasonable offer - - I will mail worldwide at cost.

Fri Sep 09 2011
mph3000<at>aol dot com
maico go cart engine
maico cart
hi, i have a new unused maico go cart engine with clutch and pipe. would you be interested in putting an image of it on your site?
elpaso texas

Sat May 07 2011
cocodavehawaii<at>gmail dot com
250 maico radial
maico 250
selling one of my toys
dont know what it is worth
usa Hawaii

Fri Mar 11 2011
service manual
mstar(maico) gm 500
Hi. I'm looking for an owner's manual and/or service manual for 1986 mstar 500. This is not the enduro model. Thanks
ohio (usa)

Thu Nov 25 2010
sell maico 250 cross 1980
maico 250 cross
i sell my maico 250 cross and a lot of parts . price 3000 euros

Thu Nov 11 2010
jan.husky<at>hotmail dot com
Maico 700
I'm looking to purchase a new Maico 700 in South Africa. Who would know about a distributor/ dealer in SA?
South Africa, Johannesburg

Wed Nov 10 2010
1959 blizzard
Maico blizzard
need any parts ou may know of as center stand chain guards
You are correct it is a 250cc blizzard I have a 200 and 175 also. lee

Wed Oct 06 2010
Maico cylinder 1983
purchase Maico 250 spider
I need cylinder maico 250 spider 1983.

Sun Jan 24 2010
robertciambrano at rocketmail dot com
manuel for a 1978 maico
400 maico
I need a manual for my 1978 bike, maico...can you help me?

Fri Jan 15 2010
pilkinsmark at yahoo dot com
need clutches and frt. brake hose for a 1985 maico mstar 500
North Carolina

Sat Jan 02 2010
mariosneof at hotmail dot com
Maico mobil
German 1953-56
Hello i am interested for buying a project maico mobil if someone has any information please let me know

Thu Dec 17 2009
climber513a at gmail dot com
Need a part
Maico 1978 450cc
I need a clutch housing basket

Mon Oct 19 2009
opicon at
1950's maico motorcycle
Have an old maico, but do not know what yr, or model, need help identifiying,have eng, no#115 52 001 0 under this set of nunbers their is also 340 225

Tue Jun 09 2009
lvandyke4 at
maico motorcycle
maico aw 250
serial number 3302469 What is the year of this bike?

Sat Mar 14 2009
grizelda at
Maico 175cc Go Kart engine
Maico 175cc (1960,s)
I am looking for parts or complete 175cc engine (especially the Go Kart version).
i am from Australia and restoring my late father's kart.
Please help if you can!

Mon Feb 23 2009
jamesmshubin at
1964 Maico Scrambler
Maico 250 scrambler
I currently have this model on ebay

Mon Feb 02 2009
alvin.franks at unilever dot com
Looking for Parts
Maico 1960 M175 SS
Looking for a source of parts for this machine (transmission)
Missouri, USA

Mon Oct 13 2008
renata at
Maico south africa
500cc enduro 500cc enduro of motorcross
can you please help me find a dealership that imports maicos to south africa. Im a big fan and sereously want just one bike a 500cc motorcross. Please any info would be aprieciated
thank you
south africa

October 18th 2008
r51bmw52 at hotmail dot com
hello i write you from greece zaxaro. unfortunately my english are not so write so i hope you understand me. i need help with this bike in the photo. the raber on the tank has the sign of maico but i cannot find even one photo of this in the internet and i want to restore it. the only thing i know is that the engine is an JLO MG 175 F. 173cc 8,2/5000ps/n. I dont know anything else. not a date not a model nothing... can you help me with this? if you want more photos i have. you make a great job with the site and i love old bikes. thanks a lot.

Owner also requires manual to help with restoration. Ed.

Thu Sep 11 2008
hallo at
Maico M151
Baujahr 1952 M151
Hello, I sell my Fathers Maico M151 compleatly in Parts. Look for it in Ebay-Germany. Search for: Maico 151 Bj. 1952.

Thanks and god Luck for you all. Karl.
Stuttgart --> Freudenstadt

Tue Jul 29 2008
topelius at
Maico Taifun reservedele
maico Taifun 350 cc.
Brugte reservedele s lges

Thu Apr 10 2008
auttocrazy at
Older maico's,
maico, 73 400
Wanting a 73 400 in decent cond,
No basket case's

Wed Feb 06 2008
gcmcg at
Maico factory
Maico new models
Does anyone know the address of the present Maico factory? I note in Motocross Action they listed the Maico's at the Milan Motorcycle Show but no address can be found. Are they in fact in production or not?
Glenn C. McGovern
Metairie, La. USA

Tue Feb 05 2008
toby at opferman dot com
Ebay Scams
1982 Maico MC 490
I got scammed by buying a MAICO on Ebay, here is the story: (404)
Scam Alert

Sun Feb 03 2008
MaicoBuyer at yahoo dot com (404)
maico mx
There is a new classified ad web site just for Maicos. All ads are FREE. Find what your looking for or sell what you don't need.

Mon Jan 28 2008
kywildcats2 at msn dot com
Maico 440 motor
Maico MX 440
Looking for a 440 motor in any condition as long as its all there. I believe it's a 74 or 75. The frame is grey,but the tag is missing in the front. Any idea if theres a serial number that im not seeing stamped on the frame?

Wed Jan 09 2008
lforteza at
1957 Maico Typhoon 400
Hi, I have a 1957 Maico typhoon 400 for sale.
Asking U$S 4500.Is anyone interested?Regards Luis
Hi ,here I send you some pics of the Maico Typhoo Ragards Luis Forteza

Sun Dec 23 2007
jah-oei at
maico 250 blizzard
hi.someone who knows where i can get parts for my maico.

Thu Dec 06 2007
ricktilford at netzero dot com
61 Maico
1961 Maico 250 ISDT
I have a 1961 Maico 250 ISDT that I am interested in selling but no one in my area knows anything about the bike. Is there someone I can contact to find more information.

thank you
Rick Tilford
Ohio USA

Tue Nov 27 2007
cotakeesaja at msn dot com
78 MAICO 400
Looking for a wheel smith maico pipe or other krouse cannon pipe ect

Sun Nov 11 2007
shebsaalsa at
md250 wk
i own 250wk complete and running if any one could help with information i wouid be grateful

Sat Oct 06 2007
sli4mer2004 at yahoo dot com
maico 320 1989
maby you now wheri can find maico 320 1989 clutc??

Mon Aug 27 2007
Trinidadd78 at yahoo dot com
1955 maico taifun
I have one sitting in my dads garage and I would like to restore it for him.If you can provide some help. I would be Very greatful. It real is an outstanding Machine thank you.

31st July 2007
subject: older maico's,
Email: kirkchev at
message: Looking for rideable 501 in that cream yellow,
not an overpriced show bike,
but an affordable one I can ride and use, and a 73 400 in orange,
any help will be welcome,

Sat Jul 14 2007
ettore.christian at
info maico model

i have this motorcycle, but I do not know the can help me?

Mon Jul 09 2007
svillec at
77 Macio 440
The Macio has a fresh engine. Frame has been blasted and repainted. New berrings and goose neck, brake, throtle, clutch handel,intake and air box boot,compression release. $1500 or offer.

Thu Jun 14 2007
aarondavis007 at hotmail dot com
value of vintage maico bike
1959 Blizzard 250
My friend recently acquired a 1959 Maico 250 Blizzard that is in pretty decent shape, although it is dismantled. I love the style of the bike and would like to purchase it from him. He's the kind of guy that won't ever touch the thing and it will never get restored under his ownership. I know he'd sell it for $1500, but I want to make sure that it's worth that and that I can find the parts to restore it. What is your opinion and are parts for this bike still available somewhere? Thanks.
Washington State, USA

Wed May 16 2007
robert.paine at
Maico 1985 500
Maico 500 1985 For Sale,
needs work but cheap at £400 Cheshire UK

Thu May 10 2007
rlcsihome at
Information: How many were manufactured?
Maico: M 250 SI, 1955 model
How many of the M250 SI 1955 models were manufactured?

Tue May 01 2007
mkdl25032 at
maico gs 490
maico 1981 gs490 mega 2
Hi there , My brother in law who lives in holland has come across such machine and i was wondering is theis the same as the full motocross machine plus enduro pack etc as if so i need to buy him some beers to get me hands on it . Thanks for the help Mark

Thu Apr 19 2007
g.collins22 at ntlworld dot com
bikes for sale
Maico 440 1976, Maico 400 1976
I have these 2 bikes for sale, the 74 440 is half restored with a fully overhauled engine, the main missing part is the seat, the 76 400 is complete runs great but needs the usual kick start shaft and knuckle, offers around £1800 for the pair will be considered. Tel 07977017811 for details,regards, gordon brown

Thu Apr 19 2007
jefbush at mlode dot com
Maico Motorcycles
I'm looking for a stock piston and gaskets and possible water pump impler-- just looking and was wondering if anyone knows where I can get these items
Sonora, Ca.-USA

Fri Apr 06 2007
motosdhier at
Photo required maico taifun 350 cc
Wanted photograph or catalogue print of MAICO TAIFUN 350 cc to illustrate report about a racer who used to ride one in the 60's. Acknowledgements will obviously be made.

Sun Mar 25 2007
jarvismarshall at
maico motorcross
1996? 250 (247)
just seen a picture of a 96 500 and looks just like my 250. does anyone still do parts for these as all the old models seem well covered but not so the later i am in saudi its difficult to get info. do you know if its possible to put 500 barrel on 250 bottom end?

Fri Mar 23 2007
teammaico at
1983 Maico 250
Maico 1983 250
Here is my bike
Glendale, AZ USA

Sat Feb 17 2007
macdonaldanderson at
in need of gearbox
1998 motocross
i cant find a gearbox and bearings plus a swing arm pin for my german monster please can sum 1 help me or point me in the right direction

Wed Jan 17 2007
nigelo at
maico md250 roadbike 1972
I have an MD250 which I dont really need. Although a 1972? it has only done 4500km and is 99% original; comes with spares including side covers crank and bearings original parts book adverts and logbook. It has some new paint, [blue] and crome. It is a pocket rocket and goes around corners like on rails. Unlicenced at present but easily roadworthy,I am seeking serious intrest in the region of 2000 english pounds

Sat Dec 23 2006
lillpigv at[bounced]
need points
maico 250 1976
looking for set of points for 76 250 maico please respond asap

Fri Sep 15 2006
manateescrub99 at yahoo dot com
Maico knuckle joint
1981 250
I am desperately looking for a knuckle joint, mine is barely hanging in there! HELP
palmetto, fl.

Sun Aug 13 2006
ride-4-life-mulisha at hotmail dot com
maico points
i need a set of points for a maico points

Tue Aug 08 2006
missile at
501 maico
am looking for a exhaust mount for a 1973 501. it also serves as the kickstand spring attachment. thanks floyd
dillon mt

Mon Aug 07 2006
dbh2166 at aol dot com
MAICO for sale
think its 1988 500 water cooled
bike is a NON runner.
no kick start slight damage to radiators, otherwise complete. needs some TLC
Morecambe, ENGLAND.

Sat Jul 29 2006
cheztye1 at
Maico 250..
Am trying to find an engine for my friend who has bought a Maico 250, no idea of the age or condition, Can you help? Thanks.
Leeds UK

Fri Jun 30 2006
GSXR132 at HOTMAIL dot com
Can you help me identify this bike ?
maico 500 2 stroke, single
I need as much info as I can find about this bike,model,engine spec anything.I have inclueded pics to see if anyone can help.thanks.

Tue Jun 27 2006
stlhrserider007 at aol dot com
Maico 250cc
I am not really sure what I have. I put it in my Moms garage in 1975, and it was old then.
The engine number is R113.52-002-1 if that will tell us anything. I was told at the time it was a 1960 model. Any info you can give me will help in my new restoration project.
Paul Foreman

Thu Jun 29 2006
stlhrserider007 at...
Old Maico
I recently wrote you guys about my my newly recovered treasure, and now have a picture of the frame and tank.
Any suggestions?
Paul Foreman
Fleetwood, PA

  • That's a bit confusing, actually, because there was a Maico on ebay recently described thus: Maico 1969 MC360 Square Barrell AHRMA, Vintage Frame Serial No. 380613, Motor No. R113-52-002-1.
    Try this page for (404) Maico Serial Numbers.

Wed Jun 14 2006
greeves250 at cs dot com
Need Side Panels
'77 Maico 250 MX
Looking for original side panel/number plates (both left and right) for this bike. Would prefer in perfect unscratched condition. Color: Red.
Colorado, U.S.

May 30th 2006
Maico Magnum 440cc 1978 For Sale
Purchased new from the famous "Wheelsmith Motorcycles" shop in Fountain Valley, California. Wheelsmith was known back in the day, as being the "Shelby" of motorcycles. Guys would have their bikes upgraded with factory approved modifications at the Wheelsmith dealership before taking delivery of them. As you can see by the pic of the original receipt here, there were a number of factory/dealer mods made.

Receipt reads: 1978 450 Maico, Eng# RT3380659, Frame# 3364762, W/E Pegs, Case Saver, Mud Guard, S'Stl Spokes (rear), Gas Cap, Case Split, Clutch Mod, Shim Trans, Port Cyl, Polish Linkage, Set Squish, Pin Main, Custom Pipe, WhirlPull Throttle, Terry Throttle, Terry Clutch, Fork Seal Mod, Drill Dampers, Size Cyl, Lighten Piston.

Original paperwork includes the Maico Magnum Owner's Manual, The Build Sheet (receipt), A handwritten note from Phil Smith on Wheelsmith Engineering letterhead that reads "Dear Mark, Enclosed is the Manufacturer's Statement of Origin with our endorsement to you. We have not had to get the notorization down here. However, if you need it in Oregon I'm certain the bank w (sic) some one will sign it for you. Hope the bike works out fine and you are winner. (signed) Phil Smith". Of course, the statement of Origin and title are included.

Runs excellent. Normal wear for an off-road vehicle that is almost 30 years old. Near new shocks. Was rode regularly up until last fall when new bikes were purchased for the household.

There are two small tears in the vinyl seat on the side. The pipe seat/seal (where it goes into the head) could use a stiffer spring. A bit of smoke comes out of there while
the bike is warming up. The shut off switch is not there anymore, just the wire. Touch the wire to the handle bar and the bike shuts off.

The case has the usual minor ... and the compression relief has been plugged.

More information in the Maico Forum

Sat May 27 2006
koffi at
Exhaust pipe
1975 Maico gs 250 enduro
I need a 1975 enduro gs 250 exhaust pipe - every body has down pipes, but no one seems to have an up pipe - any ideas ?
conn. u.s.a.

Sat Apr 29 2006
neilin at
New Maicos
Does anyone own a late model 2000 - 2006 Maico 500. Can they give me any info on the bikes. Are they reliable, how do they handle.
Perth Western Australia

Wed Apr 05 2006
aplan4 at
request for gearbox for MAICO MC 250
maico mc 250
Dear sirs,

Please inform me in case you have spare parts for MAICO motorcycle.
Especially I am interested in purchasing a gearbox, (gear wheel) and caskets.
The MAICO model that I own is MAICO MC 250 cc, year of manufacture 1983.
I will appreciate your reply or you might submit my inquiry to another seller.
if you have any other contact addresses for MAICO spare parts , please inform me.

thank you very much
Theodore Margaritis

E-MAIL: aplan4 at
FAX: + 30 210 3333021.

Tue Apr 04 2006
sandokan001 at hotmail dot com
maico supermotard 500cc
hello i hgave one simple question i want 2 ride my maico supermotared 500 cc on 2 public roads but i dont have papers where in belgium can i go (2 a maico dealer )ho can fiks me a number and papers ???? i already put on back and front lights ....

Suggest you start with the Maico directory at bikelinks:

Wed Mar 29 2006
steepcreeker615 at yahoo dot com
wish to own
maico 490 sand spider
i would like any info ona 1981-83 490 sand spider
nashville ,tn,usa

Mon Mar 13 2006
javibilbao8 at hotmail dot com
Maico fan
Hello.I´m a spanish fan for enduro machines in special decade 1980, when the technical revolution came to these machines. Maico is between my prefeers, whith italian machines too. In special, the Gm star´s and GP´s blues.I draw a prototype whith classic Maico colors.I hope like to you.

Wed Feb 08 2006
 bethlamfarm at
 motovilla motocross
 hi mate i think i have a 1978 cr 500 motovilla if you have any pictures or information please contact me. i was told it was a 1972 but i think its a 1978 and i no the tank is off a maico.

Sun Jan 29 2006
dalejr04 at carolina.rr dot com
1974 maico 400/450
Hey, anyone that (really) has a 1974 or earlier 400/450 for sale at a reasonable price please contact me at dalejr04 at as I need one for vintage racing, thank you, TPS

Thu Jan 26 2006
neuner at
Is this a Maico Part (got it from a Maico dealer stock)
Where does it fit, anyobdy interested in buying it.
Also got chrome protection bar for Maico dont know what type and a spare parts catalogue for md 250
Regards, M.
Bosch 2204210030

Mon Jan 16 2006
dono at isp dot com
For a fair price! But what's a fair price? I need help finding a deserving owner for a 450 cc one owner Miaco with less than 100 hours riden. ALL ORIGINAL. Please help!
Please Contact: dono at isp dot com

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