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Spondon Frames

A Brief History of the Marque

78 Nottingham Road, Spondon, Derby, Uk

Motorcycle Frame specialist Spondon Engineering began building components in Spondon, Derbyshire in 1969. Founders Bob Stevenson (ex Rolls Royce) and Stuart Tiller used a variety of Yamaha two-stroke engines for their racing machines in capacities from 125cc to 750cc, and also the Rotax 250. Their road-going frame kits have been powered by Norton F1 and Silk engines, as well as powerplants from the major Japanese manufacturers.

In the 1970's and 80's they were involved with Barton Engineering, providing frames for their well-received Sparton and other machines.

In 2010 or 2011 Bob Stevenson sold his half of the Spondon company to Stuart Garner, owner of Norton Motorcycles. Due to a misunderstanding with the UK Tax Office, the original Spondon company was all but dismantled, with Garner taking over the Spondon name. The factory and staff have gone, and Spondon frames are no more.

Gavin Goddard, who worked with Spondon for two decades, went on to establish his own company producing frames which are rather similar. That company is GIA Engineering.

One of Spondon's better-known kits in latter years is the Spondon Monster which utilises engines such as the Yamaha R1 and Suzuki GSXR. One example has a turbo-charged 1500cc GSXR engine. There are a good many other interesting machines including Spondon 50cc racers powered by Minarelli, Kreidler Florett, and possibly Itom.

Spondon Monster by Steve Burns, Performance Bikes April 1992

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shardlow65 at
I would like to know now that Norton has been sold to the TVS will they get the Spondon frames brand ???
Gerardo Musano
Pisa Italy ( Born in Spondon)

eve.heylen at
spondon frame SPE-SY/06
hello, i am looking for imformation i was able to buy a spondon frame for yamaha xt500 and i think it is a monoshock frame so i would like to know if it is correct what i think any information about spondon frames for scramble is welcome
chris heylen
langdorp belgium

  • A Spondon XT frame is pictured at - it is a thing of beauty.

Tue Oct 14 2014
mgootsee at
Guzzi Lemans

Hi, calling from New Zealand. While in the UK I purchased a book with a picture of a one off Spondon made frame for a Moto Guzzi. It was made in alloy and the engine hung from the frame. It had a floating swingarm unit fitted and I have always been fascinated by its design . Do you still have this frame or the jig you made it from as and if so I would be very interested In purchasing it from you if you would consider selling it. The book goes back a long way so Its a long shot as to weather you still have any details about this frame. thank you. Dave
Nelson,New Zealand

Sat Feb 12 2011
larry <at>
spondon kawasaki 500 triple
did spondon make a frame
for kwaka triples ifs o was it similar to TZ frames

Tue Feb 08 2011
c.price5105<at>yahoodot com
spondon frame
2001 hayabusa 2001 frame for hayabusa
want a tubed frame for 2001 hayaabusa live in the usa
texas usa

Sat Mar 20 2010
stevediamond70<at>hotmaildot com
Spondon has never stopped producing frame kits and are considered one of the most prestigious frame manufacturers in the UK due to the quality of their work. They have had TUV approval for around a decade and sell a substantial number of road frame kits throughout all of europe. Their big tube Monster frame is considerred by many to be the pinnacle of streetfighter styling

  • Steve was kind enough to write again in 2017 with an update on the company's status, reflected in the history above.

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