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Hyde (1980-2024)

Hyde motorcycles have been produced by Norman Hyde of Warick since 1980.

Hyde had been involved with Triumph for many years and became a Trident specialist, supplying parts and improvements for both triples and twins. This was a combined result of the time he spent at Triumph and his successes at drag racing. This eventually led to new frames, disc brakes, tuning parts and custom items, and was subsequently followed by a complete machine called the Hyde Harrier. It was built in the cafe racer style and supplied, as required, with either a twin or a triple engine. The rest of the machine was built to customer specification from a catalogue that listed a wide variety of components. Less well known, but on a par, was a similar range for the BSA A65 unit twin.

A new model joined the Harrier in the 1990s. Based on modern components and called the Hyde Hornet, it was fitted with a 636cc Rotax four-valve engine and Harris Performance frame with Yamaha forks, wheels and many detail parts.

That machine was first built for racing and a road model followed in 1996.

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