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Waddon Performance Products

Waddon motorcycles were produced between 1981 and 1982, by Waddon Performance Products of Croydon, Surrey.

Early in 1981 the company staged a launch of their racing machines at a London show. The frame, the result of considerable development, was to accommodate a range of engines. It had a sceptical reception as it was similar, frame-wise, to the existing Tony Foale unit, and did not appear at all practical. These doubts proved groundless.

Dr. Joe Ehrlich became involved in developing the 250cc Rotax tandem-twin two-stroke engine for Waddon, and after some further refinements, a Waddon won the 1982 Junior TT race for 250cc machines.

Note: By 1983, the machine had become the EMC, a marque which Ehrlich had been developing since before the war, and which had been raced by the likes of Hailwood and Phil Read.

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