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EMC-Puch 1952 125cc
Photo by Hans Denzel
A Brief History of the Marque

1986 EMC GP 125

Dr Joe Ehrlich arrived in Great Britain from his native Austria during 1937. A committed advocate of the two stroke engine, Ehrlich Motor Co produced their first motorcycle in 1947, a split single. Unfortunately, despite its many advantages the machine did not appeal to British buyers with production ending in 1952. Moving first to Austin and then De Havilland where he headed the company's small engine division "Dr Joe" was responsible for the development of a series of lightweight engines with diverse applications.

In the early '60s a liquid cooled, disc valve single emerged which in Rex Avery's hands met with considerable success. Ehrlich had obtained an MZ 125cc racing engine which he delivered to Phil Irving who "reverse-engineered" it and provided drawings from which evolved the 1961 EMC water-cooled engine.

With the closure of the De Havilland small engine department Dr Ehrlich established his own design and development consultancy. During the early eighties he returned to motorcycle racing, initially with Waddon and then with EMC-Rotax powered machines. Success with a 250 twin came in 1984 and was followed by the development of a 125cc single cylinder Rotax powered machine of which this is an example.

An EMC machine was ridden during the 1987 GP season by Alan Scott.

Source: H&H Classic Auctions

Tue May 27 2014
outplas at btinternet.com br>Selling EMC Motorcycle
EMC 350 split cyclinder 1948
We are trying to sell my Dads EMC because of health reasons and do not know what it is worth. I purchased the bike over 5 years ago after my Dad had carefully restored it. I really wanted to keep something of his while his health deteriorated but we really require some additional money so that I can relocate him to come and live near myself.
northEast England

Fri Aug 16 2013
EMC Motorcycles
350 cc Demo model not known
I rode a demo byke in 1948. I went about 3 miles before it stopped. There was a small toolkit which I used to remove the plug. It was oiled up. The garage owner (Pat Onions, who later bought Cottons) turned up and recovered us.

Tue Dec 09 2008
chilton771 at cox.net
emc mx bikes
emc 250
Anybody have info on the Sachs engined mx bikes built in Bolton in the mid 70s
ca usa

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