Hossack were motorcycles produced by Norman Hossack from 1984 to 1988.

Norman Hossack was involved with chassis and then went on to design a new form of frame. This had an innovative front fork that resembled a girder fork, but was actually a twin-wishbone system, similar to that of a car's front suspension. He collaborated on this with Claude Fior.

The design worked well and several machines were built, fitted with a variety of engines. Firstly they were Honda, Rotax and Yamaha, then later came a front-fork conversion for a K100 which was shown to BMW in Munich.

Hossack's history includes a stint touring Europe as a race mechanic with IOM TT winner Gordon Keith, three years with McLaren during which they won the F1 championship and the Indy 500. He partook in three Le Mans events, twice as team manager.

Source: Graces Guide

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