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W and G Motorcycles (WAG)

Wright and Gasking built their motorcycles at Woods Garage, Rea Street, Birmingham, from 1923 to 1925. 1

The machine had a 494cc 60-degree V-twin two-stroke with mixture compessed using a method other than crankcase compression. 2

Exhaust pipes exited at the sides of the cylinders, front right and rear left, and fed into a large cylindrical aluminium expansion chamber at the front of the engine. Ignition was by chain-driven Bosch magneto mounted above the exhaust chamber. A single B&B carburettor supplied fuel. Drive was delivered to the rear wheel by chain via a three-speed gearbox.

Two W.A.G. machines were entered in the 1924 Scottish Six days trial ridden by J. L. Gasking and W. V. Wood3, the latter receiving a silver medal for his performance. There were other appearances in competition.

The unconventional motorcycle failed to achieve commercial success, and few were built. It appears that none survive.


1. Conflicting production dates are given of 1923-25 and 1926-27; the former is likely correct.
2. Descriptions of the method of compression exist but are all but incomprehensible.
3. The name is also reported as F. V. Wood

Sources: Graces Guide,, Tragatsch p294,

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