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Over-Seas Motorcycles

The Over-Seas Motor Co., Ltd., built motorcycles at 1a Johnstone Street, Ladywood, Birmingham, [1] between 1914 and 1916, to a design by W. J. Lloyd who was the original designer of the Quadrant.

  • 1914 The firm was created by J. W. Sparke and W. J. Lloyd (1 share each) to produce machines for export. There was never any intention for them to be available on the home market. They had a 3½ hp engine mounted in a strong frame and belt drive, with the option of a three-speed, Sturmey-Archer rear hub. Druid forks and pannier frames were all part of the equipment.
  • 1915 There was the choice of the 3½ hp single or a 7hp V-twin engine.
  • 1916 The same machines continued throughout the year, after which production ceased.

Notes. 1. This address was actually a side entrance to the LMC Works.

Sources: Graces Guide, Bob Currie, period literature.

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