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Governor motorcycles were produced in 1914, in Birmingham.

This machine was constructed especially for the New Zealand market but there is little information available. They were lightweight and fitted with 269cc two-stroke Villiers engines with direct-belt drive and may have been built by R. Walker and Son or W. A. Lloyds.

Sources: Graces Guide, factory catalogue.

Thu Jun 13 2013
Governer fixed drive
Hi, Just thought I'd say that I own one of these bikes and can supply some photo's if you wish.
New Zealand
Sweet, I have the bike set up in the house while I'm fitting the engine and making engine plates. Once these are done I'll be able to fit the mag and make the cover over the drive chain. I'll take some better photo's once it's in that you can load onto your site.


(1914 restoration project image supplied)

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