Today in Motorcycle History

Monarch by R. Walker and Sons

Monarch were motorcycles produced in 1912 and from 1919 to 1921. 1912 The make was virtually unknown and remained unlisted up to the war years. The machine was typical of the era, with a single engine, probably from Precision.

1912-1914 The firm also made automobiles powered by an 8 h.p. 964cc v-twin.

1919-1921 The Walker family (father Reginald Walker and his son Eric Walker) took over Bayliss, Thomas and Co., which became Excelsior. Motorcycles with the Monarch name were reputed to have been built as cheaper versions of Excelsior models, and fitted with 269cc Villiers and 293cc JAP engines.

It is thought that they also built motorcycles sold as P & S by Pearson & Sopwith.

Sources: Graces Guide, et al.

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