Lloyd Motorcycles

Cycle Fittings in Birmingham
  • W.A. Lloyd produced motorcycles from 1902 to 1903.
  • There were several Lloyd firms, but this was the earliest and was founded by W. A. Lloyd 
  • They used their own 2 hp engine and primitive fittings.
  • W. A. Lloyd, who had been involved with W. J. Lloyd at Quadrant, later went on to produce the Dreadnought from 1915 to 1922.

Report from the 1902 Stanley Show

Stand 142. W. A. Lloyd's Cycle Fittings, Ltd., Birmingham. A motor cycle is exhibited, fitted with one of their own make 2 h.p. engines in which the cylinder and head are cast in one piece. The bore is 2.625 in. and the stroke 2.875 in. The connecting rod end is made in two parts to provide for adjustment on the crank pin. A new contact breaker of registered design is fitted and also a new fork crown. A combination hub, having a ball-bearing ratchet free-wheel without springs and a large silencer make up a motorcycle which will no doubt give general satisfaction.

Motor Cycling, 26th November 1902

There are indications that this firm also built the Governor (or Governor-Villiers) specifically for the New Zealand market.

From Graces Guide:

  • W. A. Lloyds Cycle Fittings Ltd, of Clyde Works, Birmingham.

    1879 Established, presumably as W. A. Lloyd and Co.

    1897 Name changed to W. A. Lloyds Cycle Fittings

    1898-1903 Annual reports in Coventry Archives

    1908 Offered men's and ladies' lightweight racers as well as the usual range of Lloyd cycles.

    1903 Made motorcycles

    1905 Made a three-wheeler

    Presumably later became W. A. Lloyds Cycles at Clyde Works, Droitwich.

Graces continues on another page:

  • W. A. Lloyds Cycles

    W. A. Lloyd's Cycles, of Clyde Works, Droitwich, maker of cycle fittings.

    1879 Established, as W. A. Lloyd and Co

    Later was W. A. Lloyds Cycle Fittings

    1940 At the same address was W. A. Lloyd Cycles, maker of cycles

    Perhaps connected with W. A. Lloyds Alloys, also of Droitwich.

Source: Graces Guide