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Service were motorcycles produced from 1906 to 1913

They were offered through a sales firm based in High Holborn, London. They were mainly re-badged Connaught machines.

  • 1906 A small range of models was listed. These were of 3hp, 3½ hp and 4hp.
  • 1908 They were now using 4hp and 5hp V-twin Antoine engines. All these machines were very primitive and typical of the era.
  • 1910 The company displayed Wanderer machines at the Stanley Show.
  • 1911 Their machine was now fitted with a 4hp JAP engine with a Bosch magneto, B and B carburettor, Druid forks and belt drive.
  • 1912 They added a further model fitted with an 8hp JAP V-twin engine and Roc two-speed hub.
  • 1913 A further model appeared as a 3½ hp single fitted with an Armstrong three-speed gear.

  • Note: The firm also handled the WD marque and others.

Source: Graces Guide

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