Portland Motorcycles

Portland motorcycles were produced between 1910 and 1913 and again in 1920, and listed by dealers Maude's Motor Mart of Great Portland Street, London, and Halifax.

  • 1910-1912 A machine was listed with a 4hp JAP engine, belt drive and Druid forks. There was also the option of a Peugeot engine.

1910 Cycle and Motorcycle Exhibition
Maudes Motor Mart.
Stand No. 271.
Of the machines handled by this firm many are well-known models, for which they are selling agents. These include the Ariel, Enfield, Rex, Motosacoche, A.J.S., Matchless, Hobart Bird. F.N., etc. In addition, they have now introduced a motor-cycle, and also a side car of their own, under the name "Portland." The motor-cycle of 3.75 H.P., has a Peugeot or J.A.P. engine to choice, B. and B. carburetter Bosch magneto, Druid spring forks, and tyres to choice. The price is £40 with the Peugeot and £38 with the J.A.P. engine. The side car is fitted with .. in. tyre, Continental or Hutchinson, to choice, and sells at 5 guineas to 7 guineas, the latter being a de luxe model with cane basket work.

  • 1913 Still with belt drive, the machines now had 4hp JAP or 3½ hp and 4¼ hp Precision engines.

  • 1920 They continued to sell their own brand of machine, built by a trade supplier, using components such as 269cc Arden two-stroke engine, Amac carburettor, two-speed Albion gearbox and Saxon forks. These lightweight machines were typical of the period, but a down-turn in trade saw them slip from the market.

Source: Graces Guide

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