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Imperial Metro

Imperial Metro was a motorcycle produced in 1914 and 1915, in Saltley, Birmingham.

This was the name by which the Metro was known in its early days.

The machine had a 269cc two-stroke Metro engine with the option of a single- or two-speed transmission, using either direct-belt drive or a combination of chain and belt. It was fitted with either Brampton Biflex or Druid forks.

Although the model continued into 1915, as the war intensified sales rapidly decreased and the marque vanished.


An addition to the ranks of ladies' motor cycles is one produced by the Metro Manufacturing and Engineering Company, Adderley Park, Birmingham.

This machine is exactly similar in specification to the diamond frame model which has been sold for some months past, having a two-stroke engine measuring 70 x 70 mm., giving a capacity of 269 c.c. The machine can be obtained single-geared, or, as illustrated, with a Roc two-speed counter-shaft gear, incorporating chain and belt drive at an extra charge. The saddle position is very low, being but 28in. from the ground, whilst the crank case clearance is as much as 6in.

The Motor Cycle, November 5th, 1914. p508

Engine - 2½ h.p., 269 c.c., two-stroke.
Iqnition - Ruthardt magneto, chain-driven.
Carburetter - Amac.
Change Speed - Single-speed or two-speed counter-shaft, 5½ and 10 to 1.
Transmission - Belt or chain and belt.
Dimensions - Height of saddle from ground, 30in. Ground clearance, 8in.
Lubrication - Oil mixed with petrol.
Other Features - Druid or Brampton's Biflex spring forks.
Price - 30 guineas. Two-speed model, £38 10s.

Metro Mfg and Eng. Co., Adderley Road, Saltley, Birmingham

British Lightweights, 1914

We are asked to state that the Gaby Motor Co., 37, County Buildings, Corporation Street, Birmingham, and the Metro Co., Adderley Road, Saltley, Birmingham, are in no way connected, although the engine unit fitted to the Gaby is made by the Metro Co. The Motor Cycle, November 12th, 1914.

Sources: Graces Guide, The Motor Cycle

arrigodavid at
1914 Imperial Metro TT MODEL
I have a Imperial Metro RR Model circa 1914 and would be interested i to know if they are any other examples known to exist.
I cannot find any.
David Arrigo
Malta G.C.
(Engine No# 1556)

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