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Tyler Apparatus Co

Tyler Apparatus Co of Gerrard Street, London
  • Made the Tyler Orchestral Grand, a theatre organ which included piano, reed organ, bells, zither and harp.
  • The company began by offering their lightweight motorcycles with a choice of Precision two-stroke or four-stroke engines, both in a form of unit construction with their two-seed gearbox. Under this name they had limited sales but were far more successful as described below.
  • Metro-Tyler were motorcycles produced from 1919 to 1924, by the Tyler Apparatus Co of London, who took over the Birmingham firm of Metro Manufacturing Co, after the end of World War I.
  • 1919 Post-war construction began with the continuation of the 269cc two-stroke with either single-speed belt drive or two-speed chain-cum-belt.
  • 1920 There was just a two-speed model that had been completely redesigned. They used their own two-speed gearing and enclosed primary transmission in a welded frame.
  • 1921 A three-speed version was added and that model remained, with various gearbox options, including Albion, for the next few years.

    1922 Two four-stroke models with Blackburne sv engines were added to the range. One was a 348cc single and the other a 698cc V-twin.

    1923 A new miniature was added. This was the 147cc two-stroke called the All Black Baby. It had single or two-speed belt drive and all-weather finish. There was also an all-chain version of the 348cc Blackburne together with a similar size ohv machine, and the V-twin ran on as before. 1923 was to be the peak year.

    For 1923, the company offered a number of variants including a fully enclosed model and a sports version with a two speed gearbox, kickstart and clutch which at 34 guineas was proclaimed in the catalogue as being "the cheapest and lightest 2 1/2hp Motor Cycle at present on the market".

    1924 Only the 269cc two-stroke and a new 247cc Villiers model were listed - both had Albion two-speed gearboxes and chain-cum-belt drive. After that, the name disappeared.

Source: Graces Guide

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1919 Metro Tyler 270cc 3 Wheeler
I am interested in what a 1919 Metro Tyler 270cc 3 Wheeler in fair condition would be valued at as I have an opportunity to buy one but have no knowledge of the manufacturer, bike or value
Gary Want

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