Gaby produced motorcycles between 1914 and 1920, supplied from County Buildings, Corporation Street, Birmingham.

World War I had already broken out when Gaby announced the production of a single model that would have been assembled elsewhere. Perhaps the company sincerely believed that the War would be over by the end of the year, so they produced a very basic machine that was powered by a 269cc Metro two-stroke engine that drove a Roc two-speed gear by chain, and the rear wheel by belt.

Post War, in 1920, the Gaby was again listed. It had a 269cc Arden engine, two-speed Albion gearbox and chain-cum-belt drive from John Burns and Co, of Holloway Road, London. Nothing further came of it.

Trade Announcement.

We are asked to state that the Gaby Motor Co., 37, County Buildings, Corporation Street, Birmingham, and the Metro Co., Adderley Road, Saltley, Birmingham, are in no way connected, although the engine unit fitted to the Gaby is made by the Metro Co.

The Motor Cycle, November 12th, 1914.

(Earlier in the year an announcement in The Motor Cycle stated that the Metro had been renamed Gaby.)

Source: Graces Guide

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