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HJ Motorcycles

The HJ motorcycle was produced by Howard and Johnson of Birmingham in 1920.

This machine was a solo model lightweight with a 269cc two-stroke Liberty engine and a Roc two-speed gearbox with chain-cum-belt transmission. There was also the option of a lower cost single speed version. It had an Amac carburettor, Runbaken magneto and Best and Lloyd lubrication. The spring front-fork was an HJ patent whereby two curled leaf-springs replaced the normal solid-steel top links of a Druid-pattern fork.

Possibly also used Villiers engines.

No further models were offered.

Liberty engines were built from c1914 to c1925.

H.J. Two-stroke 1920

The H.J. two-stroke. Otherwise built on conventional lines, this machine embodies a new design of spring fork.

H.J. Forks 1920

The upper portion of the H.J. spring fork showing the action of the leaf springs

The H.J. Two-stroke.

A Popularly Priced Addition to the Lightweight Fold.

ALTHOUGH in the main assembled from well-known component parts, the layout of the H.J. two-stroke shows several instances of careful thought. An extremely neat design of spring fork (pat. 21424) is fitted.

A 70 X 70 mm. Wall engine, Best and Lloyd lubrication, Amac carburetter, Runbaken magneto, and Roc two-speed gear form the specification of the standard model, which sells, with the usual accessories, at £65. A single-geared model, however, is produced at £54.

Compound Action of Fork Springs.

Reverting to the spring fork, the photograph makes its action almost self-explanatory. Two curved leaf springs replace the usual top links of the Druid pattern fork, and by their design control equally vertical and horizontal movement. Lateral rigidity is maintained by all cross shackle pins being of the floating type and screwed up solidly with the side pieces. The springs are adjustable for load. Howard and Johnson, 19, Hockley Street, Birmingham, are the makers of both the fork and machine.

The Motor Cycle October 14th, 1920. Page 441

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