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Calcott Brothers

Address: XL Works, Gosford Street, Coventry

1896 The company was registered on 29 August, to acquire the business of cycle manufacturers.

1896/7 Directory: Listed under cycles.

Calcott motorcycles were produced from from 1910 to 1915. They also built automobiles, continuing until 1924, and the name may have been used after Singer took over from then until 1927.

1910 The first well-designed model reached the market. It was fitted with a 3½ hp White and Poppe engine, belt drive and Druid forks.

1910 Stanley Show
Calcott Bros., Ltd. Coventry.
Stand No. 59.
Two motor-bicycles, priced at 45 guineas and £32 respectively, will be staged here. The 3 1/2 H.P. Calcott carries the following specification The engine is a White and Poppe with 85 mm, bore and 85 mm. stroke, rated at 4.5 H.P. The frame is built very low and exceptionally strong. The front rim brake is actuated by inverted lever, the back foot brake acting on the belt drum operated from the frame; the forks possess the Druid patent spring; the wheels are 26in. by extra strong, fitted with Dunlop rubber-studded non-skid tyres. A very strong and light, tubular carrier is attached, as well as a stand fixed on the chain stays. The light-weight Calcott has a 1 H.P. single-cylinder with 62 by 70 mm. bore and stroke; Bosch high-tension magneto; Druid spring forks; Lycett saddle, and Dufaux carburetter is fitted.
1911 They added a 1½ hp model with an inclined engine mounted in a loop frame, with belt drive and sprung forks.

1912 The range comprised a 2¼ hp, 237cc lightweight; later joined by a stretched 2½ hp, 292cc model.

1913 Both those models continued. Some used their own 249 / 292cc engine.

1914 The 2¼ hp model was still listed together with a 2hp model fitted with a 170cc Precision engine that had ohv set horizontal to the cylinder, a two-speed gearbox built in-unit with the crankcase, belt final-drive and Druid forks.

Engine - 2½ h.p. Calcott, 292 c.c.
Iqnition - Bosch magneto, gear-driven.
Carburetter - B. and B.
Change Speed - Sturmey-Archer three-speed.
Transmission - Belt.
Dimensions - Height of saddle from ground, 34in. Ground clearance, 6511. Wheel base, 49in.
Lubrication - Hand pump.
Other Features - Druid forks.
Price - 33 guineas.

Calcott Bros.,Ltd., Coventry.

British Lightweights, 1914

1915 Only the 2¼ hp model was listed. It was the last year of production.

1919 January. Advert for the Classic Light Car by Calcott Brothers of Coventry.

1925 Acquired by Singer.

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