Today in Motorcycle History

R. G. Nye and Co

NYE motorcycles were produced from 1910 to 1912 by R. G. Nye and Co of Leather Lane, London.

  • 1910 The company, who had been agents for several makes, exhibited machines under their own name at the Olympia show. These were touring, TT and Colonial models with a 3½ hp Precision engine, Bosch magneto, Druid forks, belt drive and the option of a two-speed rear hub. There was also a 2½ hp lightweight.

    1912 Only a single machine was listed. This had a 4hp JAP engine, two-speed Albion gearbox and belt drive. The firm then reverted to acting as agents. Their name was linked to the Stuart two-stroke, tandem twin model and also to Wooler and PV, but after that year, the name of NYE left the lists.

Report from the 1910 Cycle and Motorcycle Exhibition

Nye and Co.
69 Leather Lane, Holborn, S.C. Stand No. 43.
    Nye and Co. enter the motor arena, with machines of their own for the first time. They are called the N. and C., and are of two separate patterns, the tourist and lightweight. The former has 3 H.P. precision engine and low back frame; the Tourist Trophy edition of it has specially shaped cams for competition work; another variety has the motor set specially high for Colonial use. The lightweight has a 2.5 H.P. Precision motor, the firm being agents for these engines, which they also show separately. Bosch magnetos and Druid forks are fitted to all the N. and C's, and the lubrication pump is arranged conveniently near to the saddle. The machines are sold complete, with all usual accessories and spares. Nye and Co. are open to appoint agents.

Source: Graces Guide