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Macbeth Motorcycles

The Macbeth was produced in Birmingham from 1904 to 1913.

1904 The company produced a model that had a typical frame, fitted with a Minerva engine.

They then stopped motorcycle manufacture and returned to the retail trade and bicycles.

1911 At the late Olympia show, Macbeth was exhibited. Fitted with either their own or a Precision 3½ hp engine, they had a two-speed Roc gear option, belt drive and Druid forks.

1913 The make was listed that year as a 3½ hp model with an Armstrong three-speed hub gear, with belt drive.

Macbeth Motor Cycles.

The Macbeth Company have adopted the Minerva engine, and, in addition to the usual fittings turned out by the engine makers, they have added a spare tank for fuel between the seat tube of the rear mudguard. The frame is a bold design, but does not present any very special features calling for particular notice. (Stand 115.)

Stanley Show, The Motor Cycle Nov 25th 1903

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