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Stylson Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

S.C.I.M. (Société Commerciale et Industrielle de Mécanique)
Le Chambon-Feugerolles (Loire)
1926-1939 ¹

Stylson used Blackburne, JAP, Moser, Rudge Python and Staub engines of capacities from 250cc up to 996cc, with some models produced with shaft drive, apparently. The final Staub model was a JAP produced under license.

Stylson racing outfits had considerable success. Mention of a machine with a four-valve Python engine in the comments below.


Python Four Valve Head

Rudge Python 250, 350 and 500cc engines were introduced in 1931. Borgo used 4V heads in 1920.

Styl'son Models

1927-1928 Models

AB 175 Péa or Brouiller engine

RA 175 Moser type A OHV Single-port

RB 175 Moser type B Dual-port

RD 250 LMP OHV (also LMP Two-stroke)

RE 300 Blackburne SV

RF 350 LMP

1928/1929 Models (Announced in November 1928)

AB 175 engine Péa l


RC 250 J.A.P SV

RE 300 Blackburne SV

RI 350 Pea SV

RI 2 350 J.A.P SV

RH 350 Blackburne OHV

RG 500 Blackburne SV

RK 500 Blackburne OHV

1929/1930 Models

RH2 350 Blackburne OHV

AB 175cc two-stroke

BG 250cc SV JAP

RCE 250cc JAP SV, 3 speed Burman, brakes front & rear, 26 x 3.50 tyres, Amac, MEA magneto.

R12E 350cc JAP SV, otherwise same as RCE.

RV 750cc JAP V-twin

1930-1931 Models

RH 350cc Blackburne OHV

RHE Sports 350cc Blackburne OHV

1936 Models

JAP Models




BRK2E JAP 500cc SV

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Styl'son also marketed a cyclomoteur, the Styl'ett, believed constructed at Place du Bachut Lyon. There were several models, one of which was Type BMA 100cc J.A.P. two-stroke

Notes: 1. Some sources give 1926-1934

Sources: JLB Creations, et al.

Mon Jul 18 2016
crookpuff at
Stylson 1933
Stylson 250cc
Could you please tell me the estimated value of the 1933 Stylson 250cc, original bike, no restoration and still runs.

Tue Sep 18 2012
Restoration project
Stylson RD 1930
I have purchased a bike from Norway and I am restoring the same wheel which is mentioned here in 2005.I have not found a very good image of the bike.I have great troubles with the engine because it is worn everywhere.If this is reading by someone who has the bike like this I would be grateful if you could take contact to me.

Sat Jan 22 2011
Styl'son 250 250cc 1932
Ho Styl'son 250cc. del 1932 e la voglio vendere. E' in ottimo stato e regolarmente immatricolata in Italia. Qualcuno mi sa dire il valore? C'? qualcuno interessato a comprarla?


Mon Jun 05 2006
m.ulisse1 at
motore rudge 4 valves
richiedo informazioni su moto Stylson anni 1934-1936 con motore rudge 4 valvole

Translation: I ask for information on movement stylson years 1934-1936 with engine rudge 4 valves

Sun Jun 04 2006
nigelpollicott at gmaildot com
Stylson FYI
Stylson 250 cc JAP engined
Found in England, this was identified as a 1929 Stylson 250 cc JAP side valve model with Burman gearbox.FYI

Fri Dec 16 2005
p-pt at
stylson motorcycle
Hello, I'm an English old bike enthusiast living in France. I have my collection of post vintage Triumphs here with me. An aquaintance has just been given a stylson motorcycle fitted with a JAP sidevalve motor (with detachable fir cone valve caps) of I would guess 250cc. The gearbox is a burman with I think 2 speeds. The bike is complete with the exception of the stub fitting carb, the addition of which would get it running.Everything is there even the leather panniers & what I would think is an aftermarket dynamo lighting set operating from the outside flywheel.There is no provision for a speedo which may help to date it.I seem to remember that JAP engine nos are not very helpful but for the record this one is 8.27394B I am trying to persuede the new owner not to try & restore it badly but I don't hold out much hope & of course he wants to know what it's worth, imagining some huge figure.Can you offer any advise or comments please. Thank you for your time. Paul Timberlake.

Mon Sep 19 2005
pjdekraker at msndot com
stylson 350cc sv 1926
hallo dit is een stylson uit 1926 (waarschijnlijk) dit is niet echt bekend. Het is naar mijn mening de oudste stylson voor zover bekend.

Translation: Hello this is not a stylson is from 1926 (probable) this really known. It is to my opinion the most old stylson insofar as known.

Wed Jun 29 2005
aasmslet at
Stylson Motorcycle
Hi. I have now managed to identify my motorcycle as a real Stylson. From the start it has been equipped with a single sylinder 250 cc engine with two exhaust ports. I also have that engine. Can you please change the message on your site till this:? I have an unrestored Stylson motorcycle from the thirties. Originally it has been equipped with a single cylinder ohv 250 cc with two exhaust ports. Best regards ?smund Johannes Sletten
Bergsengveien 134
2372 Brttum

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