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Moto-Monté Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 17, rue Joseph-Pupier, St-Etiennes (Loire)

Jean David was joined by Montélimard and Matrat to form the company which produced Moto-Monté.

The company introduced the Styl'son brand, and for some years the two marques co-existed, with Moto-Monte concentrating on the smaller capacity machines, those from 175cc to 350cc. Their 250cc and 350cc engines were from Chaise.

They also used the name "Styl'ett", and in some cases the advertising for the two marques were all but identical, differing only in the brand name.

The Moto-Monte name was dropped in the early 1930s.

Moto-Monte Models:

Model AB 175 Two-stroke Brouiller (Brouillé) or Péa P1 M (also called the Moto-Monte or Styl'ett engine in some advertisements). (c.1929)

Model AC 250cc 2T

Model AC Sport 250 LMP, Burman gearbox

Model AD 250 LMP

Model MH Chaise "G" 250cc OHV, 3 speed (c.1929)

Model MK 350cc Chaise OHV 3 speed. (c.1929)

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