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Toreador motorcycles were produced from 1925 to 1928 at works at Ribble Bank Mills, Preston, Lancashire, to a design by Bert Houlding.
  • 1925 Having previously been involved with the Matador marque, Bert Houlding continued his talent for sporting motorcycle design with the Toreador range. His first model was a rakish 495cc ohv MAG V-twin, with Burman three-speed all-chain transmission and an exhaust system coupled into a Mador silencer. This, and patented adjustable handlebars, had already been pioneered by Houlding in his Matador days.
  • 1926 JAP engines were standardized - 344cc and 246cc ohv and 490cc sv singles, plus a 490cc ohv model with a 90mph speed guarantee. All had Burman gearboxes.
  • 1927 There was a three model range, still with Burman gearboxes. These were a 349cc ohv oil-cooled Bradshaw model, and the 490cc JAP, in either sv or ohv forms. Superports options were available on the Bradshaw and the ohv JAP.
  • 1928 The 344cc returned, in two-port racing trim, and 346cc ohv JAP models, plus a new 498cc ohv JAP racing machine. After this, the marque folded and the works closed.

Sources: Graces Guide

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