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Motociclette Aquila

Motociclette Aquila

A Brief History of the Italian Marque

Address: Via Ilarione Petitti 20, Torino

The company built motorcycles under the Aquila marque powered by Rudge Python and other engines until 1935, when Mussolini's fascist government prevented free trade.

Valerio Riva of Turin raced with them from 1932 to 1935. He rode Aquila in the 1932 Spanish GP at Bilbao (the first Spanish GP) in the 250 class, and on the following day in the 500cc class.

Riva placed 2nd in the August 1935 Nice race, 350 class.

A 1933 Aquila Invicta 175cc Super Sport has an OHV 4 valve engine with a pushrod tunnel which gives the impression of OHC. The frame and forks are pressed metal.

The 1934 Aquila Rudge is a quite remarkable looking racing machine - it has a pressed metal frame and forks both liberally perforated.

Other models are believed to have used 497cc Kürchen engines along with those of OBM, a little known Italian manufacturer.

"AQUILA" MOTO LEGGERA, 175 cc Super Sport


The already known and appreciated MOTO AQUILA which in the last years sports season have had the opportunity to establish themselves and win in major competitions

Italian and foreign are built in all categories.

Cat. 175 c. c. 250 approx. c. 350 c. c. 500 c.c. with frames in special sempala sheet steel

250 c. c.

Normal special stroke - Displacement 249 stroke mm 81 bore mm. 62.5 4 overhead valves - 4-speed pedal gearbox.

350 c. c.

Normal and special stroke - Displacement 349 strokes mm. 90.5 mm bore. 70 - 4 valves in text - 4-speed pedal gearbox.

500 c. c.

Normal Ulster and special strokes - Displacement 499 strokes mm. 88 mm bore. 85 4 overhead valves - 4-speed pedal gearbox.

Special racing models

They are identical to those used by Rudge (Python) in the largest world competitions.

Several companies used the Aquila name including Aquila Italiana, famed for its use of aluminium pistons as early as 1908. See Aquila Marques

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Aquila Invicta Super Sport 1933 175cc OH4V

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