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Wed Jun 04 2014
mat.435 at
NSU ? ?? 1924
for me its looks like an NSU how know more?
NSU-1924c-Frame-qq.jpg will be posted-1406

Mon Mar 03 2014
earlsworld at
what is the designation of digits in nsu vin
nsu osl
trying to determine year of my nsu for registration purposes

Mon Feb 17 2014
mcchd1 at
251 OSL parts
I am looking for a carburetor and intake fitting for my motorcycle.  I also wandered wht value the bike may have 20,000 miles indoor stored since 1965 and clean
Wheeling West Virginia

Sun Feb 16 2014
mailfoley87 at
Quigley NSU Parts
Quigley nsu
I gave a Quigley nsu which was and n da 60s maybe 50's and it needs a new fuel tap and carburretta to get it back motoring wasn't driven n 40years but does start may a duel tank? If anyone can help with just parts prices or where to buy would be better.
Many Thanks
Cork Ireland

Tue Jan 21 2014 steve at Motorcycle Value 1955 NSU Fox The bike has a clear title and runs. Oklahoma City

Jan 20th 2014

Nsu 52 ohc 500 consul - designed by the designer of the manx norton who went to nsu  ?  - Hence the similarity - a very collectible bike - ask anyone who was the largest manufacturer of bikes in 52 - answer , nsu - 35,000 in one yr - motze in germany has spares - we have a 1903 nsu in our club , still in perfect condition -

Jack Cairns, USA.



Mon Aug 05 2013

oil capacity
nsu 251 osl
hello. please could you give me the oil capacity please as the dipstick has four notches and is confusing. regards mark.

Fri Aug 16 2013
model year identification
nsu 251 osl
trying to find information to identify the nsu i have from the serial numbers on frame and engine thanks ,earl

Thu Jul 25 2013
need parts cylinder barrel, piston,etc
1907 nsu veteran
here i have an early nsu engine 1907, need cylinder barrel, piston, cams? any info about this engine and parts can mail me
thank you.
sidoarjo,eastjava, indonesia



Tue May 28 2013
Engine and parts
NSU super fox 125
I have been given a NSU Superfox that I would like to restore. I will be needing a reconditioned engine as the covers are missing of this one. Are there parts available or am I wasting my time
Johannesburg, South Africa

Tue May 07 2013
Frame number
Should the frame number and engine number be the same on 1954 NSU Max?

Tue May 07 2013
1957 NSU max 175cc
NSU 1957
I have a NSU 1957 175cc that I would like to sell but to some one that wants to restore it. all parts are there .
south africa

Sun Feb 10 2013
NSU Quick motor
NSU Quick
We wish to buy, at moderate price, à NSU Quick motor.
We are located in Montreal, Quebec, canada.

Thu Jan 10 2013
NSU LUX  200
need piston rings
tacoma, wa USA
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NSU in Sofia Bulgaria c1940.jpg
NSU in Sofia Bulgaria c1940


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