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SIM Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1951-1958 (1)

Founded in 1955 in Milan by a group of technicians previously of Motom, the Societ? Italiana Motori built 3-speed 48cc four-stroke Pegaso mopeds with pressed metal frames.

In 1958 new models were introduced, the T, the GT, the TV and the most powerful, an S model of 3hp.

SIM (Società Italiana Motoscooters) from Reggio Emilia, near Modena, in 1953 built the unfaired two-stroke 148cc Ariete scooter.

Also in 1953, SIM lists a SIM-Moretti 125cc twin. In 1954, an Ariete unfaired scooter was offered. It is reported that this company closed in 1955.

Models included:
SIM Moretti 125 1950-1952
Sim Ariete 150cc Scooter 1952-1954
SIM-CAR 150cc commercial three-wheeler, based on the scooter c1952-1954
SIM Gran-Turismo with Week End sidecar c1952-1954
SIM Gran Lusso conventional scooter with dual saddles c1952-1954

1) There appears to be some confusion about dates. One source says founded 1951, another 1956. It is entirely possible that there are two different marques, but sales literature shows, so far, only the one. The literature names them as both SocietàItaliana Moto Scooters and SocietàItaliana Motoscooter

Sources: MC Storico Conti, Henshaw et al

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