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Velocette 1947 MAC MSS manual
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Velocette sold horizontally-opposed engines to DMW
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Mon Sep 15 2014
tim at
VIN identification
Velocette KSS
I am in possession of a KSS that is registered in the USA as a 1936. I have the engine # KSS 7804 and frame number MS3451`Can you determine what year it is or should be? Also if you have an opinion as to today's value let me know.
Velocette-1936c-KSS-7048-1.jpg will be posted-1409

Sun Apr 29 2012
Workshop Manual
Velocette 1938 KSS
My Dad is restoring a 1938 KSS and needs a proper workshop manual with exploded views of gearbox, engine etc. Any idea where we can get one - photocopy would be fine. Thanks

Fri Sep 23 2011
stadeu<at>hotmaildot com
manual mac 350
velocette mac mac 350 ano 48
I would like to receive the manual Velocette Mac 350. thanks!
silney tadeu

Thu Sep 08 2011
Pedido de manual de partes
Parts Book/Spare Parts List/Instruccion Manual Velocette MAc 350 1948
Ola, boa noite! Estou restaurando uma Velocette Mac 350, ano 1940 e preciso de ajuda para conseguir o Manual de Instruções e o Manual de partes.
silney tadeu

Tue Apr 26 2011
Timing Velocette Valiant 200cc
Velocette Valiant 200cc
Info on how to time a Velocette Valiant 200c after the engine has been rebuilt
Preston, Lancs.,UK

Fri Sep 24 2010
roychris<at>btinternetdot com

Velocette Viper Clubman
I purchased this machine in 2005 as a non-runner. After fitting new valves, guides, magneto, clutch and a general clean up, it has turned into a reliable, fun machine.


Wed Sep 22 2010
Father's motorbike
not sure not sure
Hi - I am an artist living  in Australia - I have been going through my father's photos (he is now deceased) and was fascinated by the motorbike in this picture - I am not sure - but I think it is French - wondering if you could identify it
Debra P
Australia - Sydney

I think the bike is a pre-war MAC Velo similar to this one: Velocette-1936-MAC-Sport-350cc.htm

Thu Aug 13 2009
cookehqimggmaildot com
mark 1 for sale
LE Velo Mark 1
I have moved to spain and have a very early mark 1 stored in the UK. I wish to sell it my number is 0034 647 065 565 or email  its got a V5 and the club have seen it as all OK.
Best wishes Steve.
Wirral & Spain

... thank you for your help, I had sent the club historian 'Dennis' some photos when the bike had been restored and I sent off for the V5. The photos are in England and I will be back there for five days from the 17th of August so I hope to dig them out. The bike is stored in my son's garage on the Wirral and I also have a large file on the bike as one of the first circa1948/49 mark 1s. There is a lot of LE information and the old log book, roadside owners manual together with copies of work shop manuals, sales posters etc. I just hope I can find them as together with the bike it makes a bit of history.
Just a bit hot in Spain now so off for a dip in the med!!!!
Best wishes Steve.

Tue Jan 20 2009
velocette viper scrambler
This is a nice example of a Viper scrambler unrestored, which would fit nicly into your Velocette gallery.



Mon Nov 24 2008
bobmcgrath21imghotmaildot com
Nil Nil
I think you will find Velocette made their own two stroke engine for the Viceroy and sold it to DMW. No connection to Villiers.

Wed Aug 27 2008
hite101imgyahoodot com
Veloce Velocette
My father owned one of these motorcycles in the mid 1960's. I beleive it was a 250cc.
Minnesota, USA

Jan 19th 2008

te envío otro manual para que lo publiques si te parece, es de otra moto que estoy restaurando.
Saludos cordiales desde Uruguay.-

I send another manual in order that you publish it if it seems to you, it is of another motorcycle that I am restoring.
Cordial regards from Uruguay.-
Nicolás Bueno

Velocette 1947 MAC MSS manual
Download Info

Sun Nov 11 2007
james.e.brookesimgbtinternetdot com
Head light lenses
Velocette LE 1949
I'm restoring two Velo's and require two 5 1/2 inch head light lenses, not the complete unit just the glass. I am told you may be able to help me please?

Wed Jun 13 2007
bbillrgsimgaoldot com
Engine numbers
Velocette Thruxton
I own a Velo Thruxton with the engine number VMT 322. Could you tell me what year this is please.
VA usa

See the page on serial numbers. Ed.

Thu Mar 08 2007
velocette model 32
Does anyone have any info on the colour blue that was used on the petrol tank of the model 32 ? any photo or article knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Regards Alex Jackson in New Zealand.

Thu Feb 22 2007
? Velocette Thruxton
This fairing came with a Thruxton I bought years ago. I'm trying ti i.d. person thought it might be a Rickman. Can you i.d. it? Can you give me an idea of value, since I intend to sell it? If you can give me your email address I can attach the pictures.
Fairfax, VA, USA

Fri Feb 02 2007
searching for frame number  position
Velocette kss 1932
I am loocking for the original position where the serial nr is located in the frame and if it is starting with letters and then the serial nr of the frame  as KSS 4880

Fri Feb 02 2007
d.baddeleyimgbtinternetdot com
Velocette MAC
Thinking of selling my 1939 model. 90%+ original runner on the road. Some renovation done. 27 years owned by me, I am 2nd registered owner from new. How much is it worth please?
Crewe UK

See the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices

Fri Jan 26 2007
Thruxton 1966? engno 486
4 sale $25000 Aus  condition good ridden 3 times in 30 yrs part of my private collection.Many others Silk Egli Vincent Rudge Ulster Invincible
... velo has english plate 214 TCV  Rudge FXN 465 ,Rudge is original unrestored ride it home! yes to England .Egli Vincent 12000 miles it has lightning spec motor did 90 mph in second gear..........scared the sh*t outa me I was 40 when I last rode it TRUE kind regards from N Z and thanks for your speedy attention  Billy

Photos online at

Well hope you got them,the Egli has a story which I have not yet verified but I was told by the previous owner that it was one of five built by Eric Cheney two others servive one the same the other differs the mate to this one is in the US.Simon Cheney should know,but I do not have an email address for him.,and I have yet to work out where the frame no is ,all I know it differs in the frame (rear mudguard bracket) it is a bit like a commando with a tube over the top off the rear guard.Patrick Gobert in France makes a copy its $110,000 kiwi dollars a guy in Auckland has one it has electric start and is painted green not alloy like mine ,also mine has coil ignition mini cooper twin point .I have refused US 50000 but I am getting older and have trouble kicking it over..........many years ago I bought a house for it and its14 mates that include a couple of cars its happy there!
Russell it has survived three divorces I chose the bikes. .I have a Morris 8 car that I bought when I was 21 almost 61 now ..........hope this info helps many thanks  Bill

Sun Jan 21 2007 [bounced]
stolen Velocette Viper
Velocette Viper
1956 Velocette Viper stolen Belgium Sept 06
engine No VR 1104 Frame No RS 8022 104th Viper made, very identifiable

This and other stolen Velocettes are also listed here:

See also

Sun Sep 17 2006
to buy and ship to australia
mss velocette 500 1938/47
Hi there was wondering what it would be worth to buy and ship to aust one of the these wonderful bikes regards Bill

Thu Jun 29 2006
kevin-lovattimgtalk21dot com
velocette le 200
can any one help with contact set and condenser please (new)

Wed Jun 14 2006
velocette bike badge original
gos original velocette bike badges for sale
ideal for collectors or restorers, mint condition

Sat May 27 2006
velocette mk5
i used to race this model in the early fifities at brands hatch and other tracks  mainly for fun great days
winnipeg canada

Sat May 13 2006
chadtayoimgntlworlddot com
velocette le police bike
i have just restored my le and find machine not charging . its wired as per ac4 miller diagram but mine has been converted to electronic 12volt system it all starts and runs well but not charging, any ideas please

Wed Apr 19 2006
Velo Thruxton
Velocette Thruxton 1968
Hello, I own (original) a 1968 Velo Thruxton with a full Avon fairing and a reverse megaphone (?) exhaust. This is how I received it-I have not been able to find a reference or picture of a similar set-up. How many like this were produced? surely I don't have the only one!...

... thanks for the quick reply- here is a old photo circa 68/69-please excuse the rider's

John Deary

Velocette Thruxton 1968.jpg
Velocette Thruxton 1968

Tue Nov 29 2005
vasant6imghotmaildot com
Conrod big end bearing - needed...
I'm maran from Malaysia. I'd like to know whether you have Conrod big end
bearing size S.010 for Velocette Mk3 200cc kick starter - year 1959.

Kindly let me know the charges that i've to pay including the postage
charge. Your Co-operation will be highly appreciated



Nov 05
A set of 7 trading cards of featuring Velocette motorcycles was issued in 1993 by Golden Era. The cards feature the following models: MAC, LE, MSS, Venom, Viper, Thruxton

Fri Sep 09 2005
Velocette LE
Got a 1965 Velocette LE in Police style I'm thinking of selling. It's all running and MOT'd with loads of spares (engine, wheel, exhaust,fly-screen, radio holder, tin-ware etc). It's all original, unrestored and in good condition. How much is it worth? Graeme.

Velocette LE.jpg
Velocette LE
Velocette 1935 Sales Brochure.jpg
Velocette 1935 Sales Brochure

January 25th 2005
There is a 1959 Velocette Valiant on Ebay
Vendor describes it thus:
Velocette Valiant twin shaft drive RARE MINT EXOTIC! *
Vehicle Description

You are looking at an extremely rare example from the fabled Velocette company of England. The Valiant model was a high peformance opposed twin ohv model produced in very limited numbers in the late fifties. Somewhat breakthru in the engineering, the bike features a high performance overhead valve opposed twin motor, shaft drive, and an automotive style four speed gearbox. Surprising performance for the displacement. This example was restored in England by a member of the Velocette club, and is in show winning condition. The black paint is deep, and the chrome glistens. It has been fitted with an auxiliary oil cooler for highway running. It is entirely stock and correct. Starts easily, runs perfectly, all systems function as new. Built to the very high standards of the Velocette company.  You will probably never see another example, and definately never a better one!.

* RARE MINT EXOTIC! Sounds like a recipe for chocolate coated meat. And as for being high-performance...


4 files in folder

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