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M.H. Willam was head of Lambretta France. He marketed rebadged Italian imports by Lawil and others including Casalini. His first Lambretta-engined car was presented at the Paris Salon of 1966.

Manufacturer: Lambretta S.A.F.D.

Wed Feb 22 2017
whitingsteven at aol.com
Willam sulky 111f
I have a 1979 Willam sulky 111f I am after any information regarding this vehicle engine photos.

It's still an ongoing restoration. Bodywork needs a little attention before I get it soda blasted and then a couple of coats of paint. Any help with engine diagrams would be appreciated as some bogus parts have been included. Many thanks.
Kent uk


Sun Dec 14 2014
steedknight at hotmail.com

willam fourgonette c2
my brother has just brought a willam fourgonette c2 van and is looking for spares for it in england west sussex.
west sussex england

Wed Nov 07 2012
ajayadla<at>gmaildot com
Willam Lawil pick-up
LAWIL Willam Lawil pick-up
hi i have a willam lawil pick-up.
i dont have much info.just want to know what its worth??
please help me with my query



Mon Apr 16 2012
willam 50cc ?
i have just bought what i believe to be a willam and it has a motori minarelli 50cc ?engine ,it was built in 1977 by castolini in italy i think ?can annyonepoint me in the right direction as to if this was correct fittment,regards mike

Mon May 02 2011
ralphfitchkemp<at>hotmaildot com
Parts for my van
Willam c1
I need a new brake master cylinder
if anyone knows where i can get one it would be very help full

Tue Apr 12 2011
epic-rider<at>hotmaildot com
car restoration
Lawil maybe c2 fourgonette
Hi mate i'm sending you from Greece i have a Lawil c2 fourgonette *(i'm not sure if this is the car's correct name) micro car that my grandfather use to drive but since he passed away (lot of years ago) my mother left it out in the rain and it rusted, not knowing it's value. Some weeks ago we decided to pull it out from his "grave" and believe me is in an awful condition. My father and i want to restore it because it's beautiful. But i have problem finding the car's designs, and spare parts, photos of the original car, etc. It has a twin cylinder 2 stork inline engine and rear wheel drive. It would be great to have some of your help because no one knows anything about it here in Greece. I would be grateful if you could provide me with your help! Yours faithfully  Andreas.

Tue Nov 23 2010
kerinvince<at>hotmaildot com
lambretta wilam c2
hi mate
i have a lambretta willam ( lawil ) like yours and just to let you know some of the parts are the same as a fiat 500 like brakes for example the only thing i cant find is the make of the engine and was wondering if you knew ? because i need some bits for my engine or if possble a 250cc engine like yours because i have the 125cc engine and it has not got enouth guts for me lol
kind regards kerin
limoges france

Lawil C2 Limoges

Mon Jun 01 2009
barry at vividimage.demon.co.uk
Lawil / Willam
Lawil 250cc microcar S4 Berlina
Does anyone know anything about Lawil / Willam
I am trying to register my Lawil 250cc in England and need to know when it was built to get the right age registration number.
Any info or contacts would be great.
Near London

Lawil Berlina A4 Microcar

Sat Nov 29 2008
barry at vividimage.demon.co.uk
Information - Contacts
Lawil A4?
I am trying to find out as much as possible about my newly purchased Lawil Berlina?.
Can you point me in the right direction?

Lawil S4 Berlina 250cc

Lawil Berlina

Lawil S4 Berlina 250cc

I will let you know everything that turns up
I have found out that the Lawil is 'Sans Permis' It seems that this means that it was built for 16 year olds, OAPs and drunk drivers that did not need a permit to drive or could not afford a real car 'with Permit'
This means that I may have trouble registering it in the UK - Any info would be useful.
Let me know as soon as you find out anything else about the Lawil.
I don't know what the copyright situation is but find attached pdfs of a road test from 74.
I have jpg's which are of better quality but huge in file size (42mb).
I will try to enhance the jpg's and reduce the file size. I have got the right gear to do this but not enough time.
(the pdfs are scans of two pages from Autosport 1974, and are subject to copyright).

Tue Aug 07 2007
chris-b at beeb.net
Willam micro cars
hi id like to find out if these things are economical and if i can use a van type for my work. Why are they not used over here? Are they soooo bad??
Sheffield s7

Mon Jun 11 2007
thewolfman202 at hotmaildot com
Willam Lambretta cars

I stumbled across your site looking for info on 'Wolf' Motorcycles..and was intrigued to here about the French 'Willam Lambretta cars'. 'BARRY', who placed a photo of one & a brochure, PLEASE get in touch with me on: thewolfman202 at hotmail.com OR 0044 7932 022 961

Thu Oct 26 2006
fjwillekens at home.nl
willam city 1969
i am in search of engine for a willam 125 cc lambretta.
is it possible to use a labretta scooterengine 125 cc?
france monpazier

Wed Jul 05 2006
glyneddie at aoldot com
Could you please give me any info on my Lambretta Willams Farmer Pick-up.I am having trouble registering it and need to know if they were imported into France from Italy. Thanks.Yours hopefully E Devanney
Doncaster, England

Willam Lambretta.jpg
Willam Lambretta

I took that photo earlier this year when I was considering buying the car. We moved to france in jan 2005 and a friend said he knew of the car and gave me directions to find it. As far as I know its still there waiting for me to make an offer. I asked a local enthusiast to give me some history and he sent me a copy of the catalog he owned.
Thanks Barry

Willam Minicar Brochure.jpg
Willam Minicar Brochure

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