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Albion Motor Co

The Albion Motor Company of Scotstoun, Glasgow was a manufacturer of cars and commercial vehicles but were best known in the motorcycling world for their gearboxes.


  • 1899 / 1901 The company was formed by T. Blackwood-Murray and N. O. Fulton (late of Arrol-Johnston) at Bathgate.
  • 1902 Became a private company.
  • 1904 The company moved to a large factory at Scotstoun.
  • 1907 J. F. Henderson is Joint MD.
  • 1913-1917 For a list of the models and prices of Petrol Motors see the 1917 Red Book
  • 1914 Became a public company.
  • Name changed.
  • 1944 Producing the four-cylinder (68 bhp) and six-cylinder (102 bhp) diesel engines.
  • 1951 Acquired by Leyland.
  • 1972 The Albion name was discontinued.

Albion gearboxes were fitted to Calthorpe, Dot, Elfson, Greeves, Hailstones and Ravenhall, Triumph Gloria, Coventry-Eagle and many other British motorcycles.

Sources: Grace's Guide

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