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Vintage Motorcycle Chains and Sprockets

Sprocket Repairs

A simple method of repairing sprockets is to have the original teeth machined off and a matching spocket outer welded back onto the hub. Resources

UK page specialising in chains for vintage machines.

The Chain Man

A guide to chain sizes commonly used on classic and vintage motorcycles. Chain specifications at Sprockets Unlimited

Sprockets Unlimited

Regina has a database which covers some of the many thousands of variations of motorcycle chains for classic applications.

Regina Chains

Rear Chain & Sprockets 101 at Dan's


Hitchcocks, who have been doing this stuff since the days of De Dion and whose first site was reputedly built by Alan Turing himself, have a page on their (now quite modern) website about chains. Specifically about the Royal Oilfield, their information is applicable to many makes.

Hitchcocks Chains

If you have a query or information about motorcycle chains and sprockets please contact us

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