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Sat Aug 31 2013
Munch Mammoth
1300TTS-E jw62k
In answer to the 2006 enquiry re. Mammoths in Australia, there were two imported in 1974,a 1200cc tourer, and the super sports 1300. As a journalist,I road tested the the 1300 rocket-ship for a motorcycle magazine in 1974. What blast that was! I belive there was just one other imported later, the price three times that of the new R90S BMW, which I also road tested, but for a different publication. Lester Morris,Sydney.

Sun Jan 09 2011
Wanted, Such, Recherche.
I'm looking for Munch Mammuth 1200 TTS.

Mon Jul 26 2010
NSU TT 1200, auto engine, used in the Munch Mammoth
NSU TT1200
I have an NSU TT1200 auto engine that I bought from a salvage yard in Van Nuys CA. in 1967. The car was new, (262 miles on odometer), front end total, rear engine perfect.
Never used, it has been stored in a container in the High Desert of SoCal most the time since.
I wondered if it might be useful to a Munch Mammoth owner?
Southern California

Mon Nov 23 2009
Legend Friedel Munch
Do you happen to know where I can purchase a copy of the Legend Friedel Munch and his motorcycles from?
Burton on Trent, UK
When more information is available I will post it here: Books and Manuals

Tue Aug 11 2009
Munch Motorcycles
Hi! There is a large collection on Munch Motorcycles for Auction in the United States that also has online bidding I thought the club might be interested in.

Sun Apr 12 2009
Munch Mammut whels
Munch Mammut 2000
There is something interesting for you I think, check it out:

Wed Aug 06 2008
preswisio repuestos para mammut y no los encuentro.
mÃ&frac14;nch mammut
Presiso aros para moto mammut 175cc, 2 tiempos..
Las medidas son 2,5mm de espesor y prfundidad, y 63mm de diametro.. por favor esta moto esta conservada en buen estado, hace mas de 30 años que tengo esa moto..

Wed Jan 23 2008
Münch All
Hello, who knows something about George Bell, the financial backer from Friedel Münch. It is a great riddle what he did after he left Germany in 1970. Is he still alive??
Den Haag

Fri Jan 11 2008
Can you give me info
unk Elephant
I had a friend in Germany in the late '60's who had a big displacement bike called an Elephant. uanble to find anything about it can you id?  It had a side car
MDIt is likely that your friend had a Munch Mammut. Ed.

Thu Jan 03 2008
1974 MUNCH TTS #300
Suggest you try NSU resources for that one, assuming it runs the same clutch as fitted to the auto engine.. Ed.

Fri Oct 05 2007
when did the company start,and did you have problems with the police in germany ,and change your company name to titan,and if yes, in which year?

Wed Apr 18 2007

I am writing a book about the history off Friedel Münch with his motorcycles. Do you have some information about Floyd Clymer and George Bell? These 2 man made it possibele that Münch could build his Mammoths. Information about Bell is hard to get. Maybe in American Magazines of the 70ths.
Erik Meesters

Thu Mar 08 2007
anamariaprelipcean at
hello. where i could find the technical data about MUNCH models, especially the older ones?

Fri Jul 07 2006
gpwholesale at
Munch Mammut
are there any mammuts in australia? what do they retail for? are they still in production? how many were made?
Cannot say whether any were imported to Australia, and the bikes are no longer being made. For prices of classic motorcycles, try our page on valuations. Ed.

Mon Jul 03 2006
d.zappieri at
Munch 1200 TTS spares
1200 TTS
I'm looking for Munch 1200 TTS spares. Do you know who is selling some or the Munch owner club adress?
Milano Italy

Munch 1200TTS.jpg
Munch 1200TTS

Mon Jun 19 2006
d.zappieri at
munch club
I'd like to know the munch club internet or mail adress and where is possible to buy spares.

Wed Mar 22 2006
jr at 2-shoresimg
Muench motorcycles Book

are you guys aware of the fact that there is a wonderful book out about Friedel Muench and his passion. Written by W. Scheibe a well known German journalist and a personal friend of mine.
Further info at: jr at 2-shoresimg
Arolsen, Germany

Friedel Münch Museum in Walldorf

Wed Mar 15 2006
team2020r at aolimg
we have a TTS1200 for sale at the April 29/30 Chadds Ford Classic Motorcycle Auction. Full details at
Can you tell me anything about this machine regarding year and motor. Frame # is FAHRGEST.NR.438  Eng # VWA783-02-006-81 Do you know if the sidecar is a factory item? What year the bike was manufactured? I haven't recieved the paperwork yet from the consigner and am trying to gather details.
phila, pa

Munch 1200TTSE Outfit front view.jpg
Munch 1200TTSE Outfit

Tue Nov 15 2005
lc at
Munch Mammoth 2000
Are these bikes available for sale anywhere? thank you.
There are apparently 250 bikes available. The Munch site is quite difficult to navigate - try this page: Ed.

Tue Sep 13 2005
lon53 at
Munche4 with Sidecar
We have a Munche 4 with a sidecar. I am trying to find out what it is worth. The numbers on the frame are NR438 and it is a 1200TTSE. There are only 2988 miles on it.

Munch 1200TTSE Engine detail.jpg
Munch 1200TTSE Engine detail

Date: Sat, 02 Apr 2005
subject: munch motorcycle
Email: briannita3 at aolimg
message: Can any one tell me if the company is still going .
If so could some one send me an e mail addrress for the company

January 28, 2002
I'd like to buy an older Munch Mammoth. Any ideas on where I could find one??  --  Best Regards  --  Guff Muench  --  gmuench at cumminswestportimg

November 18, 2001
In regards to wanting info on Munch motorcycles, I have a friend who owns several.
He owns the 67 Indian Scout replica (engine was actually built by Munch) it is a one-off showbike that was used to drum up interest at the cycle shows, then Floyd Clymer died before the project went into production. (The same bike pictured on your website)
My friend Dave also owns a Munch Titan 1800cc supercharged engine.
He sold Dave Leno his Munch.
At present I believe he owns a total of 8 Munchs.
Dave has self-published a book, more of an autobiography, which highlights his quest for Munch motorcycles. It of course has much non-Munch material, but is an interesting read for "gear-headed" individuals. Several Munch pictures. Cost is cheap, about $20 US, plus a small postage fee. Dave is not online, I try helping him sell some books.
Let me know if you are interested and I'll let you know the details.
Dan Gillitzer  --  dang at

April 11, 2001
Like to know more about Freidel Munch and his Munch  machines. All I know is he started in 1966 and is in Frankfort. How many have been made?  What's the price range? Are they all special order? -- Tomma2 at aolimg

February 12, 2001
Hi Guys
Is there any further update on Fridel Munchs famous Mammoths Ive seen the write ups on the new model in magazines it seem awsome There are two 8o's models here in Melbourne Australia One is a fuel injected and the other is a twin Webber.I remember them from the motor show when they were imported during that time(not sure which year) Ill try and send some pics if i can find them Do you have any links to the new model?  --  Regards  --  Muz  -- razmuz at


Looks like Munch is at it again. Now it is a 1998cc, 260hp monster called the "Mammut 2000". Cosworth cylinder heads, aluminum alloy heads,  German Schwitzer turbocharger, 218 ft lb of torque, and the biggest, baddest, most powerful motorcycle on the planet. They should start delivering the first ones around May 1 of 2000. The price?  Around $82,000 USd... Did I mention "most expensive" bike?  -- Sheldon biker at cwizardimg

I was researching the Munch Mammoth (Munch Mammut) from the 1960's recently and came across this URL which I thought you might like as a link:
Nigel Allen  --  dna at

Munch Scout Indian.jpg
Munch Scout Indian
1967 Munch Scout using Indian engine
Munch Friedel Münch 1970 de Mammut.jpg
Friedel Münch 1970

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