British Motorcycles

Ixion Motor Manufacturing Co

Manufactured 1910 to 1923

Advertisements of 1915 and 1920 give their address as Gt. Tindal St, Ladywood, Birmingham. Later they are believe to have moved to Smethwick, Staffordshire (now West Midlands)

  • 1910 This firm produced a pair of singles fitted with 2½hp JAP and 3½hp Precision engines, belt drive and spring forks.
  • 1912 By now they were using 3½hp and water-cooled 4¼hp Precision engines and a 3½hp JAP for the TT model. The motorcycles were fitted with two-speed Bowden gear, Saxon forks, oil tank mounted on the saddle tube, and fully enclosed chain final-drive.
  • 1914 A 269cc Villiers two-stroke model was added to the range. Typical of the type, it had two-speeds, belt drive and Druid forks.
  • 1915 That model was joined by a similar one with a 349cc Peco engine, plus a four-stroke model with a Villiers engine and another with a V-twin King Dick.
  • 1920 Advertised Model A 2-1/2 hp 2 stroke, Model B 2-1/2 hp 2 stroke 2 speed, Model B II with a Sturmey-Archer 2 speed, Model C 2½hp with three speed box and sidecarette (105 pounds), Model D Ladies 2½hp 2 speed.
  • Post War, the company moved to Smethwick, West Midlands, but only had one model. This was fitted with a 269cc Villiers engine, either with direct-belt drive or two speeds and chain-cum-belt drive.
  • 1922 Only the latter was offered that year.
  • 1923 Production ceased.


  • In 1930, the Ixion brand reappeared as rebadged 250cc New Hudson sidevalves which they were having trouble moving in the very difficult market conditions. Using the Ixion marque enabled New Hudson to sell their stock at much more competitive prices.
  • The company name is also recorded as Whittal Engineering, of Whitall St Birmingham. This appears to be a furphy.
  • The Ixion built by Primus 1902- 1904 was at Loughborough Junction. London. Another Ixion marque existed in France in 1901
  • No relation between any of these marques and the famous English motorcycle journalist of the era whose nom de plume was Ixion.

Sources: Grace's Guide

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